Police investigate as Birmingham school’s sex-ed protests turn ugly

Police investigate as Birmingham school’s sex-ed protests turn ugly March 11, 2019

PROTESTERS – mainly Muslims – have been using  ‘appalling and ‘incendiary’ language outside the troubled Parkfield Community School in Birmingham and have been accused of ‘inciting hatred’ towards gay people. Police have stepped in to investigate possible criminal activity.

As we reported earlier, parents opposed to the inclusion of same-sex teaching in the school’s “No Outsiders” programme recently removed hundreds of  their children from the school,   branding lessons about LGBT rights as “toxic” and “disgusting”.

Image via YouTube

The protests were sparked by Fatima Shah, above.

Calling for the police to step in, a spokesperson for the Naz and Matt Foundation, a charity which tackles “homophobia triggered by religion”, said video shot of the protests showed “incitement of hatred”. A statement added that:

Encouraging children and parents to publicly shout “shame, shame, shame” outside of a primary school towards those inside is not acceptable.

Footage – in which a vocal and supportive audience is told homosexuality is incompatible with Islam – shows a man telling a crowd outside the school that teaching about social difference is:

Aggressive indoctrination.

Images via YouTube

One non-Muslim who threw his lot in with the protesters was Stephen Green, inset above, the deranged Christian evangelist and wife-beater who heads an outfit called Christian Voice. Green never passes up an opportunity to demonise gay people. He despises them even more than he hates Islam. This from one of his postings:

Whoever it is that Muslims worship, he sure is not the God whom Jews and Christians acknowledge as the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth.

At a personal level, the saddest thing about Islam is that no Muslim has any assurance of salvation, except as a Jihadist, and it is this belief that physical fighting in the cause of Allah is the highest calling that makes Islam so dangerous and implacable.

Last Thursday, Birmingham City Council’s cabinet member for social inclusion John Cotton said:

In recent days, we have been appalled to see attempts to divide the people of our city by using insulting and incendiary language targeting the LGBT community.

West Midlands Police said no formal complaints had been made to the force, although it was investigating homophobic graffiti on the school premises.

A spokesperson said:

Video footage circulated on social media is being reviewed to establish whether any additional offences have taken place.

The school in Alum Rock has about 740 pupils aged three to 11 and has been teaching the lessons under a programme called No Outsiders which, in addition to LGBT rights, covers other diversity issues including race and religion.

It says the lessons teach pupils how to recognise and celebrate difference.

Parkfield is not a faith school, but some protesting parents have complained the teaching is incompatible with pupils’ religion.

People representing multiple faiths are reported to have protested at the site, although the video footage features complaints that the lessons jarred with Islam.

The crowd was told on Thursday the lessons taught pupils:

It is okay for you to be Muslim and for you to be gay.

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  • Etranger

    Religion can be so toxic as we see time and time again with these kinds of protests. There was a recent similar display against a sex ed program in Colorado. Always interesting to see that nothing unifies religions like hatred of a LGBT folks.

  • Brian Curtis

    This was the wrong lesson. If you’re gay, it’s NOT okay to be Muslim… or any other gay-hating and gay-bashing religion. That’s just self-destructive. Nobody chooses to be gay, but you CAN choose which church you go to (if any).

  • epeeist

    Stephen Green, inset above, the deranged Christian who heads an outfit called Christian Voice

    I didn’t think Christian Voice had any members apart from Stephen Green.

  • Carl Smith

    Hate is incompatible with the human experience and covered bishes and bibletards need to stfu. The best course of action is to ignore them or arrest them as the situation demands.

  • I have suspected for a good while now that eventually some conservative Christian groups will make common cause with some Muslim groups on certain issues, just as US right wing Protestants made common cause with conservative Roman Catholics on issues like abortion, despite their traditional enmity.

  • persephone

    I’m not a fan of religion, but the Abrahamic faiths make me beyond angry.

  • Raymond Metcalfe

    even the pigeons hate him or was it a seagull

  • barriejohn

    Their banner is incorrect. It should read: OUR CHILDREN – OUR PROPERTY.

  • Barry Duke

    It was a seagull that shat on him. I actually saw it happen.

  • TrickyDicky

    Yes, religion is truly a “life-style choice”.

  • Jim Jones

    A disgusting “life-style choice”.