Christian Concern launches junk science book on gay parenting

Christian Concern launches junk science book on gay parenting January 30, 2019

GOOGLE the name Walter Schumm, a professor of applied family science at Kansas State University, and here are some of the words you will read about his research into same-sex parenting: ‘dangerous’, ‘bogus’, ‘false’, ‘disgraceful’ and ‘shoddy’.

Yet on Monday Christian Concern, a virulently anti-gay outfit in the UK, gleefully tweeted:

This Tuesday will see the launch of Walter Schumm’s Same-Sex Parenting Research. Schumm’s extensive research lead him to question the widely-held view that same-sex parenting is equivalent to parenting by a heterosexual couple. Get a copy here.

Schumm and his book. Whatever critters may be nesting in his beard are hidden from view.

In 2012, the Southern Poverty Law Center, asked:

Is it really in the interest of free speech, academic discourse and scientific research to publish the work of a man who has been censured by four professional academic organizations for his distorted research about LGBT people? A man who has, over the past 30 years, denigrated LGBT people and made false claims about them that range from the dangerous (they’re child molesters) to the ridiculous (gay men stick gerbils in their rectums)? We think not.

But a Premier report of yesterday’s launch paints Schumm as a reputable expert, with Christian Concern saying his research:

Supports their view that parenting by heterosexual couples is better for a child’s well-being than being raised by same-sex parents.

Schumm says his conclusions refute claims that children raised by gay couples are no different from those brought up by heterosexual couples.

More recent studies seem to be finding that the children [raised by same-sex couples] are less emotionally able to deal with stress. It was claimed in US courts that same-sex couples were more stable – or as stable – as heterosexual parents … However, most actual data suggested otherwise, that same-sex parents were less stable with children, unlike heterosexual couples who become more stable with children.

Wilberforce Publications, an arm of Christian Concern, said:

This new research dispels myths, given weight by political correctness, that SSP [same-sex parenting] is as good as – if not better than – heterosexual parenting. It is vitally important to society that more research is dedicated to SSP, and is critically important that the truth about what we know from scientific studies, alongside what we don’t yet know, is made clear.

This research seeks to investigate and shine a light on the truth, refusing to simply conform to the politically correct line in academia.

In 2010, Wayne Besen, founder of Truth Wins Out, wrote of research published by Schumm:

In truth, Schumm is no brave hero who is pushing the envelope against the establishment. His biased new paper is a disgrace and so shoddy that the terms ‘Schumm Study’ and ‘Sham Study’ could be considered interchangeable.

The goal of Schumm’s work is political. He is desperately trying to show that homosexuality is a choice that can be overcome. If he and others of his ilk can prove this, they believe that they can make a powerful case to fearful Americans that LGBT people should be kept away from children and that LGBT students should not receive support, because it might influence their sexual orientation.

Premier at least had the decency to balance its report by quoting Roehampton University chaplain Rev Shanon Ferguson, who said the children she co-parented for several years during a same-sex relationship have all done well.

Also in 2010 The Daily Kos posed this question:

Who is Walter Schumm? He was one of two ‘expert’  witnesses paid by the state of Florida to defend its ban on GLBT adoptions.  (The other was George ‘whatever lifts your luggage’ Rekers).  Schumm came off badly in doing so, and was cornered into admitting that ‘Gay parents can be good foster parents’, and ‘The decision to permit homosexuals to adopt is best made by the judiciary on a case by case basis.’

In 2011, George Alan Rekers, a prominent anti-gay activist who co-founded the conservative Family Research Council, was exposed as gay after he was photographed with a male escourt, whom he claimed he’d only hired to “lift his luggage”. Rekers was also heavily involved in the “pray away the gay” movement until his exposure.


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  • Paul

    “at least had the decency to balance its report”


  • barriejohn

    Imagine what would happen if you turned him upside down:

  • Broga

    This is from the same stable of unhinged, twats who favour the caning of children from their early days.

  • Tawreos

    …most actual data suggested otherwise, that same-sex parents were less stable with children…

    They do love to trot out things like this. Even if this were true, and given that this guy is saying it, ti most likely is not even close to being true, why would people like him expect otherwise? People like him have done everything in their power to keep people like me from feeling like it was safe to be in an open relationship. People like him fought and are still fighting to keep people like me from ever being married. He and his ilk have thrown every roadblock they can find in the way of gay people adopting. And, after all of that, they blame homosexuality for homosexuals being less stable. They have done this for years. These assholes are lucky that they will not have to experience even the slightest bit of the persecution they have, and are still trying to, put people through in this world for the sake of their god.

    Oh and his beard makes him look like a failed and perverted Santa.

  • Jennny

    What the heck is ‘professor of applied family science?’

  • Raging Bee

    How many other “family scientists” or “professors of family science” (“applied” or not) are there? That sounds even phonier than “creation science.”

  • Tawreos

    It’s real.

    Kansas State University’s Applied Family Science graduate degree programs combine education, research, and outreach to better understand and enhance the lives of individuals and families across the world.

    And that picture of Pervsanta is his faculty picture from their website.

  • Ann Kah

    Q: What does he look like when he takes off the false beard?
    A: Still a bigot, but a lot less like an old-testament bigot.

  • Broga

    His speciality is when you invent junk, get it accepted by the gullible, and you don’t have to spend years of study for a professional qualification and/or degree. You then call yourself a Professor or a Dr. It is as valid as members of the royal family being styled as Admirals, Field Marshals etc.

  • Jim Jones

    How many gay couples starve their children and chain them to beds – or worse?

    Or choke them to death and dump their bodies in oil tanks?

  • Broga

    These nutters couldn’t spell the word never mind understand it.

  • John Hinkle

    When put through the Numbnuts-to-English translator, it’s “student of anti-gay gibberish.”

  • adhoc

    I bet he doesn’t use that pic on the gay dating sites that he frequents.

  • Raging Bee

    Only if those royal fake-commanders pretended to have their own brand-new military science, based on the Bible.

  • Anne Fenwick

    Is it really in the interest of free speech, academic discourse and scientific research to publish the work of a man who has been censured by four professional academic organizations for his distorted research about LGBT people?

    I take it the publisher is Wilberforce Publications, ‘an arm of Christian Concern’? It won’t be the first time an organisation for disseminating religious propaganda has tried to reformat their propaganda as pseudo-science. And in fact, doing so is also a standard practice in a large number of self-help books and alternative health bullshit, including some rather dangerous examples.

    So to answer the SPLC, is it in our interest as a society to control the publication of such documents and if yes, how can we create a legal definition that clearly separates them from documents we don’t want to ban. This seems more possible in European countries which tend to have some kinds of hate speech laws and where it has been possible to define specific conclusions (Holocaust denialism, for instance) as hate speech. In theory, a country could define the conclusion that gay parenting is somehow inferior to straight parenting in the same way.

  • barriejohn

    His college address is given as 1324 Lovers Lane – yes, really.

    When I read the simple statement on Wikipedia that his son, Jonathan, had resigned as Topeka councilman I smelt an enormous rat, which became even enormouser when I was refused access to both newspaper reports of this matter. Lo and behold, it turns out that he was accused of torturing five of his twelve adopted (black) children. I guess he’s homosexual as well, then!

  • barriejohn

    More here:

    The links are fascinating. They just HAVE to boast about how “good” they are, don’t they?


    disgusting, vile dirty Santa-hes obviously a pedophile. The topic is closed-its been PROVEN by a twenty year study that gays are just as good if not better at [parenting than straights!

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Yeah. that beard is even worse than MINE!

  • Cali Ron

    Way to go Kansas, lowering educational standards to allow religious propaganda into their curriculum. The bible belt where religious delusion is rampant.

  • Cali Ron

    You’re right, but I’m sure they think they are severely persecuted and their treatment of LGBT people is just “tough love “. They love to use that term when they abuse non WASP.

  • Broga

    They might need something new as they don’t do too well in the current system. Edward couldn’t finish the basic training Philip pushed him into. That didn’t stop Edward enjoying his general’s regalia.

  • Broga

    The straights don’t have much of record. Kids stuck in front of videos to keep them quiet, arriving at school with minimal language skills as no one talks to them, parents ready to blame (and attack) teachers who fail to think their disruptive little darlings are wonderful. Those with the cash ready to send
    them to public (private) schools so they don’t inconvenience the parents .There is a photo of the Queen shaking Charles hand as he departed to some school to be bullied. Philip thought that would “make a man of him”.

    That is only the bad part of the picture, of course,

  • David Heath

    Hmmm… ‘luggage’ – is that a new euphemism for the ‘male equipment?’

  • barriejohn

    It is, but it also refers to the reason that George Alan Rekers gave for hiring an attractive young escort from to accompany him on his holiday!

  • Sheryl Gay

    The beard is a dead give away.

  • Illithid

    Yup. Denigrate, shame, persecute, discriminate. Then wonder why we’re not quite as emotionally stable as the norm.

    And the beard looks fake.

  • Illithid

    Or kick them out onto the street for being straight? I’m guessing actually zero.

  • Paul

    So much ad hominem in these comments (and the article). It’s truly hilarious to see Free Thinkers who are so unable to assess people’s arguments.

  • Sophotroph

    Thank you for providing an example.

  • Bethany Letiecq

    Hey Freethinker Barry Duke…The attribution of the SPLC quote to Schumm is incorrect. The SPLC was talking about Paul Cameron when discussing the four professional orgs that censured him. As a social scientist, I disagree with Walter Schumm’s research methods and conclusions, but I believe it was Cameron who made the statements about gerbils, etc. Not Schumm.