London hospital accused of anti-Christian bias for the second time

London hospital accused of anti-Christian bias for the second time January 6, 2019

Back in 2015 the John Howard Centre sacked a therapist for bringing Jesus into the workplace. Victoria Wasteney was given the boot for attempting to convert a Muslim colleague to Christianity.

Wasteney also told her junior colleague, who suffered Crohn’s disease, that the disease did not exist because it was not in the Bible and that only Jesus could heal her.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, left, and Victoria Wasteney. Images via YouTube.

When Wasteney lost an employment tribunal appeal, Andrea Minichiello Williams, who heads the Christian Legal Centre (CLC) – a part of Christian Concern – accused the British legal system of being:

The most liberal and anti-Christian legal systems in the Western world.

She blathered on about the UK having a strong foundation rooted in Christianity and that:

The National Health Service and our Education System were started by Christians – motivated by their faith.

It’s now reported that the John Howard Centre – which treats people with mental health problems who have been arrested or convicted of crimes – has once against incurred the wrath of the CLC for “direct and indirect discrimination” against Christians by not offering prayer services.

However, according to one patient identified only as Esa:

They have put a weekly service for Muslims into the curriculum but for Christian services there is nothing.

We’ve been asking for ages and they haven’t really given us a reason why. They just say it’s obligatory for Muslims to have services but that it’s not for Christians.

We have said: ‘Excuse me, it’s obligatory for you to cater for all religions’ but they just haven’t done it,

Cue the CLC which is now suing the East London Foundation Trust (ELFT), which runs the centre.

But here’s a thing: The centre does accommodate a wide range of its patients’ beliefs. It even has a Department of Spiritual, Religious and Cultural Care which consists of Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu coordinators and an ordained Buddhist priest.

Said a spokesperson for the centre:

They visit inpatient areas to discuss the spiritual and religious needs and traditions of each individual with them. The spiritual needs of an individual feature as a key part of the way care is planned, and is an area of care that is monitored by the CQC.

The John Howard Centre caters for a range of religious needs. Attendance at services and activities are optional. Communion is available on an individual or small group basis according to the tradition of the individual. A carol concert and prayers took place in December.

The trust refutes the claim of discrimination and looks forward to providing clarity on its arrangements.

The CLC has very little success with its legal challenges, losing far more than it ever wins.

Commenting on the CLC’s involvement with the Wasteney case, UK Christian blogger wrote:

If I wanted to be unkind I’d suggest that Christian Concern seem to be operating in a fantasy world where it is perfectly reasonable for a senior member of staff to turn a supervision session with a junior trainee into an imposed prayer session including language that would be religiously offensive to the junior.

Folks, this is not how professionals behave even if they have the consent of the junior!

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  • Aneurin Bevan, architect of the National Health Service, was an atheist. So she’s just making shit up.

  • Jennny

    My welsh roots make me enormously respectful of Aneurin Bevan. He is an exact contemporary of my father. Bevan grew up in S Wales where the gruelling and horrendous conditions in the coal mines made for very poor health and terrible poverty. My father grew up in N Wales where all the men worked in similar conditions in slate quarries. Most died slow deaths from silicosis in their early 40s. What ties my dad and Bevan, is the rigid puritan nonconformist x-tianity they were both raised in, It was the epitomy of hypocrisy, that they both rejected it for that reason. Bevan dedicated his life to the cause of free health cover for all, religion played no part in his thinking. The NHS was born in 1948, when churches were emptying, people walking away after the horrors of WW2 that prayer and the UK being ‘a x-tian country’ hadn’t avoided.

  • Götterdämmerung

    It’s that mad-eyed, mouth open, brain shut down, liar for Jesus Minichiello Williams again, she wouldn’t understand facts if they hit her in the face. If the prayer nonsense is so import to her, she could collect patients, dump them in a church for a dose of mumbo-jumbo and see if the patients improve.

  • epeeist

    The CLC has very little success with its legal challenges, losing far more than it ever wins.

    Which leads one to ask, where does it get its funding?

  • Broga

    Correct.. He saw too much suffering and was too intelligent to be anything else. She’s unhinged.

  • Broga

    Good luck if you try to get an answer too that. But it is a good question in view of her 99% failure rate.

  • French Pandora

    If only Jesus can heal why does she work in a hospital ?

  • Brianna LaPoint

    being an atheist does not make one intelligent. I was told that by an atheist.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Jenny, at the top of the stairs in UWIC hospital there is a life size portrait of Aneurin Bevan, it is an excellent picture and I always stop to look at it and think of what he achieved. There are many of us, myself included, who would be dead without the NHS and it is disgusting that the like of Williams and her idiot religionist activists cause so much trouble for it just to try to push their own warped ideals.

    Unfortunately the CLC seems to have unlimited funds and they will continue to be a nuisance without a care for anyone else. I remember when religion was forced on hospital patients, there was a stream of gormless visitors from various religious groups who felt it necessary to annoy patients yet I cannot remember any of them ever being made welcome, not even by the patients who were a long way from home and had few, if any visitors.

    There also used to be the forced Sunday service, where some idiot vicar would annoy the entire ward with his ramblings and to make matters worse usually had a tape recorder to play hymns on as no one ever joined in when he tried to get us to. One of the worst was a twat who chose the theme “Take up thy bed and walk” on an orthopaedic ward where 50% or more of the patients were unable to get up. Like Williams, a thoroughly self-righteous individual.

    Broga, I see you have a new idiot troll follower, completely misreading your post and making some trite remark about intelligence and atheism. Hopefully it was only a passing visit and it has now returned to the swamp it came from.

  • Brian Shanahan

    Same place that Lolek Ltd. t/a The Iona “Institute” does, far righ US fundagelical rich psople.

  • WallofSleep

    “Wasteney also told her junior colleague, who suffered Crohn’s disease, that the disease did not exist…”

    Forget all the Jesus crap, that alone should disqualify someone from working at a hospital.

  • Jim Jones

    But being a Christian makes you dumb as a post.

    Example: Super Bestest Christian Donald Trump.

  • Jim Jones

    > the UK being ‘a x-tian country’

    That was true for the longest time – and resulted in tens of thousands of horrible deaths.

  • Raging Bee

    Because Jesus is really really busy and needs people like her to remind others that they have to go to Jesus with all their problems, which is why Jesus is too busy to actually talk to anyone directly…

  • Cali Ron

    Brianna, religious belief does not determine intelligence, but intelligent people tend to reject the unscientific beliefs of religion as the myths they are.

  • Broga

    I’m an atheist and I agree. However, the atheists I know tend to have arrived at their atheism by a process of investigating why religious belief is incredible. So many Christians appear to have been indoctrinated into believing what a priest tells them.

    There are also, of course, many highly intelligent “people of faith.” I would put Rowan Williams in that category, And many unintelligent atheists. I have often been placed in that category myself. I think Eskimo Man decided I was “ignorant.” I will just have to try to live with that.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Exactly. Christianity is far older than the NHS. If only Jesus has the power to heal, then the church would already have a far better track record of patient health than any public institution, and we wouldn’t even bother with the unnecessary expense of hospitals.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Who does she think she was working for, anyway? The NHS and hospitals in general are not in the bible, and presumably don’t exist by her own argument. So she has no basis for complaint when her fictitious position of authority was terminated.