A National Day of Prayer is called for to break Brexit deadlock

A National Day of Prayer is called for to break Brexit deadlock February 3, 2019

THE First and Second World Wars were halted after Kings George V and VI called for a National Days of Prayer, and God’s help is again needed to end the ‘paralysis’ the UK is experiencing over the looming catastrophe called Brexit.

Queen Elizabeth II (Wikimedia Commons)

That’s the view of Mark Banks, writing for the National Catholic Register. And he lamented the fact that Britain’s current monarch – Queen Elizabeth II – failed to mention prayer when she recently addressed the Women’s Institute.

She called for a ‘coming together to seek out the common ground’; however, as yet, there has been no reference or call to prayer.

Banks pointed out:

Such is the present state of disarray and confusion in Westminster that many have said the current events represent the worst political crisis our nation has faced since the end of the Second World War. That is debatable. However, what is not debatable is the fact that when faced with significant national crises during both the First and Second World Wars, our leaders knew where to turn for solutions.

For it was on Aug. 4, 1918, the fourth anniversary of the declaration of war, that King George V called for a National Day of Prayer. One hundred days later, the First World War ended. And again, during the Second World War, when the British army was all but defeated and in desperate retreat to the northernmost coastal towns of France, King George VI called for a National Day of Prayer, to be held May 26, 1940, to commit the nation’s cause to God.

The resulting safe evacuation of some 338,000 soldiers was soon to be hailed as ‘the Miracle of Dunkirk’

But he did get one thing right:

Whatever side of the Brexit divide (leave or remain) one falls on, be they politicians, economists, journalists, businesspeople or simply plain ol’ members of the public — it is generally taken that such an exit [from the European Union] would be a ‘commercial catastrophe’, ‘monetary disaster’, ‘economic Armageddon’ or any other anxiety-inducing phrase to communicate the inevitable financial tragedy that will ensue. In this at least, opinion appears to be united.

But he then asserted:

As a Catholic looking in on this situation, I find what astounds most is the pompous and arrogant determination of our nation’s leaders – and it should be said, those of the European Union, also – to muddle through this intractable mess and seek to find solutions in one’s own strength, using one’s own knowledge, relying upon one’s own insights.

Despite nearly all of Britain’s postwar prime ministers being self-confessed Christians, it seems to still be the case, in the words of former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s communications strategist, Alastair Campbell, that ‘we don’t do God’ — at least not publicly or in any meaningful way, anyway.

This is all a great shame, for our politicians and the wider public alike, because little do they recognize that without recourse to the Lord’s wisdom and guidance, he ‘… brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; he frustrates the plans of the peoples’ (Psalm 33:10).

He then concludes:

In this climate of national discord and disunity, how wonderful it would be, and what an opportunity presents itself to the bishops of our country, Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox alike — along with leaders from other Christian denominations — to show a united and harmonious front at a time of great need and to call for a National Day of Prayer.

Spanish philosopher George Santayana one said:

Prayer, among sane people, has never superseded practical efforts to secure the desired ends.

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  • Nick G

    Despite nearly all of Britain’s postwar prime ministers being self-confessed Christians

    Ah! So that’s why we’ve ended up in such a god-awful mess!

  • Broga

    National Day of Prayer. We need some guidance first. Which God will be the object of our prayers? There are so many. How much confidence can we place in any of them with a world infested by the most destructive pest on the planet? There is a special difficulty here as this pest, who has a soul, is beloved of God who tortured his own son, who happened also to be Himself, in order to forgive the toxic pest’s sins. The TPWAS (Toxic Pest with a Soul) is contributing at full speed to make the planet uninhabitable. The soul has yet to be located despite millions of operations, including on the brain. So we have to take that on trust for the moment. Is the soul mentioned in the bible?

    Bloody hell, this is so weird. Better stop till I get some guidance from a religious expert. If it is the Archbishop of Canterbury we will have to hope that he does not contribute “in tongues” which he recently said he uses in his dialogue with God. If the Pope, then there is a problem of placing confidence in him until he has sorted out the paedo priest problem. Perhaps Dotty Donald could help? The Queen is head of the UK official Church but she denies having any say in anything controversial. The £3 million for her personal pad, from taxes, is OK so I assume that is not controversial.

    And, “Prayer is asking an omniscient Being to change Its mind.”


  • Bubblecar

    I must apologise to Liz, because on seeing her face and “National Day of Prayer”, I assumed she was advocating this and called her a “silly old moo.”

    But in fact she didn’t mention prayer and the “silly old moo” is one Mark Banks.

    “arrogant…to find solutions in one’s own strength, using one’s own knowledge, relying upon one’s own insights.”

    Yes, what time-wasting nonsense, when one could be receiving instructions from an imaginary father-figure floating in the clouds somewhere, as Kings once did in the noble days of yore, when people wiped their arses on the back of their tunics and nobody could read or write.

  • Ellen Mottley Tannenbaum

    They prayed and the war ended 100 days later? Definitely a sign of God intervening at the request of the faithful.

  • Gord O’Mitey

    Fake news, folks, fake news. If anyone prays to Me to end wars, or famines, I ignore them. Why would I wait 100 days before ending the First World War? Because I make the rules, and you worms have gotta do what I want, eh! If I want to drown all of you, bar one family, in a global flood, then I will. Will I answer prayers to bring in gun control in the US? Not while the NRA is paying off right-wing, Christian politicians, eh.

    Ha, ha, ha, (evil laugh). You just wait until global warming hits, eh. You won’t get saved then by feckin’ prayers.

  • Anne Fenwick

    Prayer – the last refuge of the incompetent moron.

  • Treaclebeak

    Like Santayana I’ve wondered why the bible-bashers don’t rely entirely on the power of prayer.

  • Martin Penwald

    The resulting safe evacuation of some 338,000 soldiers was soon to be hailed as ‘the Miracle of Dunkirk’

    Yeah… about that. The French and Belgian armies were able to stall nazis forces long enough for the “miracle” to happen. And they have mainly be screwed by the British at the time.

  • Jim Jones

    > THE First and Second World Wars were halted after Kings George V and VI called for a National Days of Prayer

    Yeah, no, bullshit.

    I find what astounds most is the pompous and arrogant determination of our nation’s leaders – and it should be said, those of the European Union, also – to muddle through this intractable mess and seek to find solutions in one’s own strength, using one’s own knowledge, relying upon one’s own insights.

    No shit, Sherlock.


  • Michael Newsham

    We had a National Day of Prayer and WWI ended- after four years of carnage and bloodshed had already happened. We had a National Day of Prayer and WWII ended after five more years of carnage and bloodshed. Obviously prayer works.

  • Nick G

    Well, let’s be scientific about this. Obviously, being British, God would intervene as soon as He got the request from George V, but presumably neither request nor response could travel faster than light, as that would royally fuck up causality. So I reckon this tells us God is located 50 light days or around 1.3 quadrillion km from Earth (~300,000 km/sec * 3600 * 24 * 100 = 2,592,000,000,000 km, then divide by 2 because it’s a round trip). For comparison, Ultima Thule is about 6 light hours away.

  • Broga

    Think how much worse we would have been if we had not prayed.

  • Broga

    These figures about the nation’s leaders might interest you: Former private school pupils account for 74 percent of judges; 71 percent of lawyers; 61 percent of of doctors; 51 per cent of journalists and 29 per cent of MP’s. The figures come from the editorial in this week’s “New Statesman.”
    Michael Gove (yes, that Michael Gove) said in a speech at Brighton College in 2012, “More than almost any other developed nation, ours is a country in which your parentage dictates your progress.”
    In the same magazine, Theresa May is paying £1 billion to a group of Northern Ireland “quislings” to keep the Tories in power. Meanwhile, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are regarded as, and governed as colonies.

  • Barry Duke

    Thank you Monty for confirming that god-botherers like yourself are imbeciles. First you say”the mess that the world is in is man’s doing, not God’s” then you imply that God deliberately fucked us over by giving us free will. In future, keep you moronic thoughts bottled up in the vacuum that passes for your brain.

  • DanD

    Logical Fallacy: No true Scotsman.

  • Cali Ron

    I thought Churchill saved England, but no, it was prayer. So let’s disband the military, use that money to solve social issues and leave defense in god’s hands. Surely, all are enemies will tremble in fear and leave us be.
    OR NOT!

  • Cali Ron

    Nobody knows god fool, he doesn’t exist. What you know is a characterization created by man to manipulate people like you.

  • Monty

    Thank you for your intelligent and thoughtful response to my post. However, you misunderstand me. Free will is not the problem. Teaching someone to drive is not a problem. If the individual chooses to run down pedestrians, it is not the fault of the car or the fact that the driver can drive. It is the bad choices that are the problem.

  • Monty

    As a “bible-basher” perhaps I can shed some light. First up, we live in a natural world. I have to eat and drink same as anyone else. If I am sick, which is rare, I will pray and go to to the doctor if I don’t get better. I don’t know why I get healed sometimes and not others. When I got born again, 47 years ago, I was instantly healed of two chronic complaints. I had a problem a couple of years ago that meant an operation and a few days in hospital. That was the first time since a bout of alcoholic poisoning just before I became a Christian. God told me to go see the doctor. If I had delayed, I would be either dead or on dialysis. I do not rely on prayer. I rely on God, who answers. Sometimes the answer is no. Like any good father, God is not going to give His kids what is bad for them.

  • Monty

    You have it back to front. “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God” Psalm 14:1.

  • Monty

    Yep, the soul is mentioned many times in the Bible. Maybe you should read it some time. I’d suggest John’s gospel to start with.

  • Barry Duke

    You foolish Christians have worn that quote to death. Of course there’s a god. A mythical god of course, as well as the 33-millio nother gods that exist in all the religions lumped together. Now go away and play in the traffic.

  • larry parker

    “I don’t know why I get healed sometimes and not others.”
    You must be doing something wrong. I’ve never prayed, but I’ve gotten better every time that I go to the doctor.

  • Broga

    No thanks. I am sufficiently convinced that it is superstitious nonsense written, allegedly, by illiterate fishermen.

  • Broga

    You need help. You are seriously deluded.

  • Broga

    And he said it in “King James English.” Are you really a fool or just playing at being one.” Try doing some research on the sources of the bible before embarrassing yourself here.

  • Broga

    Very funny. I enjoy your posts as comedy. I can’t take them seriously.

  • Broga

    One thingGod has not helped you with is writing clear English. Try again and back up your comments with something approaching facts or evidence. Quoting the bible is, I grant you’ entertaining but it is bollocks.

  • Sophotroph

    An omniscient author would have anticipated those choices, and an omnipotent one would have built a reality in which free will is not incompatible with always making the right choices.

    This argument has already been done to death by others, and we have here yet another Christian who thinks the debate over theology started the day they decided to participate.

    Seriously, go read at least a little of the back-and-forth that has been going on for ages so that you know what page the rest of us are on, and for Christ’s sake (heh) learn why Psalm 14:1 “My book says that people who don’t believe the book are dumb” doesn’t constitute an argument.

    Until then, you’re just a cliche.

  • Monty

    I know just what you mean. I’ve been having the same discussions with atheists for 45 years. If evidence was water, you’d be drowning in it. My mistake was thinking that Freethinker meant something a little different from arrogant ignorance. No, there is indeed nothing new under the sun. Don’t worry, I won’t be back.

  • Gord O’Mitey

    Sure, I don’t know god, because I don’t exist, and therefore the state of the world cannot be blamed on Me. I didn’t so much reject god, as disappear up My own asshole, eh.

    You’re last sentence doesn’t actually make any sense; it’s a dismal failure in attempted rational thinking.

  • Nick G

    No, it’s not obvious at all. For it to be obvious, we would have to be able to identify real Christian politicians from fake ones by criteria other than whether or not they created a mess for those they were supposed to serve, and have a clear difference between the examples of the two in power.

  • Nick G

    If evidence was water, you’d be drowning in it.

    And yet oddly enough, neither you nor any other proselytising numpty ever identifies any evidence that is worth taking seriously.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower

    I hear you asserting that.

    I don’t see you OFFERING the evidence.

    Go for it.

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower


    It’s incoherent and self-contradictory unless read through a presuppositionalist mindset.