NJ Woman charged with vandalising ‘blasphemous’ Easter bunnies

NJ Woman charged with vandalising ‘blasphemous’ Easter bunnies April 14, 2019
Image via Twitter

THE destruction of mannequins dressed as Playboy bunnies bearing Easter eggs has led to charges of criminal damage against a New Jersey mom, Desiree Shepstone, 37.

The garden display was created by her neighbour, Wayne Gangi, who practices out of his Clifton home.

Shepstone, who used garden shears to vandalise the mannequins, justified her action by saying the display was “disgusting” and “offensive” and she was trying to protect her son.

I have a son and he’s 16 years old, he is a good boy and he does not need to be seeing this every time I pick him up from school.

But the only message he can take from his deranged monther’s actions is that it is OK to commit criminal damage.

Image via YouTube

According to locals, Gangi is widely known for his holiday displays, especially on Halloween, but Shepstone, above, said this one “crossed a line.”

Others residents defended the dentist, saying his decorations usually brought the community together. One neighbour said:

He has the right to do whatever he wants to do – it’s his property.

Upon discovering Ms Shepstone had destroyed his scantily dressed figures, Dr Gangi said he planned to apply for a restraining order to prevent further attacks.

He claimed that accusations that the scene was blasphemous was misguided since it was not even about Easter. In fact, it was to mark what would have been the 93rd birthday of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, who died in 2017.

My staff helped me put the characters out on the lawn and unfortunately there was a total spin on me attacking the celebration of Easter – it just wasn’t true.

Adding that he plans to resurrect the display as soon as possible, he said:

This isn’t the first time I had a problem with her.  She vandalized my property and for that I’ll see her in court. I’m not going to let this type of thing happen by this type of person. She’s a troubled neighbor who wanted attention for herself.

According to this report, Shepstone has been charged with third-degree criminal mischief for damage exceeding $2,000.

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  • digital bookworm

    Desiree Scissorhands!

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Hmm, IIRC da buybull don’t like piercings. Hypocrisy in action.

  • Broga

    She does not know much about the way the juices flow in a 16 year old.

  • guerillasurgeon

    Strange hobby for a dentist, (actually for anyone) but hopefully it does something to mitigate their high suicide rate. 🙂

  • WallofSleep

    Blasphemous? Xtians stole Easter from the pagans and repurposed to drown them out of the public square.

    “Adding that he plans to resurrect the display…”


  • kaydenpat

    What a snowflake and what a horrid example to set for your child.

  • Jemolk

    Not all laws are created equal. The one this lady violated, for example, is actually pretty damned reasonable.

    –An Anarchist

  • larry parker

    Check out the link. She did it on live TV.

  • anxionnat

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I even knew about Playboy bunnies in the early 70s, and I was a sheltered, catholic girl!

  • Broga

    You will know, as well as I do, that it is the “protecting and sheltering” that causes the problems. Children grow up not knowing how to cope with what they will inevitably have to deal with as their lives unfold. I know of some very protective religious parents who have removed their child from school and “homed schooled” because they did not like what they were learning, from teachers and friends. They deprive the child of so much essential education and experience.

  • Jennny

    Yes, I wonder if she’s ever checked his search history….she might get quite a shock!

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    Well, there goes her “not guilty” plea.

  • Har Davids

    Yep, and they get out of their shell, they’re likely to suffer a severe input-overflow, without the ability to cope with ‘real’ life.

  • mordred

    Yeah, reminds me of a social worker I met during my civilian service year. She complained about a local newspaper printing “adult” jokes.

    I agreed with here that these jokes were rather stupid and not really funny, remarking that wit like that was common with boys in early puberty.
    “My son never told jokes like that!”
    “Yeah, well, I don’t think any of my classmates would have told something like that to their mother.”
    “No, my son would have told me!”
    I thought it best to not say what I was thinking at that point…

  • TrickyDicky

    Doesn’t like tattoos either.

  • Anri

    “I wanted to make sure my 16-year-old son stays a good boy by showing him that smashing up other people’s property is perfectly fine.”

  • Freethinker

    ….and as a result she thought it would be a good idea to damage a private property to show him an example of what a “good” citizen should do?
    Given what her son is no doubt exposed to on any of his or his buddies’ devices on a daily basis, she is naive or in denial of reality to a pathological level.

  • Raging Bee

    He put those “bunnies” out to celebrate Hugh Hefner’s birthday? And he had his staff help him with it? That’s a wee bit inappropriate. I’m not sure how I’d feel if my boss wanted me to help with something like on company time…

  • Jack the Sandwichmaker

    Hate to break it to you, ma’am, but your 16 year old son has access to much better material to lust after than mildly suggestively attired mannequins.

  • Jack the Sandwichmaker

    Nothing against vandalism in the Bible!
    Except for touching the Ark of the Covenant, of course. But that’s GOD’S stuff. Nobody touches God’s stuff.

  • Jack the Sandwichmaker

    Jesus made me do it!!!

  • wannabe

    “Nothing to do with Easter”? Then why were the “bunnies” holding baskets containing gold foil-covered eggs?

  • rebeccagavin

    It is ugly and gross though. That doesn’t excuse vandalism but I wouldn’t want to look at it everyday either.

  • phatkhat

    Desiree doesn’t really look like the type to be a fundy whackjob, but, then, what do I know? Times change. I was a fundy 40 years ago. I guess the rules are laxer now.

  • Di Eselbalaam

    The display of Easter “bunnies” seems like an awful lot of effort to make such a lame point (celebrating the late Hugh Heffner), but this bim-bat seems to be a controlling prude who hates male sexuality per se. This is common among female Christian fundies and androphobic feminists alike. Let’s hope her son escapes from her clutches soon.

  • JimmieBallgame

    The one in the green wig has me so hot that if this crazy broad damaged her, I would have cut the bitch.

  • DogGone

    How could she miss the symbolism of the Spring fertility ritual (which has nothing to do with Jesus)