Maltese priest unleashes fury by saying God created homosexuality

Maltese priest unleashes fury by saying God created homosexuality March 17, 2019
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FR KEVIN Schembri, above, a theologian and jurist who teaches at the University of Malta, has deeply upset True Catholics by claiming that being gay cannot be bad ‘because because God created homosexuals’.

Beneath a LifeSite report of Schembri’s views, aired recently on Malta’s popular interview programme Xarabank, there is an outpouring of outrage. One person commented:

This priest is a liar! And his father, Satan, is the father of lies! Priest? Really?

Another said:

What BULL Why would God make queers, then condemn it in His word, the Bible?

The most amusing, I thought, was this one:

One thing that I have found to be true is that those who are steeped in the homosexual culture are obsessed with sexual thoughts. The problem is that they honestly believe everyone else is, too.

What I have found to be true is that those who are steeped in conservative Christianity are obsessed to the point of lunacy about gay sex. Every day of the week when I I trawl dozens of religious websites in search of bloggable material, I find reports that provide “proof” that governments, churches schools are the like are buckling under pressure from the “lavender Mafia.”

Or as “Kiwiinamerica” put it when he commented on the Schembri report:

They’re coming out of the woodwork now, folks. They’re everywhere. This is the endgame for the sodomites. It’s the final assault. They have the Church in a choke-hold and they no longer have any fear. The hierarchy is now lavender and has the back of priests like this guy and James Martin SJ so they know they can act with impunity.

I see the only solution as being a separation from QueerChurch. The rot is too deep and the corruption too widespread for there to be any other solution. We have to come out from among these perverts.

When asked in the interview if being gay is “bad” in the eyes of God, the priest responded:

It cannot be something bad, because he created it. God created it, and he created it in his plan. Therefore to be gay, meaning when a person in the depth of their heart recognizes that he or she is a person who is gay or lesbian, that person is recognizing how God created them.

After being shown a clip of the two Evangelical Protestants who had vigorously defended their choice to reject homosexual behaviour on the show a week earlier, Schembri was asked to comment. He responded that he who tries to deny his “gay” identity is “harming himself” and implied the two Christians have:

Internalized homophobia.

Asked the show’s host, Peppi Azzopardi whether those who are gay and Catholic, need to change, Schembri replied:

No. If he recognizes that he is a gay person as created by God, he does not need to change. Rather, I would dare say, he would be harming himself if he tries not to accept himself or herself as they are as a gay person … this is where what we call ‘internalized homophobia’ comes in.

Asked if homosexual couples can have “a true relationship of love”,  Schembri answered:

Yes. They can have a relationship of love when it is a sincere relationship and of love, as much as it would be good when it is sincere and of love between heterosexual couples.

Author of the LifeSite report, Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, said the Schembri interview:

Is the latest in a series of recent capitulations to the homosexual agenda on the part of Malta’s Archbishop Scicluna.

Image via YouTube

Sciclunn, above, was invited to be interviewed by Xarabank but sent Schembri instead.

Hoffman pointed out that, in 2014, Scicluna celebrated a mass for an LGBT organisation that endorses homosexual unions, and began to permit it to meet in Catholic parishes, retreat centres, and on Catholic university campuses. Scicluna even posted a photo of himself with members of the group presenting him with their book, Our Children, on the archdiocesan website, and endorsed the book’s contents.

In February 2016 Archbishop Scicluna suddenly reversed his initial condemnation of a proposed law to outlaw conversion therapy for patients suffering from homosexuality, and took the LGBT position that all such therapy ‘goes against human dignity’ because it treats homosexuality as a mental illness.

He also repudiated the document’s association of the “gay” lifestyle with pedophilia.

Hoffman added:

Scicluna made headlines at the Vatican’s recent sex abuse summit when he claimed that the sex abuse crisis in the clergy has nothing to do with homosexuality, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of cases of sex abuse by priests are committed against post-pubescent boys and young men.

For the record, Malta last year topped Europe gay rights league table for the third year running, despite being a deeply Catholic country. In 2013 Malta languished at the 18th place in the International Lesbian Gay Association’s ranking. Five years on, same-sex couples can marry and adopt children, transgender people can freely change their gender identity, and same-sex couples are on the cusp of being granted access to IVF services.

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  • Joe Padgen

    We need a House on Unheterosexual Activities Committee stat!

  • Broga

    “One thing that I have found to be true is that those who are steeped in the homosexual culture are obsessed with sexual thoughts.”

    There speaks a man – I assume he is a man – who is obsessed, indeed tormented, by thoughts of sex. He could be either hetero-sexual or homosexual. My guess is the latter. The fantasies, perverted sex perhaps, must rage through his brain day and night as he fails to quell them and is drenched in agonising guilt. The result is terror that he is offending his fictional God and is fated to tumble into an eternity spent in the fires of hell.

    He is a victim of his gullible and irrational acceptance of his crazy beliefs. Into which he has been indoctrinated as a child. The irony is that the indoctrination was probably by a priest who didn’t believe the religious fiction himself.

  • Fester Sixonesixonethree

    If you’re going to identify with a religion, you’re going to have to adopt its theology.
    If you can’t adopt its theology, you’re in the wrong religion.
    So – if, as Catholic theology claims, you believe that god created *everything*, then that everything must include homosexuality, cancer, worms that blind children, genocide, injustice, murder, rape, and all manner of things we humans would rather ignore.
    Buy the theology or get TF out.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    He’s quite correct. If you believe in the xtian god theory then you believe that your god created everything. That includes homosexuality.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    I heard this as the voice of Rod Serling, with the Twilight Zone theme in the background.

  • I figure that even straight guys occasionally have not straight thoughts. I do, and yet I’m not even a little bit bisexual. Curiosity and fantasy are often quite separate from orientation. Judging by the few studies I have read about porn viewing habits, I think this has to be common.

    But religious people often can’t accept that kind of ambiguity. After all, thinking about sin is identical to sinning. So they freak out about it and attack people they view as the source of their discomfort.

    This is also why religious folk have always been so aggressive toward non-believers. We embody the doubt that they battle every day.

  • guerillasurgeon

    True, but you’re expecting reason? From Christians?

  • Raging Bee

    I thought it was God’s dumb cousin Ernie who created gay people…

  • Remember that verse, where God states to form everything light and darkness, good and evil.

  • Matt G

    The insidious Gay Agenda: for gays and lesbians to have the same rights as straight people. They must be stopped!!!

  • guerillasurgeon

    I used to post this a lot.
    Gay agenda
    Item 1. Equality
    Item 2……………. anyone got an item 2?
    Meeting adjourned.

  • 1859

    But what about the gay lions of Kenya, who became queer after watching porn on safari TV? I remember the picture vividly. Maybe you can show us again Barry. It will convince many about how pervasive the ‘Gay Agenda’ really is.

  • Raging Bee

    Relax, dawg, the Gay Agenda is never a problem, unless you open it in Microsoft Project.

  • Raging Bee

    Wow, weirdest ad-placement EVER today: an ad for “sun, fun” in “Tel Aviv, Nonstop City,” with lots of men in skimpy swimsuits and no women; and a smaller ad for “My Shy Little Bunny Girl.” Looks like the Gay Agenda is showing up really close to the Holy Land…