Angry gays may have sparked trial of ‘scapegoat’ Cardinal Pell

Angry gays may have sparked trial of ‘scapegoat’ Cardinal Pell March 19, 2019

AN acquaintance of convicted sexual predator George Pell, above, has claimed that not only Pell but the Catholic Church itself – its hierarchy as well as lay Catholics – had been put on trial in Australia, and that the years of ‘hatred’ directed at the cardinal may have been sparked by angry homosexuals.

Furthermore, the former altar server at Melbourne’s Roman Catholic cathedral – John Macaulay – alleged that trial was a travesty, and that Pell could not have committed the sexual abuse crimes he was found guilty of.

Appearing on EWTN’s The World Over, hosted by Raymond Arroyo, Macaulay said that that both social media and mass media are scapegoating even lay Catholics for the crimes “of a small number of Melbourne clergy.”

Macauley, left, and Arroya. Images via YouTube

Macaulay told Arroyo that he was an altar server at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the late 1990s, and it was always Pell’s practice to stand outside the cathedral after the 11 o’clock Mass and shake hands with worshippers. Macaulay also said he had found the testimony of the sole accuser “implausible” and that 20 crown witnesses had provided alibis for Pell.

Normally you would drop a case if you had a single alibi. Cardinal Pell had 20 alibis, all of (which) have been ignored by the jury, and the uncorroborated testimony of a single individual is the basis of a conviction. It’s alarming.

Macaulay said he was distressed “as an Australian” by the jury’s decision to convict Pell. As a Catholic, however, he had expected it to happen:

Given that Cardinal Pell has been a lightning rod for 20 years.

And he appeared to blame the gays for years of “hatred” directed at the cardinal.

The Melbourne man revealed that in 1996 a group of LGBT protesters came to St Patrick’s Cathedral every Sunday for Mass dressed in rainbow sashes. Cardinal Pell explained to them that he couldn’t give them communion ― not because they were homosexuals but because they were:

Making a protest at a very sacred moment.

Macaulay recalled:

It immediately hit the headlines. and from that moment Cardinal Pell was seen (as) an arch-conservative and an ogre (by) the press.

So this [jury conviction] is actually a decision 20 years in the making, and I don’t think any Catholic should feign surprise in terms of the hatred that is out there for Cardinal Pell.

Where we should be shocked is [how] the legal system in [the Australian state of] Victoria is now able to find anyone guilty on the uncorroborated testimony of a single individual.

Given the “bias against the Catholic Church”, Victoria, Macaulay believes that if Pell’s conviction is overturned on appeal, the “wall-to-wall” press coverage of his trial will end abruptly and:

The mud will stick.

Pell has been sentenced to six years in prison, but Macaulay told Arroyo that this is still “a long time”, especially for a man in precarious health, and that Pell may never walk free.

It’s more likely that, any point in the coming months, Cardinal Pell could leave that prison in a pine casket. He’s an elderly man, and this could, in fact, be the end of him.

Arroyo offered his own opinion of Pell’s trial, conviction, and imprisonment clear.

I am frankly scandalized by, not only the way that this case was handled, but the solitary confinement the Cardinal finds himself in now.

I’m also told he cannot celebrate Mass. He cannot have access to altar wine, so he’s even deprived of exercising his ministry behind bars, which seems a double penalty here.

Macaulay added that the Cardinal has been deprived of his breviary, that his solitary confinement is 23 hours a day, and that he is allowed only one visitor a week. Nevertheless, the Cardinal is in good spirits.

There’s a reason why cardinals wear red. It would be an extraordinary outcome if in the end Cardinal Pell was seen … as a martyr.

Arroyo’s interview of Macaulay has attracted “vile abuse” on Twitter by Australians who accuse Macaulay of not having been at Pell’s trial and Arroyo of looking and sounding like “Pee-wee Herman.”

Update: Bill Donohue, of the Catholic League, has echoed Macauley’s “scapegoat” claim:

Cardinal Pell is the poster boy for Catholic-hating secularists, not only in his home country but around the world. They hate him for his orthodoxy and the fact that he was, until recently, the third most senior cleric in the Catholic Church. No matter, he will go down in history as the biggest scapegoat for clergy sexual abuse in the history of the Catholic Church.


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  • Raging Bee

    Wow, who knew “angry homosexuals” had that much power anywhere?

  • Raging Bee

    “OMG THEY’RE SCAPEGOATING CARDINAL PELL!!!” say the people who are trying to scapegoat gays.

    Seriously, there may be a miscarriage of justice here, but I’m not about to take the word of such lying obvious bigots on this. Do they really expect us to believe an otherwise sterling Church official would find himself hated for years for nothing more than that “rainbow communion” incident?

  • CoastalMaineBird

    I did. I mean, if they can create hurricanes and earthquakes, bringing down a single cardinal is trivial.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    It was “no more than a plain vanilla sexual penetration case where the child is not actively participating,” he told the court.”
    — Robert Richter, attorney for Cardinal Pell.


  • Tawreos

    So according to this asshat gay people are responsible for not only all of the molestation in the church, but we are also responsible for railroading an innocent man. For fuck’s sake, get a new fucking boogeyman asshole.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Punctuation would clarify your meaning – I don’t think you meant he should find a new asshole to fuck…

  • Tawreos

    Punctuation is the first thing to go when I get pissed, not that I am all that good at it to begin with. =)

  • Broga

    “deprived of his breviary.” That is cruel and unusual punishment. I have been deprived of a breviary all my life. I’m not sure what it is unless it is those beads they count. This is the lying, whining, pleading that is to be expected. Why did God let Pell be imprisoned?

  • tusk321

    ‘New asshole to fuck’
    I doubt he will in prison, it’s childless. But he may be the new quest for a Gerontophile…

  • tusk321

    “Why did god let Pell be imprisoned?” Indeed.
    Why deprived..? When in prison you have lost your rights. That’s why its called prison. A better example of being deprived was a Muslim man, “a
    Death Row inmate Domineque Ray hoped that when he took his final breath, he could find comfort in the presence of his Muslim spiritual adviser. Prison officials would only allow their own Christian chaplain to offer the prisoner solace from inside the execution chamber. Ray’s imam, Yusef Maisonet, could only watch from the next room, behind glass.”
    It’s cruel and unusual punishment, for a reason… something homosexuals have delt with for decades/centuries, not only from the church but from society, accusing them of the very crimes that straight pedophiles have been engaged in, again, for decades/centuries.
    Homosexuality means, man attracted to men, not children.
    But when the church demonizes everything but itself, many innocent scapegoats are dragged into a corrupt system. so let us mourn the innocent, not the guilty. xo

  • tusk321

    I think I responded to your ‘query’ and borga at the same time. Above.
    I to have little patience for punctuation when pissed.
    Let’s mourn the catholic priests, that have preyed on the innocent, but let’s slaughter the evil homosexuals for loving another man. Such a corrupt white system we live in. But trump is here to expose the republican Alt white racists, for who they really are… thru his stupidity and hateful ignorance, exposing his own Klan. This is a time of change, if the dolt doesn’t get everyone killed. POS. xo

  • David Heath

    hey, if they had that much power, surely the entire Catholic Church around the world would be a smoking ruin by now.

  • David Heath

    …and Richter is one of the very best defence lawyers in Australia. He probably knows what he’s talking about!!

    Although that comment did rather get him in trouble and he admitted although the sentiment was intended, the choice of words was rather poor.

  • Rick Bond

    Look around.

  • Rick Bond

    God, you’re crude. You’re in good company with the people you seem to identify with.

  • Rick Bond

    What does Trump have to do with any of this? The extremists on both sides have lost their minds. BTW, your punctuation is still awful even after you supposedly collected yourself.

  • Robert Conner

    According to an item in the National Catholic Reporter, the Church has paid out nearly $4 billion (with a “B”) in damages to victims of clerical sex abuse. That despite years of destroying evidence, intimidating witnesses, covering for serial felons and massive lawyering-up. It would seem juries around the world are finding more than sufficient credible evidence that the Catholic Church has been running what amounts to an international f**kfest for serial pedophiles for three generations that we know of.

    Am I a secularist? Yep, guilty as charged. Do I hate the Catholic Church? Let’s say my feelings don’t rise even to the level of contempt and let it go at that. My question as a hostile secularist is how the Church is still running a school, a hospital, an orphanage or an adoption agency after decades of lurid revelations of kiddy diddling, sexual predation that appears to have been known and disregarded or actively concealed at the highest levels of the Church hierarchy.

  • Robert Conner

    Power? According to Baptist Nosferatu Pat Robertson, LGBT’s are going to lead to the destruction of the United States, accomplishing in a trice what Republicans have striven to accomplish for decades.

  • Rick Bond

    “Rather poor”? His words should him disciplined by the bar. Pell’s guilt or innocence notwithstanding.

  • Jim Jones

    Child abuse royal commission: Priest abused every young boy at regional Victorian school, inquiry hears

    Ballarat was one of the most horrific sites of abuse and it was revealed that in 1971, all male teachers and the chaplain at the St Alipius primary school were molesting children.

  • Jim Jones

    A breviary is a book of magic spells.

  • Jim Jones

    “Why did god let Ruben Cantu be executed after corrupt cops had him framed?”

  • Jim Jones


  • Jim Jones

    From the team of Cohen, Giuliani and Richter?

  • phatkhat

    The beads are the rosary. I think a breviary is a little prayer book.

    If he’s in solitary for his own protection, rather than as special punishment, I don’t see why he can’t have his breviary. In any case, didn’t the monks of old live silently and in little cells with no comforts in order to better commune with god? I should think this would be a time for him to pray and contemplate.

  • Strangely uncharacteristic of you to be so caring

  • Sheryl Gay

    Of course it’s the homosexuals fault, who else would it be? The Catholic church hasn’t found a new bogeyman for eons. Talk about one track mind, why haven’t they blamed the devil for this or even, wait, Pell himself? Pell is the MOST vocal critic of the homosexual community, and don’t worry he would NEVER have given communion to them. This guy has been slipping under the radar for years, many people have brought forward allegations against him, but there was never enough evidence, parents have even witnessed strange behavior like exposing himself to boys at the swimming pool and more, but nothing would stick. So, here we are at last. Perhaps there is a god after all.

  • phatkhat

    I honestly don’t see why he can’t have books. Or any other convicted felon, for that matter.

    As to the rest of it, I see your Snark-o-Meter needs calibrating.

  • phatkhat

    And Troy Davis. And a lot of others.

  • Joslyn Renfrey

    It was not angry homosexuals that sparked this trial, it was angry victims.

  • Keith Taylor

    That’s it. That’s the unquestionable thing. Perverted priests did abuse the (superstition based, in my view) authority they possessed to molest children, and horrible as that is, it’s worse that the hierarchy, the system, knowingly concealed it for the sake of the organization’s repute. Pell was completely and wittingly a party to that for decades. He covered for molesters, was active in hiding their crimes from the light of day and from the law.
    Now it appears he was a molester himself. He had his day in court, and the courts are themselves a part of the power structure of society. I don’t believe the judicial system would convict a high-ranking cardinal lightly.
    The entire structure of the Catholic Church could have almost been designed to create a situation like this. If you make celibacy an absolute requirement for priesthood, you guarantee that a certain percentage of people who aren’t quite wired normally in the sex department are going to seek priesthood as a way of gaining acceptance, respect and even authority that they wouldn’t attain otherwise. And authority is the dangerous part. Even the normal priests are going to feel an obligation to cover for the others, especially if their superiors in the church tell them to. They have solemnly vowed to obey, after all.

  • Keith Taylor


  • Lurker111

    Gee, Mr. Macaulay,what made the gays so angry?

  • Raging Bee

    Yabbut that wasn’t ANGRY gays, that was just gays having gay orgies and stuff. Maybe gays are LESS powerful when they’re angry…?

  • Raymond Metcalfe

    Once again its the same old defence its the gays fault. The all powerful almighty gay organisation that is out to change the world to turn all of us gay they ganged up an poor cardinal Pell and this is where I get muddled did they frame him for something he didn’t do or did they make him do it. His defense lawyer called it vanilla penetration. Yet this wazack claims he couldn’t do it as he was always outside shaking peoples hands. Pell he claimed had 20 alibis but the jury ignored them is that another gay super power they can telepathically influence a jury and make them ignore the witnesses? He comes out with the line He claims that social media is attacking lay catholics for the action of a small number of clergy. So they admit the problem and yet still bugger all about it except blame the gays. If they got there heads out of the sand and did something about the abuse

  • There was a stitch-up against Cardinal Pell. The procescutor could not present any evidence against him that could not be easily explained away.

    The prosecutor hates Cardinal Pell though, and was willing to convene multiple juries to find one willing to convict on his Catholicism alone.

  • phatkhat

    Do you believe that anyone in the Church molested children (and nuns), or is it all some Satanic plot by the atheists to discredit the Church? Look, the sins of the priests are also coming to light in other churches. It isn’t the religion, except in the sense it confers too much power over others to the hierarchy. It’s human failings and the ability to force others to do your will. Patriarchal religions are really bad about that.

  • In the 1920’s the early form of the kgb made a concerted effort to try to destroy the Church by putting sodomites into seminaries. They then made this plants work to become bishops so they could “reform” Seminaries into accepting sodomites and turning away good men.

    Bella Dodd, former head of the American communist party, confirmed that she was the personal handler of the American branch of this ploy.

    Many would who tried would tell you that joining a Seminary as a genuine Catholic man was just about impossible 1950-1990 unless you purposely kept your Faithfulness a secret.

    Thank God so many Good Priests did “play the game” and got through Seminary.

    Despite this ploy, two things happened:
    1) The Church is still here
    2) The Church is actually cleanest of these sodomites than any other group.

    your desperate attempt to assert your “big daddy” government over the Church is a failure. All the sodomites pretending to be Priests are pushing 90, and the boomers who fall for bad slander against the Church are pushing 60-70.

    As Chesterton said, those who attack the Church only succeed in destroying not only themselves but their entire civilization.

  • phatkhat

    The KGB was established under the leadership of Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev. Its precursor was the People’s
    Commissariat for State Security, or NKGB, which operated immediately prior to and during World War II when Joseph Stalin was the head of state.

    So which KGB was instituted in the 1920s? As to Bella, she is about as reliable a source as Mike Warnke.

  • I said some earlier form of an international agency designed to destroy all in the way of communism. The kgb was one form of that hydra.

    The oss was still the cia.

    Bella Dodd was the leader of the communist party here in America until Venerable Fulton Sheen converted her and convinced her to spill her guts in front of the congressional communist trials.

    As in, she was in the inner circle, and not some “useful idiot” like yourself and your compatriots I see you talking to on other blogs.

    I assume you seek to discredit her in the way your ilk try to claim that stalin or lenin were not “real communists.” Heh. That would label you as a “fascist” and mark you for “relocation” should you say it to any party member in an actual communist country.

  • phatkhat

    A lot of people said a lot of things when hauled in front of McCarthy to save their own reputations/skins. Just like people tortured in the Inquisition spilled their guts in order to end their misery. But people like Bella have the blood of innocents, like Ethel Rosenberg on their hands. And neither of the Rosenbergs deserved what they got, even if Julius was actually a Communist.

    I am not ashamed that I am a socialist. I am not a communist, as I don’t think human nature will ever evolve to where it would be practical. But ANY form of economic system can support totalitarian dictators, and they have. What the hell is a “true” anything. Oh, wait, I think I hear bagpipes…

  • Yes, the told the Truth, something you are desperately afraid of as you honestly think your leviathan will overthrow God’s order and that will divinize you.

    Please, tell me how that even works.

    Bella did have blood of innocents on her hands, as do all communists. That is why she came clean and Repented.

    As for the Inquisition, that was the basis of the modern criminal justice system. There were no “torture chambers” found as they never existed. That was just an 18/19th century liberal narrative to attack the Church.

    It is one thing for you to implicitly believe modern marxist rhetoric, but you are now falling for 300 year old pre-marxist rhetoric. That’s odd and requires a certain level of brainwashing.

    As for communism and socialism, 2,000,000,000+ unborn slaughtered since 1970 and 200,000,000+ political prisoners dead since 1917 says it has already been tried.

    Truth is reality. Something you repeatedly deny.

    Now tell me, what happens to “comrades” like you when your “revolution” is over?

  • Marie-José Renaud

    Pell may never walk free”…I f**ing hope so.

  • Marie-José Renaud


  • Marie-José Renaud

    How many people knew and hid it? How could they? Doesn’t have anyone have a conscience?

  • Marie-José Renaud

    Yes, the breviary is the little book. And he deserves EVERY bit of his punishment. The poor dear isn’t used to the monks’ simple life. Pell was a high roller living the good life.

  • Marie-José Renaud

    They don’t see the difference. And they don’t care.

  • Marie-José Renaud

    The Church didn’t let them participate in their “fun”. /s

  • Jim Jones

    Religion is for the conscience free.

  • Freethinker

    If you have any doubts about how long has the raping of children been going on this incredible book should dispel those doubts. Authored by three distinguished individuals who have served as experts and consultants in over 1,000 cases of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy, and have collectively spent over 70 years of official service within the church including as priests. This very well researched book shows a clear pattern, evidence and history of abuse of minors by the Catholic clergy globally for the last 2000 years.