US-inspired anti-gay declaration angers Dutch LGBT communities

US-inspired anti-gay declaration angers Dutch LGBT communities January 8, 2019

THE Netherlands is one of the most progressive and gay-friendly countries in the world, a fact that upsets Christian fundaloons, who aim to change all that.

How? By getting like-minded bigots to sign up to a viciously homophobic manifesto called the Nashville Statement

The Nashville Statement is not new; it crawled out of an evangelical slimepit in the US  in 2017, courtesy of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

In a nutshell – “nut” being the operative word – it wants homosexuality to go away in Jesus’s name. It’s been signed by around 22,000 Christian leaders in the US.

However, it is new to Holland. The Statement was only recently translated into Dutch, and began circulating last week, sparking fury among LGBT organisations as well concern by the Public Prosecution Service, which is reportedly examining it to see whether it’s in breach of equality laws.

Image via YouTube

One of the first of some 250 people to sign the document, which says it is “sinful to approve of homosexual impurity or transgenderism”, was Kees van der Staaij, above, leader of the fundamentalist Christian party SGP

The Dutch signatories are all men and come from either the Restored Reformed Church, the Reformed Congregations or the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.

Among those who believe this hateful Christian crap has no place in Holland is pro-LGBT opera singer Francis van Broekhuizen, who filed a formal police complaint against van der Staaij, claiming that the Nashville Statement is calls for discrimination against gay and transgender people

Francis van Broekhuizen, in the role of a singing nun. Image via YouTube.

The Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalis same-sex marriage in 2001. But its also has a large community of fundamentalist Christians who oppose same-sex marriage.

The pro-LGBT group COC Netherlands called the statement a “damaging document.” The organisation claimed that those who signed the statement engaged in a “merciless and insensitive action” and called on both the SGP and Netherland’s Christian Union party to distance themselves from it.

While the head of the Christian Union has distanced himself from the statement, van der Staaij has reaffirmed his support for it.

The Nashville statement reflects the classic Christian notions on relationships and sexuality on an up-to-date and much-discussed theme. These notions are shared across borders of churches and countries.

The SGP has never made it a secret of the biblical notions about marriage, family and sexuality. In line with this, I have indicated that I can agree with the scope of the Nashville declaration.

Van der Staaij continued by stating that he believes that the afterword found in the Dutch version of the Nashville Statement is:

Particularly valuable. It rightly emphasizes the great responsibility for careful handling with people who have probing questions about their sexual orientation and gender. These notions are an essential addition to the statement for me.

But Gert-Jan Segers, party leader of the Christian Union, explained in a Facebook post why he couldn’t sign the declaration.

I did not sign the Nashville statement because I am afraid that the conversation about faith and homosexuality has not been served with this statement … I also do not see how gays –  inside and outside the church — are helped with this statement.

At least one Dutch leader, Rev Wilco Veltkamp, reportedly voiced his regret for signing the statement and had his name withdrawn from the document.

I have taken back the signing and regret that things have been run like this.

The Nashville Statement was conceived by hard-line bigots who feared that US evangelicals were going soft.

Image via YouTube

Evangelical pastor Denny Burk, above, said:

Long before anyone was debating gay marriage, there was a softening of marriage norms among evangelical Christians. Many evangelical congregations and ministries have acquiesced to divorce culture, pornography use, sexual immorality, and lack of church discipline. Because of this erosion of evangelical integrity on issue of sexual morality, it was past time for evangelicals to get their own house in order.

Evangelicals needed to recover and reassert what Christ’s Church has always believed. And that is why we drafted the Nashville Statement when we did..

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  • Broga

    What has it got to do with him how individuals behave? Typical religious busybody.

  • amused

    ” ” – The sum total of all that Jesus said about homosexuality, as recorded in the New Testament. His fan club has taken that blank canvas as a place to project their bigotry.

  • I wonder what the Dutch evangelicals will do if the American ones come out with some statement about the Biblicalness of conceal carry. I could see it happening given how many of the American faithful also worship the Second Amendment.

  • Fred Tully

    The fundamental question is “are all people equal?, yes or no.” If yes, then the LGBT are free to do as they like, if no then someone has the right to try to control them. Down the slope you go. Your people could be the next slaves.

  • John Pieret

    Here in the US, each succeeding generation of Americans since the Boomers has become less religious and the Gen-zeros, born since 2000, showing the highest level of “Nones” at 40% and even less attraction to fundangelical Christianity. No small part of that decline is the judgmental attitude of fundangelicals to LGBTQ+ people. If the Dutch churches want to apply that attitude to their already shrunken ranks, more power to them …

  • Raging Bee

    “Divorce culture?” What the AF is that? These bigots have a habit of taking actions or events they hate, and pretending they’re a “culture,” separate and different from…whatever passes in their lives for “culture,” I guess.

    Seriously, does “divorce culture” include their own opera house? Hope it’s as fabulous as the one the gays have…but somehow I doubt it…

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Jesus is just a prop for salvation theology. No one pays any heed to his teachings, particularly evangelicals, who long ago accepted the primacy of Paul.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Even with the steady decline in church participation, we still have more than enough bigotry, xenophobia, and anti-intellectualism to lead the world in a flourishing export market. See? The USA is still number one at something!

  • Cali Ron

    An offshoot of that is the “gay agenda”, Cuz you know the gays all had a secret meeting and are plotting to turn the whole world gay.

  • Jim Jones

    Google (centurion pais)

  • Dude, that. What’s the deal with everything being a “culture” to these guys?

  • TomE

    As somebody living in the Netherlands I can only say their is no real freedom of opinion over here. Everybody thinks of the Netherlands aka Holland as a free liberal extreme progressive country but it is not true. If one dares to argue fe the samesex marriage immidiatelly LGTB movements and extreme left groups call you an religious extremist and narrow minded. End of ‘discussion’. Christians and other minorities are bad depicted and ridiculed in the media and so on over and over again bye these extreme left and fascist LGTB groups. Gays rule the media in Holland. You are forced to look at groups of naked gays in sm leather suits acting vulgair on boats on a sunny Amsterdam afternoon and no one dares to say something negative about it otherwise you are some oldfashioned narrowminded prick.

  • TomE

    In the Netherlands in one of the three marriages people divorce.

  • Broga

    How do they “force” you to look at naked gays and what is the “vulgair” they act. I would resent any attempt being made to force me to look at naked males but how would I know they were gays. Or forced to look at anything. As for the leather garment! I often wear a leather jacket (bruised leather, I think, it is described, and if it wasn’t bruised before it certainly is now) which I have worn for decades. If I visit the Netherlands should I avoid wearing it? I would be grateful for your advice.

    There is not as much freedom of opinion in the UK as you might think although we are told we are exemplars of freedom. The freedom stops is you want a secular point of view on the BBC, or an atheist in parliament (there are some there), or an elected House of Lords or an elected Head of State.

    We have a shambolic government of monumental incompetence with many members so detached from ordinary life that they have their own schools, health service, laws (fox hunting now continues openly but illegally) and one MP has six children and recoils when asked if he ever changed a nappy – “that’s the servants job.”

    I don’t where I am going on this except I am curious about how they “force” you.

    Do they have an opinion on dogs in the Netherlands. I like dogs and especially Labradors, Alsatians and Springer Spaniels: all of which I have owned. Currently a Black Labrador.

    I don’t where I am going on this except I am curious about how they “force” you.

  • TomE

    If you have ever been to the Amsterdam gaypride you know what I mean. Boat after boat sails throught the canals packed with half bottomnaked gay- and bisexuel men, women and transgenders in leather and with fake breasts behaving as obscene as possible. The whole city expecially thecenter is focused on this event and you can’t miss it. If youre a tourist or you have to be there you will be raped by there presence. And don’t come with the excuse just look the other way the city is of all people including those who arent gay and don’t feel the need or urge to show their butts to every bystander. And a lot of them arent even gay but dirty old grandpaas behaving obscene because they like to. And I am not even prudish in contrary as a handsome I get mine. You tell me why these gays have to show their hairy bottoms to me and others? We didnt ask for it? If some heterosexual pervert would show his to a lady some other time its called exhibitionism and punishable by law.

  • Raging Bee

    “Raped by there presence?” You don’t even seem to know how to use the word “there,” so I’m guessing you don’t know how to use the word “rape” either.

  • Raging Bee

    And that’s bad…why?

  • TomE

    I answered youre question.

  • TomE

    cut the bullshit why should we look at youre hairy bottom raging bee?

  • Raging Bee

    Another bigot whining about how horrible it is when people don’t buy his religious bullshit anymore. If you can’t take the “intolerance,” then you shouldn’t have dished so much of it out for so many centuries.

  • Raging Bee

    Um…no, you really didn’t.

  • Sophotroph

    People who argue against gay marriage are ridiculed as bigots because there is no non-ridiculous, non-bigoted argument against gay marriage.

    None. Zero. Zilch.

    The only possible reason to oppose gay marriage is bigotry.

    It sounds like you’re mad that you can’t call your bigotry something else anymore.


  • Sophotroph

    Hoooraaaaaaay. 🙁

  • Broga

    Does that include hetero-sexual Christians married in church? I’m an atheist, as is my wife, and we have just had our 50th wedding anniversary. As we were atheists when we met we married in a Register Office. The Netherlands: I thought that included Holland, seems an odd place.

    Do they like dogs?

  • Broga

    In the good old days a wife was a man’s property and he could beat the hell out of her and often did. Better a divorce than that. Especially if there are kids.

  • Broga

    “And I am not even prudish in contrary as a handsome I get mine.”

    Bit obscure that. As a handsome what? Get your what?

    Can anyone else confirm that these gays “show their butts to every bystander.” That is one amazing statement especially the word “every.” So if I walk along the pavement I will be seeing a row of arses pointed at me. Can this be true? Anyone got a photograph of the row of arses? Amazing!

  • Broga

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

    Too much, too much to be believed TomE.

  • Brian Davis

    I seem to recall something in the Bible about beating plowshares into high capacity magazines.

  • Broga

    I must leave this curious discussion for now. Off to the pub to play darts and try to limit my dog’s crisp intake. He loves crisps and the customers love to feed him.

  • Raging Bee

    Probably because they hate crisps themselves and can’t find any other use for all the free crisps the pub unload on them. Or at least that’s my guess…

  • raymond metcalfe

    how do you know they are hairy have you been peeking? Tome your entire post is as we say up in the north a load of old tripe If you are against gay marriage don’t have one. How do you know that the old men arn’t gay heave you been involved in the pride event? Or are you like most of the bigots that pop up just reeling out the same old tripe just like your brother wazacks

  • Trellia

    Congratulations on your golden anniversary!

  • Somebody’s jealous.

  • Please learn the difference between your and you’re.

    Your = it belongs to you
    You’re = you are

  • All we have to do is exist, apparently.

  • Jencendiary

    Well, this is the stupidest thing I’ve read all evening.

  • Broga

    Plausible. The landlord has a brother who lives in the Netherlands and the landlord visits him every summer. He has not seen the “hairy arses” or the behaviour described by TomE. The mystery remains. Where does TomE see this things?

  • Broga

    Thank you for the kind thought.

  • I’m in a wheelchair, my eyes tend to be right around waist level (if I’m lucky) on most people.

    I have yet to see anything like TomE describes.

  • zenlike

    As exemplified by the bigots who signed this declaration, of course their is freedom of opinion.

    But that is not what you are advocating for. You are advocating for freedom of consequences, the freedom to spout your opinion without anyone else forming an opinion against your opinion. In essence, you are advocating against freedom of opinion, at least, if the opinion is something you don’t like.

    You and all bigots can say you are against SSM. And I can say that makes you a bigot. THAT is freedom of opinion.

  • Har Davids

    We are all equal, but some of us are idiots and are very open about it. The backlash against this statement has already forced some of its supporters to back-track more than a little. Having your outdated stupidity splashed all over the internet is not as much fun as signing this statement, I guess.

  • Broga

    Perhaps I can help here? When I said to a religious relative that I could not reconcile the many contradictions in the bible and quoted some. So, how could the bible be the word of God. She said that there were no contradictions. If I read the bible “prayerfully” the contradictions would disappear.

    So, could that be the answer? Look prayerfully and all will be revealed as Tom insists.

    My pub friend who visits the Netherlands, and has a certain blunt directness, may have solved the mystery. He said, “That man is taking the piss.”

  • zenlike

    Yes, you have the freedom of opinion to call me a bigot. That has no bearing on your opinion being completely idiotic, though.

    PS, does threadstalking me counts as “harassment”?