Captain Marvel upsets Christian writer because she’s no helpless princess

Captain Marvel upsets Christian writer because she’s no helpless princess March 21, 2019
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RAILING against a new blockbuster – Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, above –  Greg Morse, a staff writer for the Desiring God website, warns that this ‘feminist’ movie sends out the dangerous message that women can be equal to men.

As I consider Disney’s new depiction of femininity in Captain Marvel, I cannot help but mourn. How far we’ve come since the days when we sought to protect and cherish our women.

The great drumroll of the previous Avenger movies led to this: a woman protecting men and saving the world. The mightiest of all the Avengers … is the armed princess turned feminist queen, who comes down from the tower to do what Prince Charming could not.

Am I nitpicking? It is a movie after all. I wish it were. Instead of engaging the movie’s ideology as mere fiction, a fun escape to another world, we have allowed it to bear deadly fruit on earth. Along with Disney, we abandon the traditional princess vibe, and seek to empower little girls everywhere to be strong like men. Cinderella trades her glass slipper for combat boots; Belle, her books for a bazooka. Does the insanity bother us anymore?

Morse goes on to argue that the movies advocates despatching “our real daughters, mothers, and sisters” into war, and that:

We ought to lament that feminist lust cannot be appeased, even with blood. It takes its daughters and now, calling men’s bluff, advocates for sending its mothers into the flames.

Unquestionably, men ought support women’s desires to be affirmed, respected, and honored. But indeed, few actions display our resolve to honor our women more than excluding them from the carnage of the battlefield. Where can we more clearly display our ultimate resolve to love our women as queens than to step into hell on earth as sacrificial pawns in their defense? Generation after generation has mobilized its men to be devoured — that its women might not be.

Yet the feminist agenda does not condone this exclusion. It will not be patronized by any messages of “you can’t”, “you won’t”, or “you shouldn’t”. Even when we say, “You can’t go into the lion’s den for us”; “You won’t risk a brutal death to protect us”; “You shouldn’t expose yourself to the bullets bearing our name” — even then, the deprivation still causes offense. But our God, our nature, our love must firmly say, You are too precious, my mother, my daughter, my beloved. It is my glory to die that you may live.

US actor Milla Jovovich played Joan of Arc in the 1999 movie ‘The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc’. Image via YouTube.

Joan of Arc, Greg? Boadicea, Queen of the British Iceni tribe, a Celtic tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire? Lozen, an Apache warrior woman? The fearsome Amazons who smoked pot, got tattooed and are believed to have invented trousers? I could go on but you can read of these and others here and here.

Meanwhile the movie has run into difficulties of a different sort in China where audiences have expressed the view that Brie Larson isn’t attractive enough to be a superhero. One person said on social media:

I’m not judging a person by their looks but the main character in a superhero movie shouldn’t be a ‘dah ma’.

That’s a derogatory Chinese term for a middle-aged housewife.

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  • Raging Bee

    Captain Marvel upsets Christian writer because she’s better written than anything said writer ever came up with.

    I mean, it’s kinda telling that this guy’s criticism of Brie Larson’s character is less funny and less original than a childish remark by a Chinese MRA…

  • Lucy

    Funny, for all this talk about men “glorying” in dying for women, I don’t see them doing things like, you know, praying to their God to kill them in place of the wife who dies in childbirth? Or objecting to the behavior of men who force women to clean up their messes, up to and including men killing something in hunting and fishing and then expecting their wives to do all the gutting, skinning, shelling – you know, all the nasty prep work involving the animal, with all the blood and gore.

    And, on a more common note, if (cis) men think women should be “protected” from blood and gore, why don’t they declare it their job to handle all the dirty blood-soaked pads and tampons left behind after (cis) women have their periods? Instead of reacting to pads and tampons (even clean ones) as a stereotypical “girly-girl” would after being handed an earthworm, and angrily shutting down period talk?

  • Raging Bee

    Cute fox icon!

  • Brewlord

    Not to nitpick, but the photo is Evangeline Lilly from Antman and Wasp, not Brie Larson in Captain Marvel

  • persephone

    I recommend and

    The gradual diversification of archeologists and historians is helping to change a lot of the white male assumptions that have been filling the books for centuries.

    Pence writing about Mulan as a fictional Disney character; she’s a hero in China. A viking burial that was assumed to be a man, due to the grave goods including armor and weapons, until they ran DNA and fully examined the skeleton. Claims that female gladiators were fictional, until they found a grave. Saying Julius Caesar was making up stories when he described Celtic women warriors. The

    The farther they go back, the more fighting women they find.

  • Jennny

    I wrote elsewhere, I want Olivia Coleman to be the next James Bond. And Sarah Bernhardt played a variety of great male roles in the late 1800s, including Hamlet, to much acclaim

  • Keith Taylor

    Not just in China. With a certain disbelief I noticed, not long ago, some dimwit on the Internet somewhere complaining that Brie Larson shouldn’t have been allowed to play Captain Marvel because her butt wasn’t shapely enough. Too bad time machines are just fiction. I’d love to send him back to the 16th century where he belongs. I exceedingly doubt he’d like it there.

  • Broga

    What a twat! Absolute moron. .

  • johnsoncatman

    But our God, our nature, our love must firmly say, You are too precious, my mother, my daughter, my beloved.

    You are so precious that old white men must prevent you from making choices about your own body.

    It is my glory to die that you may live.

    Maybe instead of glorifying war and the bloody battlefield, this idiot should focus on preventing war in the first place.

  • Anri

    Silly ol’ me, I keep thinking it’s honoring women to respect their decisions about if they’d like to be combat personnel or not.
    Or superheroes, for that matter.

  • Barry Duke

    Whoops! My bad. Corrected now.

  • Christopher Fowler

    Christians, particularly the men that lead their misogynist cult, want women to forget that they were once equals to men in every culture on Earth. That women and men often did the same jobs, with few exceptions limited only to biology. The nordic peoples had warrior queens as well as kings and they had no issue with it. The Celts just the same. There was even one Celtic queen that very nearly ran the Romans out of Britain, Queen Boudicca (there is a statue of her in the town of Colchester, where she fell in battle).

    Weak men fear women having power while strong men are not bothered by it at all.

  • Raging Bee

    It is my glory to die that you may live.

    …unless your pregnancy is going terribly wrong, in which case it’s my glory to let you die so your baby may (or may not) live.

  • Christopher Fowler

    The town of Colchester, in Suffolk, England has a statue of their own Iceni warrior queen, Boudicca (one of many possible spellings known) in one of their roundabouts. She fell leading a battle against the Romans there and was well on her way, until her death, to running them out of Britain altogether.

    Us Pagans are not so weak as to fear powerful women. We leave that to the monotheists.

  • Cotta2

    Of course this article had to claim Joan of Arc fought, although there are quotes from her denying that, such as the following quote: “during assaults I carried the banner, so as to stay out of any killing; and I have never killed anyone.” (during the fourth session of her trial, 27 February 1431). A similar quote from her was described by an eyewitness during the posthumous investigation into her case in 1456, and this is backed up by the eyewitnesses who took part in her military campaigns.

  • Kevin R. Cross

    Note the language. ““You can’t go into the lion’s den for us”; “You won’t risk a brutal death to protect us”; “You shouldn’t expose yourself to the bullets bearing our name””.
    Even in the strawman arguments this prick uses to frame his opposition to women fighting, he quite deliberately denies them the autonomy to make their own choices. It’s obvious he doesn’t really think of women as human at all, and certainly not human enough to decide to want to face the bullets for THEIR OWN REASONS.

  • Jane Ravenswood

    poor greg. I’m guessing he’s one of those incel twits or if he does have a female companion, she’s one of those who are brainwashed to think that women are property like the good ol’ bible says.

  • dorcheat

    It is really curious as to why there are two Captain Marvel movies spaced so close to each other? Shazam! will be released April 5. Then again, I guess I am some forty five years behind the times. The original Saturday morning, “cartoon”, TV show was shown in the mid 1970’s on CBS. Even as kids, we recognized the cheese and poor quality of this program back in the day. For the old timers that remember, here is a jaunt down memory lane.

  • KenderJ

    “How far we’ve come since the days when we sought to protect enslaveand cherishexploit our women.”

  • islandbrewer

    I started reading NK Jemisin after she won a Hugo, and sent all the MRA/white racist assholes (led by Theodore Beale) into a tizzy.

    I’ve since figured out that Beale must have primarily been jealous that a woman of color could write a thousand times better than he ever could.

  • Raging Bee

    That guy could see all the shapely butts he could possibly want, just by looking at free Internet porn. How dumb would he have to be, to forget he has that option?

  • Robert Serrano

    The Captains Marvel have quite interesting histories in their respective comic book lines.

    The MCU Captain Marvel is basically a starting point for the next phase of the MCU. It is the first MCU film centering on a female character.

    Shazam!, being basically Superman with the mind of a teenage boy, is an attempt to keep the DCEU’s recent streak going, since they did well with Wonder Woman and Aquaman. I think they’re hoping that the lighter tone will appeal more to general audiences, since the most recent movies involving Superman have been kind of dreary.

  • Brewlord

    Technically, they haven’t called him Captain Marvel since the New 52 reboot in the 2011, and he is known as Shazam now. They also got rid of the dilemma that he can’t say his name without changing identity

  • John Thunderer

    Does this outpouring of concern mean that he will now be calling for women not to serve in the Israel Army?

    With regard to Joan of Arc, she may not have physically fought but she did provide inspirational leadership.

    Her achievements have been far greater than anything Greg Morse has ever achieved or will ever achieve.

  • guerillasurgeon

    Thank you anonymous Chinese person for reminding me that my people don’t have a monopoly on idiocy.

  • Vanity Unfair

    We can only hope that the Brie Larson version does not have as much cheese as the 1970s version.
    Honestly, I tried to resist it.

  • nevenera

    It is always fascinating to me that some men (not all or even most of them), want to protect women from things ‘they’ the men see as dangerous, fighting in wars, or working in fields that are traditionally male dominated. Yet when women are raped, they are often the first to blame the woman’s behavior rather than the mans. If they are beaten up by the man they love, it must be because they did something to deserve it, if they are paid less, for doing the same work, it is because they deserve to be paid less. They don’t call out other men for shaming women by posting intimate images online, or tell their friends to shut up when they are catcalling women on the streets. In truth they seem most interested in only protecting women from themselves, from the odd thought that just because they were born female, they are not inherently subservient and inferior to men. They are only interested in protecting women who fit their ideal of womanhood, if they don’t, then…well they deserve everything they get and more. I wish they would be as supportive and proactive in their protection of the thousands of women who are beaten, raped and killed by the men in their lives (because statistically speaking the most dangerous people to women, ARE the men in their lives), without ever having set foot on a battlefield.

    Reading this guys blogs (because I never rely on second hand info to make a judgment) reminded me why I am an agnostic… Also there are arguments both for and against the movie in China…which is why not relying on second hand information is always a good thing.

    All that said, the real problem with Captain Marvel (and I was really wanting to like this movie) is that it is not a that good of a story. If it fails in China, that is why, not because they don’t find Brie Larson attractive.

  • HematitePersuasion

    No. Just no. You cannot protect others by removing their agency — that is not protection. That is, ultimately, the destruction of a person. You cannot protect a human being by pretending they are non-human, that is another, more insidious, and I think crueler, kind of living death.

    … But our God, our nature, our love must firmly say, You are too precious, my mother, my daughter, my beloved. It is my glory to die that you may live …

  • Brian Davis

    Yes, for ages men have fought to protect their women. Specifically, they have fought to protect their women from being stolen to become some other tribe’s women.