Jesus? Forget that so-and-so. Easter’s about the US economy, stupid!

Jesus? Forget that so-and-so. Easter’s about the US economy, stupid! April 22, 2019

PRESIDENT Trump made Easter all about him and the US economy at the weekend – and is drawing fire for what social media is calling a ‘narcissistic’ tweet that made no mention of Jesus.

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The ninnyhammer wrote:

Happy Easter! I have never been happier or more content because your Country is doing so well, with an Economy that is the talk of the World and may be stronger than it has ever been before. Have a great day!

Many took issue with the nature of the message and one Twitter follower stated that President Trump’s tweet had nothing to do with Easter.

Shelly Splanin’ tweeted:

This isn’t an Easter message. This is a message from a narcissist who isn’t capable of showing compassion or empathy for anyone else.

Twitter user Jeff Tiedrich responded thus:

No one could have predicted that our best president ever would make the commemoration of the resurrection of Christ all about the imaginary good job he’s doing. that what makes this fluorescent tangerine radioactive tire fire on two legs is the BEST! PRESIDENT! EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!”

Trump’s Easter message came as a surprise to many who view him as a champion of the Christian faith. He didn’t offer any Bible verses, prayer, or even an Easter blessing.

Though the President has his share of supporters who thanked him for his Easter message and for doing a great job with the economy, there were countless who accused President Trump of turning Easter into a brag fest where he boasted about himself.

Another Twitter user responded by writing:

WWJD? Impeach Trump!

Meanwhile an editorial in a UK paper, The Observer, yesterday called for the cancellation of Trump’s upcoming state visit to Britain in the wake of the Mueller report, parts of which were branded by the President as “total bullshit“.

The prospect of Donald Trump making a state visit to Britain in June is stomach-churning. The corruption investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, whose damning report was published last week, provided ample evidence of what we already know: Trump is unfit to hold the office of president of the United States. By his words and actions over two wretched, destructive years in power, he has proved beyond doubt he is no friend of Britain.

The paper’s editorial said that honouring this “unworthy man” with a state visit, including an address to Parliament and a carriage ride with Queen Elizabeth II, would give an:

Undeserved boost to a wounded charlatan.

It also attacked Trump’s “reactionary policies” on climate change, migration, race, multilateralism, Yemen, nuclear arms and civil liberties.

By his words and actions over two wretched, destructive years in power, he has proved beyond doubt he is no friend of Britain.

Trump hit a wall of opposition among Brits during his state visit to the UK last summer. Almost all of Trump’s events took place outside of London, where the crowds of protesters were the largest.

His visit also marked the debut of the famous Trump baby blimp, which depicts the president as a toddler in diapers having a tantrum.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn (Trump’s tweet)

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  • barriejohn

    Any truth in the rumour that when the Teflon Don visits us again he’s going to walk here?

  • Tawreos

    He was elected to ramble not to amble.

  • DingoJack

    “… fluorescent tangerine radioactive tire fire on two legs… ”
    Couldn’t put better myself.

  • DingoJack

    Better put Golf Kart One on standby. (Assuming zero precipitation, that is!)

  • adhoc

    Why wouldn’t he mention the economy? Isn’t Easter the second most fund raising day for Christian churches?

  • Raging Bee

    “Fluorescent tangerine radioactive tire fire on two legs?” Really? That’s way too many syllables, and it glamorizes him way too much. How about “walking sewer main?”

  • Clancy

    Go simpler: “shithead”.

  • Raging Bee

    Nah, too generic.

  • Har Davids

    A visit from Donny would show the world that the British have really lost the plot. Brexit-chaos and a visit from the country they think has a special relationship with them.In a way, I’m looking forward to this visit; it’s going to be a huge shit-show.

  • Clancy

    So we’re balancing efficiency and art.

  • Raging Bee

    Damn right.

  • Dennis Lewis

    No one who considers Trump a champion of the Christian faith would be surprised by that “Easter message.” They’d just give it their usual reinterpretation to make it seem holier than it actually is.

  • ClanSutherland


  • Broga

    Walk, crawl, swim or fly he will love the attention of the outraged crowds who are separated from him at great expense by police paid for by our taxes. That this unhinged narcissist should be allowed here, enjoying being escorted through the rage of people he regards with contempt, sets the lowest standard ever in UK politics.

  • Broga

    Perhaps Trump spent too much time as a child in religious education classes. This letter from the Irish Bishops to the Irish Government tells all and is, (Revealed on The Friendly Atheist) as my grandchildren would say, “A cracker”. Especially the last sentence:

    “While we are respectful of the wishes of those who opt out of religious education… we are equally clear that those who continue to take religious education should not be disadvantaged in terms of the examinable curriculum by offering those who do not take religious education additional classes in an examinable curricular subject or by offering them another examinable curricular subject. Students must not be disadvantaged for taking religious education.”

  • digital bookworm

    It won’t be too long before he’ll only be welcomed with open arms in those countries where he is truly loved:
    Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Russia, Philippines and Brasil