Faith-based child abuse on the rise in Plymouth in the UK

Faith-based child abuse on the rise in Plymouth in the UK January 20, 2019

PLYMOUTH, as we reported earlier today, has mercifully been spared a Christian prayer centre which was to be run by the dodgy crew who operate GOD TV, but it has other serious problems connected with religious beliefs.

According to this report, child abuse arising out of faith-based claptrap such as witchcraft and demonic possession is on the rise in the Devon city.

Image via Lancaster University

Commenting on newly-released statistics which show a “shocking” increase in the number of abuse victims, Dr Charlotte Baker of Lancaster University, above, said:

I was shocked when these figures were published. To discover all these cases right on our doorstep really brought it home to me how widespread an issue we face.

We believe that the figures are likely to considerably underestimate the true number of children being abused, as victims and families are reluctant to speak to children’s social services, who record this data.

She added:

This kind of abuse is often hidden within communities and in families, so a major focus must be on providing social workers and child safeguarding practitioners with training in identifying, assessing and intervening in families where children are at risk of witchcraft accusation and abuse.

Being accused can damage or destroy family life and relationships, and have a lasting impact on a child’s development and life experience.

Baker has worked on these issues alongside the UN, the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network and the UK National Working Group on Child Abuse Linked to Faith and Belief.

The latest government statistics have shown that social services identified 12 potential abuse cases in Plymouth linked to faith or belief in 2017/18. These include cases where the abuser believes a child is a witch, has been possessed by a spirit, demons or the devil, or has brought bad fortune into the home in other ways.

They can also include cases where fear of the supernatural is used to make children comply with being trafficked for domestic slavery or sexual exploitation.

The 12 cases seen in Plymouth last year is up from fewer than six in 2016/17 – and experts warn that the true scale of abuse is likely far greater.

Nationally, the number of potential abuse cases has risen from 1,460 in 2016/17 to 1,630 last year.

Image via YouTube

In some instances the abuse can even lead to death, as in the case of Victoria Climbie, above – an 11-year-old who was murdered in 2000 by her aunt and her aunt’s boyfriend, who believed she was possessed by an evil spirit.

Child abuse linked to faith or belief is not confined to one faith, nationality, ethnic group or community.

Cases have been recorded worldwide across various religions, including Christians, Muslims and Hindus.

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  • Broga

    I am appalled at the way our government accepts and ignores the agonies inflicted on these children. Too busy doing sod all over two years in their Brexit Bullshit i.e. looking after their careers. The government could move immediately to insist that action is taken to punish the criminals who abuse the children.

    I understand that FGM has been excluded from the current paedophile Inquiry as it is a sensitive, cultural issue. What a bloody farce; what a bloody country. Perhaps Dr Baker could do something to publicise the scandal and bring pressure on the government. We can’t rely on our shambolic government to do anything unless pushed.

  • Broga

    Here is a bit of news to start of your day with a laugh after the FGM horror. I read in the Guardian this morning that Justin Welby, no less than the Archbishop of Canterbury, prays in tongues. Yup, there is a an article with lots of quotes from the man himself who gets up at 5am to give him time for his “prayer discipline” before he starts his busy day which seems not to include giving priority to trying to stop FGM.

    He has been visited by God and he is overwhelmed by God’s love. This love seems not to include that poor tortured child whose photograph I can’t get out of my mind. Of course, I don’t speak in tongues as a result of being visited by God and “overwhelmed by his love.” And, I admit that I am readily affected witnessing suffering: too readily for my own good perhaps. But then I am a “militant atheist” and not a Christian, visited by God and overwhelmed by God’s love.

  • Barry Duke
  • Broga

    Barry: I read the article again on your link and I am pleased you made it available. In my couple of short paragraphs I could never get close to conveying the full richness of Welby’s amazing nonsense. We should remind ourselves that this is not the mind blown hallucinations of some hippy on a drug nor of a nonentity. These are the considered thoughts of the head of the English State Church, with ready access to politicians, a seat in the House of Lords and able to influence the enhancement or blocking of legislation.

    I don’t know what his opinions are on assisted dying and abortion but I cannot be optimistic about them.

  • Jim Jones

    > … an 11-year-old who was murdered in 2000 by her aunt and her aunt’s boyfriend, who believed she was possessed by an evil spirit.

    Bring back the guillotine.