God, Brexit and Theresa May: a catastrophic combination

God, Brexit and Theresa May: a catastrophic combination March 11, 2019
Theresa May via YouTube

The Bank of England announced that voting to leave the European Union has cost Britain more than £440 million a week in lost growth since the referendum.

That’s £727 per second, but the UK’s utterly inept Prime Minister Theresa May said today that her decision to press on with this catastrophic cock-up comes from her faith in God.

Faith in an imaginary deity has convinced this delusional woman that she is:

Doing the right thing.

In a rare interview she said:

I am a practising member of the Church of England and so forth, that lies behind what I do. It’s not like I’ve decided to do what I’m going to do and I’m stubborn. I’ll think it through, have a gut instinct, look at the evidence, work through the arguments, because you have to think through the unintended consequences.

May, in what must be the understatement of the century, said that there were “really complex issues” at play in the process of leaving the EU. This meant that:

In this job you don’t get much sleep. It is a moment of change. It is a hugely challenging time. And we need to get on with the deal in terms of Brexit. And I’m very conscious of that.

The beleaguered PM, who’s unlikely to cling to her post for much longer, spoke about growing up as the only child of a clergyman. Her father, Hubert Brasier, was the vicar of an Oxfordshire village.

She spoke of being brought up in a vicarage:

What came out of my upbringing was a sense of service.

And a complete inability to recognise that Brexit is, in reality, a death wish expressed by those who voted to abandon the European Union.

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  • John Thunderer

    This woman really is stupid – as are the Tories who voted her into office.
    She has now confirmed just how utterly stupid she is.
    I am sanguine about whether we stay in or leave the EU.
    What I do know is that the referendum campaign was dominated by shady charaters – like her husband Mr May – who want the UK and its dependent territories to carry on as money-laundering bases for all the hot and illegal money constantly circulating the globe.
    That is the reality as to what Brexit has really all been about.
    Grubby, sordid, corrupt and dirty – from start to finish.
    Real British Values !!!

  • 1859

    ‘…because you have to think through the consequences.’ Did she REALLY say this !!! The consequences have and will be the biggest cock-up this century. Brexit was initiated and supported by the right-wing of the Tory party who have opened a racist can of, what was thought to be dead worms. But no, they have given new life to those bigoted isolationists who still think Britannia rules the fucking waves and we are some special island graced by god to stand alone against the barbaric hoards across the channel. Makes me puke. The Germans have a good expression for those who live on the British Isles – they call us ‘inselaffen’ (‘island monkeys’) – because being isolated from the rest of humanity has turned us weird in the head, making us always exhibit strange, and rather bizarre, behaviour. And it is the island monkeys who have hijacked the future – back to the glorious days of Empire!

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    At her age shouldn’t she have stopped practising as a christian? If she hasn’t got it right by now she never will.

  • Jennny

    As P/NR has mostly american bloggers, there is frequently a lot of face-palming and head-shaking at the ignorance of some of their fellow-countrymen. I feel the same about Brexit-voters, apparently some thought when they voted leave, we would be out by the end of the week. And others who voted leave were stunned when their side won, in radio interviews I heard, they said they ‘didn’t really believe that would happen.’

  • Broga

    This grotesque excuse for a responsible politician remains prepared to wreck the UK, ruin lives and businesses in pursuit of her religious delusions. This is not her money she is squandering with a profligacy that stuns and pushes all of us into a nightmare. She whines about “service” and the gut writhes even to hear the word in her mouth. What service? Service in pursuit of her delusions while she panders to the worst political elements in society. May should not just be sacked. She should be tried before a court for her deceits and for the agonies of worry and deprivation she has inflicted on people about whom she cares nothing.

  • Foxglove

    As an Irish person, I look on at what’s going on with complete bewilderment. May’s sheer stubbornness baffles me, as does the willingness of so many people to continue to tolerate or support that stubbornness. I can’t see any good coming of this.

    Not to be judgemental, though: it’s not as if the Irish and every other country on earth don’t have their cock-ups. Still, I’m looking on here with great sadness, particularly because of what it’s likely to mean for the young people of Britain.

  • John Thunderer

    David Lammy MP has tweeted the following question: ‘The reason multimillionaire Brexiteers are unhappy with laws being made in Brussels?
    The EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive coming into force this year may mean they actually have to pay their fair share towards public services.’
    Having seen Amazon pay zero tax on massive turnovers and profits, this neo-liberal approach towards social justice is clearly prevalent world-wide.
    It seems we are all being manipulated in the interests of a tiny economic few so that they can evade all responsibilities they have towards the many.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    I am a practising member of the Church of England and so forth


    What does “and so forth” refer to ?

  • barriejohn
  • Raging Bee

    So now she’s pretending the Church of England wants Brexit? May is getting even lamer than before.

  • Raging Bee

    In fairness, May got the PM job pretty much by default, because most of the other Tory “leaders” quit and ran away as soon as the referendum results were announced. May took the job simply because she’s loyal to her party above all, and the Tories can’t replace her because no one else wants the job of dealing with the consequences of the referendum they enacted.

  • barriejohn
  • John Thunderer

    What you say above is not strictly speaking accurate. There were other candidates for the post of PM.
    One – Boris Johnson – was knifed in the back, figuratively speaking – by Gove, a former ally.
    Andrea Leadsom withdrew from the contest after pointing out that May had no experience of having had children.
    May – depending upon your point of view – “Lucked Out” because of disarray among her rivals for the post.
    I think she took the job because of preening ambition and to further her husband’s financial interests.
    The Tories can’t replace her because the Brexiteers foolishly promoted a leadership contest – which they lost.
    That means the UK is stuck with her for at least a further 9 or 10 months – or until her government collapses.
    She is responsible for having created a “hostile environment” for non-white people in the UK.
    She began this policy while Home Secretary and nothing has changed since she became PM.
    Her “christian” values are – quite literally – just vile.

  • Raging Bee

    May – depending upon your point of view – “Lucked Out” because of disarray among her rivals for the post.

    That’s pretty much what I’m saying: she got the job because of Tory disarray caused by their policy succeeding, and by their inability to deal with their fantasy becoming real.

  • Raymond Metcalfe

    I had a conversation a few months ago with someone in the pub he was convinced that it would only take a few weeks once we leave to negotiate trade deals with Europe and the rest of the world.

  • Broga

    I heard an interview with one of Trump’s gang. He reckoned that after Brexit the UK could modernise agriculture by following the example of the USA. The USA system is to regard animals not as sentient creatures but as units used to make a profit: pigs crowded on slats and unable to lie down and similar treatment for cows and chickens.

    May has attracted to her some of the most weird curiosities ever in British politics. Not just anachronisms from another age but fossils. They claim to “represent the people.”

    I wonder what parliament will vote today. I suppose May has spent the night praying and getting messages from the God of her delusions.

  • Hermes Brookover

    as a matter of curiosity, i wonder whether faith in god has ever led to a good proper and just solution to any problem. I am sure that while burning at the stake Joan of Arc realized that she deserved what was happening to her. Any inquisitor ever can tell you how god always leads to the right conclusion. The very fact that a person thinks that belief in a mythology gives the wisdom or knowledge not otherwise available to the average human should be used as evidence of incompetence and prevent them from serving in any position that has an effect on the good of the public. example for instance donald trump.

  • Matt G

    That’s right, May, wrap yourself in the Church of England and so forth to absolve yourself of utter incompetence and ignorance.

  • Matt G

    I live on a REALLY big island full of Inselaffen. And moving north to Canada doesn’t get me off the island….

  • barriejohn

    I don’t like to be too political, but here’s some plain speaking on the subject:


  • barriejohn

    Another massive defeat. Was God not listening, or was it May who turned a deaf ear?


  • Broga

    She has lost again by a massive 139 votes. I have kept clear of listening or watching anything to do with Brexit. I had a look at May briefly and it confirmed my earlier decision to keep clear. There she was, another huge defeat, still pontificating about what is best for the country, and wanting to postpone the 29th March date and have further discussions with the EU. What is truly nauseous is watching the Tory puppets behind her nodding sagely, heads going up and down, as she rambles on.

    The shambles has become more shambolic. Watching May, guided by God and the Church of England remember, is to feel the atmosphere begin stifle as if the fresh air was sucked out of it by her presence. Depression falls over the watcher. A cheer did go up when Jeremy Corbin suggested another referendum, or an election.

    There is one obvious step needed immediately. Theresa May must go. She cannot continue after this as she seems to assume. Her thinking is rigid, her imagination zero, she has nothing fresh to offer and she has lost all contact with anyone outside the gang of political weirdos who have gathered around her.

    First step which is essential to offer hope to the people who work for a living and whose interests have been trashed: get rid of May and let in some light.

  • Vanity Unfair

    As a special treat, you will have Jacob Rees-Mogg popping over to visit your wonderful island, or at least his wonderful money.

  • Jim Jones

    > I am a practising member of the Church of England

    I needed no practice. I got it right – and never went back.

  • Jim Jones

    > it’s not as if the Irish and every other country on earth don’t have their cock-ups.

    Cue the Irish jokes.

  • Foxglove

    Oh, good. We’ll look forward to it, I’m sure.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    May, guided by God
    Is God drunk?

  • Raging Bee

    Do any of the Tory “leaders” even WANT to replace her? The only reason she’s PM is that Cameron quit and ran away the day after the referendum.

  • Raging Bee

    She’s spouting cliches, she knows they’re cliches, everyone’s heard them a zillion times before, so she really doesn’t have to finish the sentence. Sort of like saying “a bird in the hand and all that…”