Catholic League chief purple with rage over Oxford Union snub

Catholic League chief purple with rage over Oxford Union snub January 14, 2019

BILL Donohue had been invited to participate in an upcoming debate entitled ‘This House Believes The Catholic Church Can Never Pay For Its Sins’ but was ‘unceremoniously uninvited’ – a move that’s left him seething.

The Telegraph, which describes this hysterical, bigoted jackass as “the head of a prominent right-wing Catholic organisation” reports that Donohue is “appalled” at the way he has been treated by the 800-year-old debating society. He is quoted as saying:

Either no one will debate – this has happened to me many times before, so I’m no rookie to this, or someone got to [the Union President] and said: ‘You don’t want to give this guy Donnie a platform’. Whatever it is, it’s either one of those two.

This is not a matter of misunderstanding, it’s not a matter of a glitch or a mistake. This is deliberate and calculated and it is all political.

The Oxford Union wrote to him in December asking him to speak in the debate and when he accepted the invitation he was told that they would be “honoured” to host him. But he was later told that the Union had “filled the debate” so he was surplus to requirements.

Donohue responded to the Oxford Union earlier this week saying:

I would like to know the exact reason why I was disinvited. Was it because no one would debate me?

The Oxford Union declined to comment on the reasons but union officials generally invite a surplus of potential speakers for a particular debate, and then choose based on the responses who to confirm.

When Donohue did not receive a response, he published a video on YouTube in which he details the saga and describes how it is illustrative of:

What’s happening to conservatives all over the Western world. I’ve never heard of a liberal or left-wing professor who was denied an opportunity or shouted down at any college campus.

There’s no end to the number of conservatives who are either not invited or if they are with great controversy.

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