Snakes alive! Is this serpent a sign of Ireland’s godlessness?

Snakes alive! Is this serpent a sign of Ireland’s godlessness? January 15, 2019

THERE are no snakes in Ireland. They were allegedly told to scoot by St Patrick. But one was discovered last Thursday near the boardwalk on a beach in Youghal, Co Cork by a member of the Youghal Coast Guard.

Image credit Youghal Coast Guard

Some now see this as a result of the new Irish law on abortion which came into effect Ireland at the beginning of the year.

One who believes this balderdash is Catholic journalist K V Turley. Writing for LifeSiteNews he said that for centuries snakes represented:

The vile paganism that ruled the land before Patrick came and established Christianity.

The fact that a snake made its way ashore onto Irish soil once more is not, therefore, to be seen as just another zoological phenomenon. It may be read as also a symbolic one, coming at a time when Ireland is turning away from the light and naively embracing an ancient darkness.

This is just a warmup to Turley’s mounting hysteria:

With the darkness now descending upon Ireland’s Four Green Fields, a spiritual night is fast approaching. And, in its cold gloom, strange new gods are being worshipped once more, the bitter lessons of old, that the pagan gods were never gods but demons, long since forgotten.

So too has been forgotten the truth that the Church has been a home to the Irish nation – at times its only home, despite those within the flock who turned out be wolves in sheep clothing.

Through persecution and famine, through pain and suffering, exile and poverty, Holy Mother Church was the home where the Irish found refuge emotionally and spiritually, whether in the north country of Ulster, on the grey streets of New York, or the sparsely populated territories of Australia or Patagonia, She was a light to enlighten the darkness that had so often flooded the lives of the children of Erin at home and abroad.

Yadayadaya …

Turley adds:

Today, publicly at least, Ireland has abandoned the faith.

So, did Satan send Ireland a snake to signal his impending return to Ireland?

Did he heck! This blog has a far more rational explanation: that  the 1.5 metre serpent, quite possibly a California Kingsnake, which is often kept as a pet, was an escaped Christmas present.

Blogger Ann Robinson asked:

So what explains this unexpected visitor to the Irish seaside in the middle of winter? In the absence of any more information we can only mindlessly speculate, and thus we have two possible explanations. One is that the magic of Saint Patrick is finally wearing off and this striking-looking snake is likely the first of many arrivals and portends the end of days.

Alternatively and perhaps more plausible is that this was a Christmas present that managed to wriggle free of its new home located somewhere along the Cork coast.

Our sincere hope is that this snake wasn’t abandoned and can be reunited with its owner who we also hope is right now frantically searching their home for their missing pet.

Turly, however, claims that the snake is dead. But:

Other ‘serpents. are already ashore, however, and very much alive, and have all too easily found a home.

And he warns:

These Irish who jubilate over new abortion legislation refuse to learn the lessons of old. They shall learn them soon enough, however, especially as they come to experience what spirits have been invoked upon the land of Patrick. By then it will be too late. Even if, at that point, they have learned again that, away from the faith, outside the true home of all mankind, there is only endless night.

If the Catholic Church ran a purple prose competition, Turley would certainly be a candidate for the top prize.

Wikipedia says:

In literary criticism, purple prose is prose text that is so extravagant, ornate, or flowery as to break the flow and draw excessive attention to itself, Purple prose is characterized by the excessive use of adjectives, adverbs, and metaphors.

Turley’s writing certainly has that in spades.

Last word to US cartoonist Bizarro who wrote of St Patrick:

As far as I know he is famous primarily for driving the snakes out of Ireland. (No idea how he did this since he died 1400 years before the invention of the automobile.)

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  • Cali Ron

    Barry, i liked the joke.
    Oh my, sinners and pagans and snakes, oh my. I guess it’s no surprise that a deluded catholic would actually believe the BS about St Patty and snakes. Too bad St Patty can’t drive the RCC clergy’s trouser snakes back into their frocks and out of innocent children!

  • Raging Bee

    I’m not sure if he believes it himself; he’s just found a potentially rich source of hysteria that can be ginned up by referring to this very old and cherished founding myth about Irish people and identity.

  • Steven Watson

    Dunno why they celebrate him. Pat was British. 🙂 The chappie who competes as Irelands greatest saint, Columba? He’s the reason there has never been a united Ireland. Lastly the Pope and King Billy were allies. Irish Christians, of whichever persuasion, have their own special delusional.

  • larry parker

    I was wondering what to call this writing style, now I know. Thanks!

  • Barros Serrano

    And I thought this silliness was just a Yank thing… gays causing hurricanes and all that.

  • Michael Neville

    St. Patrick gathered all the snakes together and said: “Any snake that wants to stay, raise your hand.”

    (No idea how he did this since he died 1400 years before the invention of the automobile.)

    What are you talking about? Jesus had a Honda.

  • Raging Bee

    I see White Jesus was able to find a car as white as he is…

  • Bubblecar

    Turley’s been hitting the Tullamore Dew a little too hard, to be sure. He’ll be seeing snakes in his spaghetti if he’s not careful.

  • Hannah

    Oh sure, nevermind all the evil things that happened in Ireland before this (like the Magdalene laundries) and the widespread abuse of children, no! Now abortion is legal the snakes are coming! The snakes are coming! Snakes are no more evil than guinea pigs (although the piggies might not think so) and most are entirely harmless to humans.

  • Jennny

    Wildlife enthusiast here in the UK. I never understood the Patrick and banning snakes thing. There’s only one venemous variety here, the Adder and it’s shy, only found in a few places and attacks on humans very rare indeed***. The other 3 sorts are small and equally self-effacing and completely harmless….guess it’s the wicked serpent thing..but if they’d stayed…most folk would never notice.
    ***Farmers and landowners find Adders useful. There may be none for many miles, but if they nail up a sign ‘Beware Adders’, it keeps walkers off their land very effectively!

  • Jim Jones

    > … for centuries snakes represented: The vile paganism that ruled the land before Patrick came and established Christianity.

    Which may have been a far kinder and saner religion than the RCC. BTW, Ireland used to be aligned with the Coptic Church in Egypt. Eventually, the RCC gained enough power and took over the Irish church by force. For Jesus.

  • Jim Jones

    There are no snakes in New Zealand either. Same reasons: too small and too cool for them to survive.

  • Broga

    I often glimpsed a snake in my youth. They did no harm and were part of a varied wildlife e.g. eels, badgers, stoats, butterflies, moths, now mostly gone as the most destructive pest on the planet continues its suicidal depredations. Ignorance fed by Christian superstition.

  • Brian Shanahan

    And, of course let’s not forget that “St Patrick” is a composite of at least five early christian proselytisers, the one doing most of the work not even called Patrick.

  • Anri

    Antarctica lacks snakes, too, and that’s a whole continent!

    This is relevant because reasons.

  • Barros Serrano

    Yes Irish Christianity was far preferable to the Roman version which ultimately took over.

  • Cali Ron

    Religious delusion knows no political boundaries.

  • al kimeea

    delusion alone is boundless

  • al kimeea

    A Catholic neighbour found a garter snake on her lawn, threw it into the street and killed it and all the slithery mum’s wee bairns. Because Jebus…

  • Snagglefritz Sagenschnitter

    the magic of Saint Patrick is finally wearing off

    Surely he knows the Saint Patrick story is utter codswallop? How dumb are these Christians?

  • Barry Duke

    “The magic of Saint Patrick” was a snarky remark made by an independent blogger, not the Catholic commentator.

  • Judgeforyourself37

    Snakes alive, oh, I meant saints alive, Ireland is saying that abortion is now allowed. Hooray for Ireland, I just hope that the women of Ireland do not have to jump through all the hoops that women seeking abortions have to jump through in some areas of our nation.

  • Judgeforyourself37

    Now, Ireland allows abortions. Hooray, hooray Ireland you have come to your senses, at last. Now for the rest of our nation, such as the Southern states and parts of the Midwest.

  • Judgeforyourself37

    Hey, if the shoe fits??? Are ardent Catholics all uneducated fools, or does it just seem that way. Let me count the ways:
    1. No Contraception (really in this day and age??????)
    2. No Abortion (there are numerous reasons why a woman might need to terminate a pregnancy and it is HER body.
    3. Must attend church. (If you are working two jobs and have kids, when do you have time to hear the same one claptrap?)
    4. Priests are ?celibate? (Then how do they know what it is like to be married. How can they counsel a married couple. (They cannot, first because they are not married and second because they do not have the required education in counseling, either to the Protestant ministers, for that matter.) Hint: many priests are not celibate.)
    5. The communion is really the body of Jesus. Wow, it surely must not be fit to eat after all those years.
    6. That “Holy Water” is different from any other water? Really, because some fellow “blessed it.” Hogwash
    7. Oh, yes and the tried and untrue dogma, that is alive in all churches: No sex prior to marriage. LMAO that was never, ever the norm, folks, unless you married your sweetheart two days after you met. That is not a good idea, either, as it is better to be friends first, get to really know each other before you get married, and that includes sexual compatibility.
    8. For years it was “No Meat on Friday.” Well, that changed, now it is “No Meat on Good Friday.”
    My how things can change, so why not wise up and ignore the dogma.
    Just be kind, compassionate, and non judgmental and follow that old rule, “Do Unto Other As You Would Have Then Do To You!”