Former head of a Muslim academy is banned from running schools

Former head of a Muslim academy is banned from running schools February 15, 2019

A LONDON Islamic fanatic  jailed in 2016 for terrorist offences has been banned from being involved in the running of schools in order to protect children from ‘dangerous influences’.

Image via YouTube

Mohammed Mizanur Rahman, above, ran the unregistered Siddeeq Academy in Tower Hamlets, east London, which closed in 2015 after his arrest.

In 2016 he was jailed for five-and-a-half years, alongside Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary, for inviting support for Islamic State. Before he was sent down for supporting IS Choudary and his wife were raking in £25,000-a-year in benefits for themselves and their four kids, while at the same pouring scorn on British workers struggling to earn a living and calling for a British caliphate.

Rahman was released from prison on October 24 last year, prompting Education Secretary Damian Hinds to issue the direction which was made last month but only published this week.

It is the third time powers under Section 128 of the Education Act have been exercised since it came into force in September 2014.

The banning order states that Rahman:

Is unsuitable to take part in the management of an independent school (including an academy or Free School). The barring decision also has the effect of disqualifying the person from being a governor at a maintained school.

As well as the 2016 conviction, in 2006 Rahman was convicted of inciting racial hatred, the following year he was convicted of solicitation to murder.

The order issued by Mr Hinds further states:

He (Rahman) also engaged in social media activity that was aimed at undermining fundamental British values and, in addition, was so inappropriate that, in the opinion of the Secretary of State, it makes Mr Rahman unsuitable to take part in the management of an independent school.

A Department for Education spokesman said:

The Government has a duty to protect children from dangerous influences and Mizanur Rahman, who has been convicted under the terrorism act, quite clearly has no place in our schools.

We will always act swiftly and decisively to safeguard our young people and this order is evidence of that.

The first ever banning order was issued in 2015 to Tahir Alam who was at the heart of the alleged Trojan Horse plot by hard-line Muslims to take control of governing boards.

It said he engaged in conduct:

Aimed at undermining fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

In 2017, Waseem Yaqub, former chairman of governors of Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham, was found to have engaged in inappropriate conduct which made him:

Unsuitable to take part in the management of an independent school.

The banning order said that:

In his various roles on Al-Hijrah’s governing body, Mr Yaqub promoted, permitted or failed to challenge inadequate financial monitoring and decision-making on the part of the governing body.

Anjem Choudary. Image via YouTube.

I should point out that, shortly before Choudary’s jailing, I had a blazing row with Talk Radio Europe, which is based in Spain, for announcing they would have the preacher as a guest on the following day. They had the gall to describe him as a “a prominent and well-respected Muslim cleric.” I called the station to berate them for having this hatemonger as a guest.

The upshot is that they allowed me to grill Choudary on statements he made about the duty of Muslims to execute homosexuals by throwing them off of tall buildings.

He tried to explain that his words applied only to countries governed by shariah law. When I called him a “fucking liar” because the buildings he identified as suitable for such executions were actually in London, I was thrown off air.

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  • Kevin K

    This is interesting. Frankly, in the US, I don’t think it would be possible; because he still retains his First Amendment rights. Of course, in the US, he’d probably be serving a life sentence in a SuperMax.

  • kaydenpat

    It sounds as if the UK has a serious problem with Islamist extremists. I hope these Muslim academies are being monitored to ensure that the kids aren’t being indoctrinated into pro-terrorist thinking. I’d say the same about Christian schools which were run by those sympathetic to hate groups.

  • barriejohn

    He tried to explain that his words applied only to countries governed by shariah law.

    Of course he’s a “fucking liar”; he’s campaigned for years for Shariah Law in the UK!

    (See photo)

  • Bubblecar

    Well done for confronting Choudary, Barry, but I can’t help thinking that if he’d been convicted here in Australia he’d get a lot more than 5 years for supporting IS and encouraging terrorism.

    These critters are not going to change their stripes and the security agencies are going to have to spend a fortune continually monitoring them.

  • Broga

    You can be sure that a very considerate, and biased judgement will be applied. I know of a number of examples, rather a long time ago now and one involving myself, when an attempt was made to pursue FGM reports by the police. They were blocked because the “matter was culturally sensitive and must be referred to “Community Leaders.” How much has changed since then, I wonder?

  • Broga

    They must be having a laugh at the amount of legal aid poured out for them. Was it a million quid on one case/ Or did I imagine that in a nightmare? Yes, must have been a nightmare, as it couldn’t be true.

  • Jim Jones

    The UK has a serious problem with most Muslims.

  • kaydenpat

    Most or with the extremists?

  • kelemi

    At one time they had a problem with Catholics.

  • Jim Jones

    And hence Guy Fawkes day!

  • Jim Jones

    Sadly, most (apparently) say that Sharia law and other practices should be imposed world wide.

    So fuck them.

  • kaydenpat

    Wow. That’s pretty bad and very scary.