Muslim extremists force cancellation of mosque’s Holocaust event

Muslim extremists force cancellation of mosque’s Holocaust event January 4, 2019

FIYAZ Mughal, UK-based Director of Faith Matters, claims that ‘forward thinking’ members of his community are being ‘held to ransom’ by Muslim extremists, after Golders Green mosque abandoned an exhibition about Muslims who helped Jews during the Holocaust.

The Islamic centre was due to hold the exhibition about Muslim Albanians who rescued Jews on Sunday, to maintain dialogue with Jewish neighbours.

Mughal, above, said members of the congregation were targeted and the mosque had been denounced as un-Islamic for holding an event associated with Israel’s national Holocaust memorial museum.

Calls for a boycott, spearheaded by Roshan Muhammed Salih, editor of British Muslim news site 5 Pillars were made for over the event’s links to the Israeli Holocaust museum Yad Vashem.

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Salih, above, said:

Commemorations must never be done in conjunction with Israeli oppressors or their supporters.

In response to the cancellation, he wrote that the mosque:

Is to be commended for responding to community concerns.

But Mughal insisted that:

When Muslims can’t engage with even Yad Vashem because extremists threaten them … enough is truly enough.

Karen Pollock MBE, Chief Executive, Holocaust Educational Trust called the cancellation:

A great shame. What would have been a positive initiative to highlight the role of Albanian Muslims who saved up to 1,800 Jews from the Nazis during the Holocaust, has been cancelled due to a targeted campaign against this Mosque and its members.

The power of the story of Muslims saving Jews during the Holocaust should not go unrecognised and we hope that this event will go ahead shortly in safety.

The Yad Vashem museum is a world-leader in Holocaust education, working to remember an unprecedented and unique era of history whose expertise is second to none.

Rabbi Natan Levy, head of operations at Faith Forums for London, and one of the organisers behind the event, described the exhibition as:

A powerful reminder that during the Jewish community’s darkest hour, the Muslim community in Albania were one of the few who did not stand by when the Nazis attempted to eradicate Jewish neighbours. It’s important to remember we have historically supported each other.

And Paul Charney, chairman of the Zionist Federation of the UK and Ireland, said:

Let’s be clear, when an interfaith event is capable of being cancelled due to the pressure from an extremist, namely the editor of the Islamist 5Pillars UK ‘news’ website, then both of our communities should be highly concerned. Roshan Salih is the man who decided that Mitzvah Day projects bringing Jews and Muslims together, is part of the ‘Zionist conspiracy’.

To accept his comments that Yad Vashem is the secret conspiracy tool of Zionism, rather than the world recognised pre-eminent museum and memorial to the Holocaust, is a problem for us all. We would urge the Islamic Centre in Golders Green Hippodrome to reconsider their decision to cave in to this hate-filled, inflammatory and dangerous pressure and restore the peaceful community event originally organised.

For the record, Mughal doesn’t share the horror most Muslims have of homosexuality, and, in this “Concerned Muslims” blog, is attacked for saying:

Islam was never meant to be brittle and to create people to conform so that they are all the same. If the strength in Islam is its diversity and plurality, which many Muslims say, then you assuming that we should all sexually be the same is just bizarre … The reality of life is that people are different.

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  • persephone

    The Abrahamic faiths are the worst.

  • Vanity Unfair

    It’s a poor state of affairs when you cannot even say “thank you” without being accused of something underhand.

  • Barros Serrano

    This clearly indicates what many of us already know, that opposition to Israel is mostly rooted in antisemitism.

    These Islamic nutcases think that even mentioning Moslems who saved Jews from the Nazis is somehow wrong, because Israel…

    Jews are increasingly facing this in the U$A as well, being attacked on campus for events even which have nothing to do with Israel, but are Jewish-identified.

    Antisemitism is on the rise, along with racism and fascism generally, and we’d all best decide which side we’re on. I’m a progressive Democrat, and on the Left there is a LOT of antisemitism among those who’ve been suckered by the Arab-victimhood fantasy.

    I will make common cause with no leftist who is antisemitic, sorry. Y’all should go march with the Nazis and Kluxers and jihadis.

  • Barros Serrano

    Christianity and Islam, yes. Judaism really has never had much power over other peoples. I don’t think Judaism can be blamed for the evils of the other 2. Abraham had nothing to do with the RCC or the various Islamic empires.

  • persephone

    Judaism is the root of the other two.

    The founders of Islam claim descent from Ishmael, Abraham’s son by Hagar. Hagar was promised that her descendants would become a great nation.

  • Barros Serrano

    Judaism had nothing to do with the creation of Nicaean Christianity or of Islam. Judaism is ONE source used by those 2 religions. Christianity incorporated a lot of pagan elements, as did Islam, and both were crafted for the express purpose of serving as imperial cults.

    Nothing Christian or Islamic forces have done (combined they’ve been curses on humanity) is attributable to Judaism.

    Also, the population of Arabia was in place many millennia before the time of Abraham. There is no way Arabs descend from Abraham, which would presuppose either that Arabia before that time was unpopulated (it was not), or that the Arabs replaced a prior population (they did not).

    Attempts to include Judaism with the other 2 so that it can also be blamed for the global mayhem they have caused are dubious and suspect.

  • Sophotroph

    Look, we get it. Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians is the perfect wedge issue to attempt to divide liberals.

    Genocide is evil, but if you point out the evil the Israeli government is perpetrating, you’re obviously just a Nazi.

    It’s a good scam, but you need to peddle it somewhere with dumber commenters, because we all see what you’re doing.

    Jews in general are fine. The Israeli government is not the Jewish people, and pointing out their aspiration to depopulate Gaza so they can just take the land doesn’t equate to antisemitism.

    You’re not going to successfully use the existence of antisemitism as a shield against the atrocities committed by the Israeli government.

    We’re not that stupid, and you’re not that clever.

  • Barros Serrano

    Yes, you are that stupid. First, Israel is not committing genocide. They are acting only in self-defense. Genocide is systematic attempts to eliminate a people. Building a wall is not genocide. Genocide = U$A policy in Guatemala, Nazi Germany, Turks exterminating Armenians, Rwanda, etc.

    Like the white-right who whines that we only call them “racist” for effect, you similarly whine that oh no you can oppose the Jewish people and their country but somehow you’re not racist. No, you ARE racist, sub-category antisemitic.

    If you think insulting my intelligence (which is comical coming from a propaganda parrot like you) wins your argument, think again.

    How are they depopulating Gaza? They left Gaza, including settlers. When Hamas begins yet another binge of genocidal rockets, tunnels, etc., then Israel responds in self-defense.

    Low-life faux-Left Nazis like you think Israel is logically denied the right to self-defense. They should just march peacefully to extermination.

    Perhaps you’ve heard the slogan: NEVER AGAIN! So you antisemites lose this time, because every Arab attempt to kill Jews results in 4x more Arab deaths.

    As for you—Mossad is watching.

  • Barros Serrano

    Antisemitism is rapidly increasing now in the U$A as in Europe.

    It is coming from the white right and from the extreme Left.

    BDS = pure antisemitism. Boycott Brazil or Saudi Arabia if you’re concerned about human rights, fools.

    Amazing that antisemitic scum continues their shrill screed even in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. I’m quite sure most of those who are anti-Israel felt a little surge of satisfaction over that… you only wish that it had been done by Arabs instead of the white right.

    Really you fake-radical BDS types are no different from Nazis. And like today’s Nazis… you’re being surveilled.

  • persephone

    Dude, really. Your argument is ridiculous.

    Judaism is the basis for Christianity and Islam. No Judaism didn’t create them; how many religions deliberately create successors or replacements? (If you’re wondering, the answer is NONE.)

    The people in the Old Testament are revered by both Christians and Muslims.

    I really don’t care what the flippin’ facts are about descendants of Abraham; these people believe these mythologies and they’re going to stick to them.

    Judaism is to blame as the original source.

    Now, toddle off, because I’m not going to spell this out again. Just because you don’t like the facts, doesn’t mean you get to change them.

  • Barros Serrano

    Don’t condescend to me, ignorant one.

    I am expressing the facts. You are expressing a lot of pop-schlock pseudo knowledge.

    Christianity and Islam are both FULL of elements which did NOT come from Judaism. You are simply looking for a way to blame the Jews for what Christians and Moslems have done, which altogether consists of history’s greatest crimes.

    CHRISTIANITY was concocted at Nicaea by Constantine’s Bishops to be the official Roman Imperial cult. It emerged very non-Judaic. Islam was concocted by a schizophrenic sadist hallucinating in a cave, and likewise is full of non-Judaic elements.

    Allah… the name of an Arabic pagan deity. The Ka’aba, a pagan shrine. The star and crescent, pagan symbols.

    The Trinity, Aryan paganism. Communion, a pagan rite (similar to the Hindu ceremony involving prasadam). Christian holidays even are scheduled to coincide (usurp and replace) pagan European holidays. Holly? Mistletoe? Yule log? Tannenbaum? lol… all pagan.

    Medieval English writers claimed that the English descended from Hercules. LOL… that is as absurd is believing that the Arabs descended from Abraham. It is not true. That and their claim that Mohamhead is in the line of Hebrew prophets (though he was not a Hebrew!) are nothing but attempts to validate the new psycho-cult of Arab supremacist imperialism with spurious claims of continuity with Judaism.

    And this bogus claim of descent from Abraham and Mohamhead’s status as a Hebrew prophet are now used as justifications for Islamic claims on the Jewish homeland.

    Arabs are not from Israel. They are from ARABia. Please consult a map.