Outrage over two Satans: one is too terrifying and the other too jolly

Outrage over two Satans: one is too terrifying and the other too jolly January 18, 2019

A MOVE to eject a statue of Satan from its position outside museum in Lahore comes just a week after a row broke out over a statue of in the Spanish city of Segovia.

Image via YouTube

On Thursday, the Lahore High Court responded to a petition calling for Satan’s removal by telling the Punjab Chief Secretary and the Lahore Museum director to explain why the thing was erected.

The petition was filed by Ambreen Qureshi, who wants the sculpture removed.

During the court hearing, she claimed that the sculpture was instilling fear among school children visiting the museum. She insisted:

This sculpture has nothing to do with our culture whereas the purpose of a museum is to preserve our history and culture.

The judge hearing the case said he was thankful that someone had taken a stand against the Devil:

To control Satan is the responsibility of us all.

It’s reported that Irtbaat ul Hassan, a student of Punjab University College of Arts and Design (PUCAD), had created the 20-feet high sculpture.

Image via YouTube

While opponents to the Lahore Satan reckon its too frightening, those opposing the Segovia demon, a work by artist José Antonio Abella, above – showing the Devil taking a selfie – are unhappy because is not “repulsive” enough.

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  • Brian Westley
  • Vanity Unfair

    This sculpture has nothing to do with our culture whereas the purpose of a museum is to preserve our history and culture.

    Well, that is the purpose of one kind of museum. However, the purpose of other kinds of museums is to introduce their visitors to other cultures and histories and so foster understanding between members of different communities.

    Perhaps the statue can be complemented with one of Kali and a revival of the cult of Thuggee could be organised to show how these deities can both be relevant today.

  • barriejohn

    It’s a devil of a job to please everyone!

  • Jim Jones

    I bet the kids love it!

  • Broga

    I think Satanism has much to offer. When a group of us, mid teens, I suppose, decided that what we had been taught by the clergy was incredible i.e. “total bollocks”, was the usual phrase, we wondered whether there was something else we might join. During a discussion one of the group said he had decided to become a Satanist. His “conversion” had followed reading a series of Dennis Wheatley books: “The Devil Rides Out”; “To the Devil a Daughter” and others.

    He told us that if you became a Satanist, and you first had to “cross the chasm”, you would have a hell of a time. He had also been influenced by a famous group of Victorian upper class Satanists. As a Satanist you were able “to shag an endless number of women as they would be part of the ritual”, drink shed loads of booze, and be mates with the powerful.

    I decided, after much discussion, I preferred the Viking Vallhalla (influenced by a trace of Viking blood) although the choice was difficult. In the end, and much later, I opted for atheism under the influence of David Tribe’s articles on the front page of “The Freethinker.

    Happy days.

  • towercam

    Please take a brush up course in English, or resign. Thanks!

  • john Johnson

    The first is too terrifying? And has “no relation to our culture”?
    I wonder if the author of the suit has ever heard of gargoyles? They were all the rage throughout Europe for centuries.

  • C_Alan_Nault

    “Outrage over two Satans: one is too terrifying and the other too jolly”

    The same situation exists with the god of the Bible. One ( the old testament god) is too terrifying and the other ( the new testament god) is too forgiving.

    But both of them are OK with humans owning other humans as property.

  • Dan Hunter

    I think the one in Lahore looks like something from Marvel Comics, even with the broken horn.


    That would be Hellboy, portrayed in the movies by the ever-mugable Ron Perlman!

    Of course, there’s also this interpretation of His Nibs– https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/904714ff071ce4cd70b35bc2efede8797d3891abc8f057383ba9298a169d0c43.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b8b11547956d8f724bec132bac974ecb10e450e8830763080c4bdd4aa49e2354.jpg

    Both are versions of Karellen, from Arthur C. Clark’s classic, Childhood’s End. Another story about mistaken identity, or insisting something is other than it really is.

  • Steven Watson

    Lahore is in India and Satan doesn’t have any relation to Hindu culture. The damned thing doesn’t have any artistic value either.

  • john Johnson

    Then they shouldn’t be concerned with a statue of “Satan.” It would be just a funny statue, because in and of itself it simply isn’t terrifying. That’s the Christian influence.