Down with Darwin! Christian idiots force cancellation of school play

Down with Darwin! Christian idiots force cancellation of school play February 8, 2019

A COMEDY musical about the life of Charles Darwin and and his theory of evolution has had to be cancelled following objections from a group of Christian parents.

Several families threatened to withdraw their children from the play – Darwin Rocks! – which was aimed at 7- to 11-year-olds attending Hartford Manor Primary School, a non-religious community school in a village in Cheshire. But it’s to be replaced with a “less divisive” show.

“Down-with-Darwin” Jesus junkies were reportedly angered by one of the scenes that “mocked” a bishop.

Thankfully, there’s been a backlash against the decision to ditch it. Another group of parents insist that it is “unacceptable” that their children should have been denied a valuable learning opportunity.

Alan McDonald, a parent at the school who wants the production to be brought back, said:

It really does feel like a huge step backwards. It doesn’t seem evenhanded or in any way right.

McDonald, who is a scientist in the civil service, added:

It is something that I think children should be learning about and this vehicle that they use is good. It seems ridiculous to whitewash history and replace it with something entirely vacuous.

I think it is just a thinly veiled attempt to cram religious views over the top of scientific fact which I think is shameful personally.

Another parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said:

It is simply unacceptable that religious fundamentalist views should have such influence in a community primary school and prevent children accessing what should have been a brilliant learning experience.

They added that they were worried that there was a “conflict of interests” as the chair of governors at the non-faith community school is a local vicar.

As well as complaints around the portrayal of the English bishop Samuel Wilberforce, a number of Christian parents also had concerns about a song in the show about “bumping and grinding”.

Simon Kidwell, headteacher of Hartford Manor Primary School, said:

We thought it would be a problem to rewrite it. So we decided to change it. However, in hindsight I think that was a hasty decision. We could have put more effort into looking at whether we could have adapted it to make sure it was inclusive of everybody.

I have apologised to the parents and we will consider putting it on in future years if we can make sure those bits are edited so it is inclusive for everybody.

The head added that the chair of governors had not played a part in the decision to cancel the play.

Stephen Evans, CEO of the National Secular Society, above, waded into the row:

We’re seeing a worrying trend of parents pressuring headteachers and threatening to withdraw children when teaching doesn’t fit their, often narrow, worldview.

Schools should broaden pupils’ horizons and need to be supported to do that when faced with external pressure demanding that the education their children receive conforms with parents’ religious views.

Last year a row erupted in India over Darwin when a fool called Satyapal Singh said Dawinism was “a myth” and should be banned from schools.


For the record, Singh, above, is India’s Minister for Higher Education – and he became a national laughing stock after saying:

I have a list of around 10 to 15 great scientists of the world who have said there is no evidence to prove that the theory of evolution is correct.

He adding that Albert Einstein had agreed the theory was “unscientific”.

Singh, who has a postgraduate degree in chemistry from Delhi University, said he was speaking as a “man of science”.

Darwin’s theory is scientifically wrong. It needs to change in the school and college curriculum.

Since man is seen on Earth, he has always been a man. Nobody, including our ancestors, in written or oral, said they ever saw an ape turning into a human being.

More than 2,000 Indian scientists signed a statement in response calling Singh’s remarks simplistic, misleading and lacking in any scientific basis.

The statement said:

It is factually incorrect to state that the evolutionary principle has been rejected by the scientific community. On the contrary, every new discovery adds support to Darwin’s insights. There is plentiful and undeniable scientific evidence to the fact that humans and the other great apes and monkeys had a common ancestor.

H/T BarrieJohn (school play report)

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  • Broga

    Unbelievable! As the football commentators say when we have just watched the unbelievable goal being scored.

    Darwin is up their with Einstein. Is Einstein likely to upset them with his comments? If you cannot mock a man in a gaudy, flowing dress, wearing a pantomime hat, carrying a long stick, and talking to a non existent spirit he claims will hear him and act on his requests, what is left?

  • barriejohn

    I just love the way that they pretend that they are trying to protect the reputation of a senior cleric, rather than protecting their children from exposure to the realities of current scientific thought (a favourite “straw man” type tactic of the religious when they realise that they may look stupid to any intelligent observer). Samuel Wilberforce is famed for asking Thomas Huxley: “Is it on your grandmother’s or grandfather’s side that you are descended from an ape?” He also said: “The principle of natural selection is absolutely incompatible with the word of God. [It] contradicts the revealed relations of creation to its Creator.” That is the level of debate that we are dealing with here, so how could anyone avoid ridiculing such idiocy?

  • kaydenpat

    I wasn’t expecting Christian wingnuts in England to have so much sway. But I guess they’re everywhere.

  • I very much doubt that a chemist will know as much of evolution as a biologist does. Not to mention how his statements are so stupid that they burn.

    Bunch of assholes.

  • adhoc

    Wow. That is a strange coincidence. I have a list of around 5 to 10,000 people that say his list of around 10 to 15 scientists sounds like bullshit.

  • Broga

    They have the advantage of stating as fact what is obviously incredible and the sensible section of the community being too polite to say they are talking nonsense. Very few Christians in the UK believe what they claim to believe. How could they? Walking on water, virgin birth, man who is really a God. However, for many it is a useful career path and we have 26 bishops in the House of Lords being paid £300 a day, and enjoying subsidised restaurant, and doing nothing very much: except sleeping.

    Then, of course, England is a class ridden society ready to bow to a posh voice and a title.

    It is all a gigantic hoax paid for out of public taxes.

  • kso721

    I’m a graphic designer in the cancer education industry going on almost 20 years. I understand evolutionary biology better than pretty much everyone i know combined, including some of our medical writers. In your world, does having a specialty field segregate you from understanding other segments of knowledge? AFAF.

  • Machintelligence

    All of them, coincidentally, named Steve (or Stephany or some other variant.)

  • Once upon a time, someone published a book called Hundred Authors Against Einstein. When asked about it, Albert replied, “Why one hundred? If I were wrong, one would have been enough.”

    Lists of names mean nothing.

  • barriejohn

    Most of them American, I see. I don’t suppose that the majority of them were either indoctrinated with fundamentalist teachings as children, or converted and brainwashed as adults? As an ex-evangelical myself, I feel sorry for them.

  • zenlike
  • Snagglefritz Sagenschnitter

    Another win for the Christians – tenancious little bastards aren’t they?

  • David Anderson

    Ignore See Noevo he is a religious troll who has been kicked out of many atheist and freethought sites.

  • Broga

    Too ignorant and prejudiced to get an awareness of the depth of their ignorance. They have all the certainly of some early students and none of the doubts of the professor who teaches them. The difference is that the students mature and learn while Christians are encased in their ignorance.

  • Broga

    Why not read what you have just written. That is high comedy but then the acts of a buffoon often is.

  • Broga

    Noevo is a sad example of buffoonery rooted in ignorance. Pathetic, and so sad to read this drivel in an age where we have reached the moon and you can read books such as “The God Delusion.” The comments of Noevo, like those of a similar cast of mind, arise from fear. The fear of openly and honestly examining the facts and evidence available. In their guts they know they would discover that they are wrong and have been misguided about their non existent God and their fantasy heaven.

  • Broga

    You are so limited that you have to attack me with my own words addressed to you. Try something original. Vanishingly unlikely to be within your capacity, of course, in view of your efforts so far but you might get a few Brownie points for the attempt. Then we can enjoy your meandering as you try to defend the indefensible.

  • Broga


  • huzonfurst

    Wilberforce was an idiot to be sure when it came to science, but he was instrumental in ending slavery in the British Empire, so we have to give him that.
    One of “Darwin’s Bulldog” Huxley’s best quips when he heard that W. had died after being thrown from a horse was “It was the first time that the bishop’s head had collided with reality, and the result was fatal.” BAM!

  • barriejohn

    That’s a different Wilberforce! We’re dealing with SAMUEL Wilberforce here – his son!!!

  • zenlike

    As is usual, I can’t tell if you really are so excessively dumb that you cannot comprehend a simple point being made, or that you merely pretend to be so dumb. Either way, Brogas reply is spot-on.

  • zenlike

    Willfully ignorant, is the best way to describe him. He revels in his ignorance. He almost gloats when he just dismisses out of hand facts or evidence that goes against his idiotic beliefs.

  • Broga

    You sum him up well, especially the way he revels in his ignorance. With that you get to the core of his only defence. He certainty will not engage in an exchange of opinions supported by facts or at least reasonable theories which fall short of certainty.

  • Vanity Unfair

    Does having any list determine the truth about anything?

  • Vanity Unfair

    We could have put more effort into looking at whether we could have adapted it to make sure it was inclusive of everybody.

    I have apologised to the parents and we will consider putting it on in future years if we can make sure those bits are edited so it is inclusive for everybody.

    Does that mean that people can decide which bits of science do not apply to them? Personally, I have decided that I do not want Newton’s laws of motion to apply to me. Therefore I shall be able to fly, or at least make very long leaps. And I won’t drift off into space because that bit will apply. You can’t beat logic.