Pope Francis: Better to live as an atheist than a ‘hating’ Catholic

Pope Francis: Better to live as an atheist than a ‘hating’ Catholic January 2, 2019

Apparently the Pope has uncovered another problem in his church: nasty people attending services and behaving hatefully towards each other.

Speaking today at his general audience at the Vatican he condemned Catholics who go to church every day but “go on hating” their fellow men. He said: it “is better” that they stay away.

How many times have we witnessed the scandal of those who go to church and spend all day there or attend every day, and later go on hating others or speaking ill of people. This is a scandal.

It would be better to not go to church. Live like an atheist. If you go to church, then live like a son, like a brother, like an authentic witness, not a counter-witness.

Where has all this come from?

Seems he’s got a chip on his shoulder about “traditionally-minded” Catholics who “have failed to meet the mark”, according to LifeSiteNews.

In 2013, Catholic blogger Laurence English released The Pope Francis Little Bumper Book of Insults which continues to document the naughty words used by the Pope to describe those whom he dislikes. These include: “superficial Christian”, “climbers … attached to money”, and “fomenters of coprophagia!”

The Pope has regularly referred to some traditionalist Catholics as “rigid.”

Some unkind critics would say that “rigid” is what happens in priests’ underwear whenever a pretty choirboy passes by.

Other derogatory phrases used by the Pope include “pepper-faced”, “liquid” and “weak-hoped” Christians; “museum mummies” and “old maids”; and priests and seminarians who qualify as “vain:, “wheeler-dealers”, “little monsters”, and “smarmy idolaters.”

During his regular Wednesday audience for pilgrims to the Vatican, the Pope issued a homily on the Gospel of Matthew which refers to the “hypocrites” who pray so that “they can be seen by people.”

This is repeated today, the pope said, by “atheists, without God, to be merely admired.”

Referring to bad Catholics as “Pagans” he said:

They think they pray by talking, talking, and talking. I think that many Christians believe that praying is to talk to God, if you’ll forgive me, like a parrot. No, praying is done in the heart, from within.

Bill Donohue

Whenever I read reports about the Pope hammering traditionalists, I always hop across to Bill Donohue’s Catholic League to get his take on the pontiff’s latest outpourings. Either he hasn’t caught up on today’s report, or he’s ignoring it. Instead, he’s had a pop at the Broadway version of To Kill A Mockingbird, saying it “distorts” the book by Harper Lee.

It is not as though the play has evolved into a morally destitute version of the book – it has not – but it does contain a line … that insults Christians, and it appears at a seminal moment.

The alleged town drunk bellows ‘when horror comes to supper, it comes dressed exactly like a Christian.’

This line nowhere appears in the book or the movie. It was put there by playwright Aaron Sorkin, a left-wing secularist who has a history of offending Catholics, as well as traditionalists of all stripes.

Could it be that Pope Francis helped Sorkin writing the script?

Donohue’s outrage doesn’t stop there:

What makes this ugly saga even worse is the fact that the play is being offered to New York City public school students at a discount. That’s right, in cooperation with the city’s Department of Education, tickets are being made available to middle and high school students for $10.

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  • I’d also add “or a child abuser”, knowing the ever-growing list of scandals of sexual abuse in the RCC.

  • WallofSleep

    “Some unkind critics would say that “rigid” is what happens in priests’ underwear whenever a pretty choirboy passes by.”

    I’ve been called a lot of things, but “unkind critic” has to be one of the nicest of them.

  • Astrin Ymris

    On behalf of all Pagans, I’m insulted that he uses the name of our faith to refer to Catholic Dominionists.

  • Joe Padgen

    Nice poop emoji – never mind, that was an image of bill donohue

  • mordred

    Same here!

    First they steal our rituals, holidays and gods (calling them saints), then they call those among them who behave like thieves “pagans”! 😉

  • mordred

    It’s interesting how he supports discrimination against women and LGBT people in his organisation, defends religious violence and child abuse on one day and calls other people haters at another.

  • Broga

    Bloody cheek! He will damage our credibility.

  • Well, to do sort of a mashup between Cindy Jacobs everlasting bowl of pasta and Pope Frankie’s despair at seeing for reelz, how shitty his church is.

    The Poop stands on the edge of the pit, with Satan and says, “Abyss, that RILLLLLLLLLLLLLY means, “bottomless”, doesn’t it, FUUUUUUUUCK!!

  • Milo C

    The Pope sends more mixed messages than a dubstep radio station. It’s kind of impressive the number and variety of insults he has used in his short time while earning praise for being a “kind” and “gentle” leader.

  • Raging Bee

    So the Pope starts out complaining about Catholics who are mean to each other, and manages to make it a dig against atheists. Sort of like how he starts out acknowledging there’s priests sexually abusing minors, and makes it a scapegoating dig against both gays and critics of the Church. Can this guy say ANYTHING without dishonestly bashing innocent people?

  • Robert Muskett

    I thought he was talking about his fellow jesuits.

  • Thirded, though I don’t know if they stole much (if anything) from the Egyptians.