Catholic fanatic slithers into the UK to lead a Lent retreat in London

Catholic fanatic slithers into the UK to lead a Lent retreat in London March 16, 2019

EARLIER this week we reported that Yosef Mizrachi, a demented rabbi who believes, among other things that children born blind had watched porn in another life, had been denied entry to the UK.

However another religious lunatic, crazier and more dangerous than Mizrachim if that’s at all possible, has reportedly been allowed into the UK to lead a Polish Lent retreat this weekend.

I give you Roman Kneblewski, above, an extremist Roman Catholic Polish priest known for his ultra-nationalist, anti-immigrant and anti-LGBT messages,

The Polish Catholic Parish in Finchley, London, announced on its website that this year its Lent Retreat – (17 to 20 March) – will be led by Kneblewski, a man who thinks fascism is A Good Thing.

He has repeatedly praised ONR (‘Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny’ or ‘National-Radical Camp’), a Polish Fascist youth movement, and is on record as saying:

I wouldn’t condemn fascism. If by fascism we mean Francoism for example, which saved Catholic Spain from communist criminals, then I’m all for it.

He also expressed full support for Jacek Międlar, an extremist former priest who is banned from entering the UK. Kneblewski stated that Międlar’s anti-Semitic and hateful rhetoric is in fact a “language of love”. He also called Międlar “a good Catholic and a good Pole”.

In a sermon, Kneblewski repeatedly called refugees heading for Europe an “invasion of Islamists”, adding that should they come to Poland, they would:

Slit throats, rape women and force children to become Muslims.

In the same sermon he stated:

Those invaders come here and they want benefits which they see as a tribute owed to them by us, infidel dogs.

He also said:

Whoever encourages to accept those invaders is a sinner.

On his Facebook page, he wrote:

The Qur’an should be burned! Burn it, nothing else!

He also approved of burying pig carcasses on mosque construction sites as a possible method of preventing mosques from being built.

Kneblewski is also known for his hostility to LGBT communities. In an online sermon he called homosexuality:

A heinous perversion.

Kneblewski also hosted a lecture by Paul Cameron, an American anti-LGBT pseudo-scientist, in his parish in Poland. The lecture was titled “The Myths of Homo-Propaganda”.

Image via YouTube

Meanwhile another lunatic, American hate preacher Bryan Fischer, above, said he understands the underlying objective of the massacre of dozens of Muslim worshippers in New Zealand this week – but doesn’t actually support the actual killing of the 49 people who died.

I hate Islam. I hate Islam because it is a danger to everything that is important to me: My faith, my country, my liberty, Christianity, civil rights. Everything that you and I treasure is threatened by Islam.

Fischer said that ruthlessly murdering Muslims “is the wrong way to go about it”, but added that the shooter was:

Correct only in that Islam is something that does need to be stopped.

Fischer declared that those responsible for the attack should be tried and publicly executed, but noted that “vigilante justice” like this is almost inevitable because governments are not taking adequate steps to eliminate the threat posed by Islam.

One of the things that happens to guys like this is, if they’ve got some loose wiring to begin with and they see that their government is not doing what is necessary to protect them – whether it is from illegal aliens, whether it is from jihadis, whether it’s from vengeful Muslims – if they see that their government is not doing their jobs to promote justice, to carry out justice, to protect national security, then they’re going to start thinking, ‘Well, I can’t count on the government to do it, so I’m going to have to take things into my own hands.’

That’s where you get vigilante justice … and, unfortunately, I think we saw a case of that in New Zealand.

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  • Broga

    Kneblewski is unhinged. How could he not be? And where else could he spew his hate except under the aegis of religion? The other side of this coin is that atheists are told, indeed forced in many cases, to “show respect for people’s faith even if you don’t accept it.”

    Kneblewski makes Himmler seem civilised. Any comments from the Pope, or the head of the RC’s in the UK, or the Queen, head of the UK state Church, or perhaps the Archbishop of Canterbury? I won’t hold my breath.

  • Jim Jones

    I wouldn’t condemn fascism. If by fascism we mean Francoism for example, which saved Catholic Spain from communist criminals, then I’m all for it.

    Franco was a homicidal maniac who killed thousands after winning his rebellion.

    Historians estimate as many as 500,000 combatants and civilians were killed on the Republican and Nationalist sides in the war. After it ended, tens of thousands of Franco’s enemies were killed or imprisoned in a campaign to wipe out dissent.

    He also was part of a scheme to steal babies from poor women and sell them to rich Catholics.

  • kaydenpat

    “because governments are not taking adequate steps to eliminate the threat posed by Islam.”

    And how the hell would this be accomplished? Does Fischer actually think before he spouts such dangerous nonsense? There are millions of Muslims living in western democracies. The vast majority are peaceful, law abiding citizens of the countries in which they live. There is no threat that they pose to me or any other non-Muslim. Fischer and his ilk, on the other hand, are a threat to my ability to live without Christianists pushing their dogma down my throat via the current administration.

  • Broga

    Islam also had a period of creativity and achievement which is worth remembering despite the outrages with which we are familiar. I doubt whether Christianity has anything to equal it and much of Christianity it claimed was filched anyway. I am no enthusiast for Islam, or any other religion, and I detest much of what is preached by its followers today. However, I still recall a few years ago taking a taxi in London after some outrage and the driver, a Muslim, saying, “It is people like me who want nothing to do with this who suffer most.. People, look in my cab, see me, and change their minds.”

  • Yet another asshole more for the collection. It seems those people are oblivious to the fact most became skeptic among other reasons thanks to people like him.

  • Larry

    It was the communist KGB or those under their directive infiltrated the Islamic centers during the Arab Israeli war. The 6 day war.
    Those that infiltrated them tweaked their religion to be all radical and militant with the West like we’ve been seeing.

  • barriejohn

    They’re forever screaming about their right to practice their religion being enshrined in the Constitution, but apparently that doesn’t apply to anyone who practices a religion of which they disapprove. Where do you even start with these people?

  • barriejohn
  • barriejohn

    The following puerile nonsense is being shared on Facebook. One member has added “You can’t walk with God holding hands with the devil” to the image. Someone else has commented: “You can’t walk with God because he’s imaginary”!

  • 9eyedeel

    the vast majority will watch while the others burn you alive….it won’t be a tragedy, either, you lack virtue

  • barriejohn

    And do you think that other religions and even “non-religious” (questionable) ideologies are not capable of the same? History tells a different story!

  • 9eyedeel

    I am not concerned to be GOD’S FAIR JUDGE OF HISTORY, let me know how well that job pays