Christopher Hitchens Library to open at Ugandan humanist school

Christopher Hitchens Library to open at Ugandan humanist school January 17, 2019

FOLLOWING our report earlier this month that a newly-built humanist secondary school in Uganda would be naming its science laboratory after Professor Richard Dawkins comes news that it now plans on opening a Christopher Hitchens Freethinker Library.

Senior One student Esther Ainembabazi holding the library sign. Image via Brighter Brains Institute.

According to a fundraiser run by the US-based Brighter Brains Institute, just $300 is needed to complete the project.

It says that the library will be one of the most important buildings at the newly-constructed Brighter Brains Humanist Secondary School in Kanungu, Uganda, and will provide the students there with a rational, secular humanist education.

The decision to name the library after Hitchens, a a formidable opponent of religious fanaticism who died of of cancer in 2011 was the idea of Robert Magara, Executive Director at Kanungu Humanist Association. Hitchens authored the best-selling God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything and did a comprehensive hatchet job on Mother Teresa, calling her “a fanatic, a fundamentalist and a fraud.”

Magara was inspired to name the laboratory after Dawkins after reading the professor’s highly-acclaimed The God Delusion, which prompted him to ditch his religious beliefs. Ever since he been working hard to promote humanism and secularism  – especially among school children – in the Kanungu district.

Robert Magara, inset, and young Ugandans who are getting a godless education in Uganda. Images via Facebook.

You can help Magara reach his goal by clicking on this link.

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  • Design flaw: no ladies room.

  • Cali Ron

    Nice to see some secular education taking place in Africa to counter the homophobic efforts by evangelicals to indoctrinate them into Christian mental slavery.
    Also nice to see Hitch’s lasting influence. I miss his wit and intellect.

  • Jim Baerg

    Where do you get any indication that there isn’t one?

  • Broga

    Hitchens and Dawking: a great combination to kick down the barriers of religion to freedom of thinking.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    The name is Dawkins, not Dawkings.

  • Broga

    I know. Sorry. Bloody careless of me.
    While on the subject, I regret not having Hitch available to-day to comment scourge a publicity seeking, odious, religious prat: I refer to the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu. Sentamu, has gone beyond the embarrassing, after Prince Philip over turned his Land Rover but was shaken, a bit stirred, but unhurt. Sentamu swung into full arse licking mode as he prayed to “Almighty God, the Fountain of all Goodness” and, amongst other requests, asked God to “enrich him with thy Heavenly Grace; prosper him with all happiness…… .” There were more religious platitudes but I must be testing your forbearance already.
    You might wonder why Sentamu’s omniscient and omnipotent God allowed the Prince to crash in the first place. Or perhaps that Phil had blessings, riches and privilege enough already. What really sticks in the craw is that Sentamu does not include in his beseeching, the two women and a child in the other vehicle who, unlike Phil, had to be taken to hospital.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Yikes. They do love to pontificate, don’t they? Wonder if that’s where the word “pontiff” comes from…

    Stay tuned and I’ll bet you see my particular pet peeve on display: The Arch or somebody like him will announce that the goodness of the holy lord of hosts Yahweh his own bad self has “saved” the Duke. Never mind the police, ambulance medics, whoever managed the truck that righted the vehicle, the people who extracted him from it, no thanks to them, no siree. And they’ll totally ignore the fact that Yahweh could have prevented the accident in the first place.
    Nothing but cheerleaders.