Evangelist Franklin Graham joins protest against Annie Christ

Evangelist Franklin Graham joins protest against Annie Christ February 5, 2019

A DRAG queen event held at a Philadelphia library on Saturday resulted in a protest that gained the support of Franklin Graham.

Those who took a stand against “Drag Queen Story Fun Time with Annie” – which took place on Saturday at the Lansdale Public Library in Montgomery County – claimed that the event was “hostile to Christianity” because the performer’s stage name is “Annie Christ.”

Annie Christ via Instagram

Ahead of the event The Christian Post reported that the drag name Annie Christ is a play on words for AntiChrist, and that a Facebook page opposing it said:

Lansdale, Pennsylvania, is bringing perversion from the nightclubs and sexually charged pride parades into the library with children.

Trusted officials and library staff are promoting a foul-mouthed adult entertainer named ‘Annie Christ’ (a discriminative attack on Christianity) as a role model to our small children, and we must take action. Why is our library taking on such a politically controversial issue especially when receiving our tax dollars?

Screenshot of two of those who gathered to protest Annie Christ’s library presentation

In a separate report it said  that evangelical leader Franklin Graham had praised the efforts of parents and concerned community activists who are protesting efforts to bring the Drag Queen Story Hour to their local libraries.

“Men in full drag reading books to kids at the public library? No wonder people are protesting!,” Graham said in a Facebook post last Thursday in response to an AL.com article about pushback in the South against drag queens reading books to children such as one titled “Stella Brings the Family” , about a girl who takes her two dads to a Mother’s Day celebration.

The library received around 50 complaints. Library director Tom Meyer said:

There’s definitely more complaints about this than any other event we’ve done.

But he insisted that support for the event was:

Overwhelming. One of the tenets of our mission here is to celebrate cultural diversity in the community, and I think a lot of the parents are interested in that and also the message of the story time, about acceptance and inclusion.

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  • Jack the Sandwichmaker

    Growing up with Monty Python and Kids in the Hall never distorted me or turned me in to a homosexual. It never made me feel assaulted.

    Though I will say that Roger Taylor is pretty cute in the video for I want to Break Free

  • adhoc

    Which is he more upset about, the drag queen or reading to children?

    I’m going to guess reading, as it makes thinkers and thinkers are worse than any Anne Christ.

  • barriejohn

    What strikes me is the level of acceptance here, and I guess that’s what really irks Graham and his kind. It’s probably why so many are fanatical about a moron like Trump; they think that he can save them from “this sort of thing”. I was overjoyed to read about the male cheerleaders the other day. I think it would be fair to say that in America and many other countries they would have run the risk of a severe beating not so many years ago!


  • frostysnowman

    If Graham is against it, it must be worth attending.

  • Broga

    There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Mexicans called Jesus. Is this acceptable to Franklin Graham and similar religious nutters?

  • guerillasurgeon

    Apparently the surname Christ is relatively common in Bavaria I find. And there’s this guy:

    “Benjamin Caspar Christ was an officer in the Union army during the American Civil War. He commanded a brigade in the IX Corps of the Army of the Potomac at several important battles, including the Battle of Antietam.”

    And Franklin must get conniptions over every second guy in Latin America being called Jesus.

  • barriejohn

    Donald Trump’s father was Frederick Christ Trump!


  • Erik1986

    I always thought Terry Jones in drag looked just like my Welsh grandmother!