Meet the woman who uses anal inserts to cure homosexuality

Meet the woman who uses anal inserts to cure homosexuality April 25, 2019

WHEN one thinks of gay ‘cures’ in an Islamic context stonings, lashings, beheadings and plunges from the top of tall buildings spring immediately to mind.

Image via YouTube/MEMRI TV

But Kuwaiti “therapist” Dr Mariam Al-Sohel has discovered a far more humane method of curbing the sexual urges of gays and lesbians – special suppositories based on “Islamic science”.

MEMRI TV, which records all manner of preposterous pronouncements by Muslim “experts”, learned of Al-Sohel’s radical “butt-holeistic cure”  from a recent interview broadcast on Scope TV (Kuwait).

Al-Sohel was presented as a “Human Development Advisor” who identifies as a “Reiki Master” on social media and is a member of Toastmasters International.

She said that she received an honorary doctorate in “Sex Management” which is all about “homosexuality and sexual harassment” from the International Union of Universities in Turkey.

She revealed that she’d developed a suppository based on the “prophetic medicine” of the “prophet” Mohammed.

These suppositories , she explained, “cure” homosexuality by exterminating;

The anal worm that feeds on semen.

Dangling the suppositories for the benefit of her interviewer, she claimed that they had been subjected to modern research and testing.

She referred to effeminate homosexual men as “the third gender” and to “butch lesbians” as the “fourth gender” and said that the new treatment “cures” both.

She also claimed to have developed a balanced diet as part of the treatment that includes plenty of “bitter foods” and root vegetables, the consumption of which she said increases masculinity in men.

Any food that is buried underground provides men with stability, strengthens their muscles and increases their masculinity.

She asserted:

This is all science, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. The sexual urge develops when a person is sexually attacked. And afterwards it persists because there is an anal worm that feeds on semen. It feeds on sperm.

So what I did was to produce suppositories, which are to be used by certain people at a certain time. It cures those urges by exterminating the worm that feeds on sperm.

The ingredients used in the suppositories are exactly the same, but come with different coloured string attachments. The have been scientifically tested on people in:

A comprehensive physical, psychological, spiritual and religious programme.

She neglected to reveal the number of people who had benefited from her butt remedy.

In reporting this charlatan’s nonsensical claims, Gay Star News pointed out:

It’s incredibly dangerous to be LGBTI in the Middle Eastern country of Kuwait.

Same-sex sexual activity is illegal, with the risk of a fine or up to six years in prison. There are also no anti-discrimination laws for same-sex couples, or parenting rights for LGBTI people.

In 2017, news broke of Kuwait deporting 76 men in a crackdown on “gay massage parlors”. The mass deportation happened after authorities decided to have a “moral” crackdown on homosexuality.

Some geezer called Mohammad Al Dhufairi led the raids which closed down 22 massage parlours suspected of being “hubs” for homosexuality.

He said at the time:

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any morally distasteful deeds and we refuse to show leniency with anyone who breaks the rules or puts the health of Kuwaiti citizens and residents at risk.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Broga

    Somehow I don’t think Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) King of Macedon would figure in her crazy intentions towards what she describes as “effeminate homosexual men.” He conquered most of Greece, Persia, Asia Minor, India & Egypt (founded the city of Alexandria), transmitted Hellenic values across the civilized world. Mourned the death of his lover Hephaestian with extravagant funeral rites.

    Or what about David, the Christian icon, whose love of Jonathan “surpassed that of women.”

    Again religion and its devotees are obsessed with other people’s sexual behaviour. Really, what has it got to do with them?

  • barriejohn

    Another “Muslim academic”.

  • Fred Rickson

    I’ll bet Mike Pence is all over this cure.

  • Flint8ball

    No way. Should this be on “Laughing in Disbelief”? I sure hope so.

  • EquaYona

    Two-bit hustler. Some poor slobs, desperate to not be what they are in such a massively regressive hell-hole, will believe it and waste their money because it”s based on the Quran. Yeah, sure. Evil bitch.

  • EquaYona

    Is that worse than being a Christian grifter, a la Benny Hind and his ilk?

  • al kimeea

    I double checked

  • Connie Beane

    Gives new meaning to the phrase “bug up your a**.”

  • Flint8ball

    I saw a lecture of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s where he talked about how the middle east was the center of the scientific and mathematics world back in history and how religion destroyed it.

  • john griggs

    I wish Mike Pence would move to Kuwait and help out with the anal worm stuff long enough to bring it back here to the States, then he’d be a hero to the evangelical bunch. Oh, on second thought why would I wish Mike Pence on anyone?

  • Sheryl Gay

    Soooo, if this worm feeds on semen, what is it doing in the butt of a butch lesbian? How did it get there? Also she is working from the writings of someone who was not a doctor or a psychiatrist, just a religious nut case, oh the irony. Which Wheat Bix box did her doctorate come from?

  • prinefan

    When i have doubts about my life i read stuff like this and realize i’m doing pretty damn good all things considered.

  • Broga

    Perhaps enjoying her perverted sexual pressures in safety?

  • Broga

    Do you mean seeking it for himself? From what little I know of him he seems more unhinged than his boss and that sets the bar very low.

  • Broga

    Please, please, let us not allow the factual, rational or even the mildest common sense be introduced. Do that and her dotty ideas fade like sun on the mist in the hollow: which I enjoyed watching this morning.

  • John Thunderer

    Has she ever produced any of her “worms” for inspection?

  • Cure the GAY by sticking something into your ass.

  • Raging Bee

    They won’t have to believe it, they’ll just have to choose it to avoid a much harsher legal penalty.

  • SakuraComplex

    The Middle East is truly the perineum of the modern world.

  • Karie Ryan Ordway

    Willing to bet her “research” paper was co-authored by Pat Robertson.