Passover greeting from UK’s Labour Party angers Jews

Passover greeting from UK’s Labour Party angers Jews April 19, 2019

THE Labour Party, which has been struggling for months to throw off accusations of anti-Semitism, today found itself in the midst of a fresh row – over bread.

The party was forced to delete a tweet which sent Passover greetings to British Jews after it was pointed out that the image it used featured a loaf of bread.

Leavened bread is not eaten during the Jewish holiday, and the inclusion of the image in an official tweet by Jeremy Corbyn’s party – alongside a Star of David and a goblet – led to a barrage of criticism.

One Twitter user responded:

Astonishing (but sadly unsurprising) basic religious illiteracy from @UKLabour.

Another said:

Is this a joke? You know we don’t eat bread during Pesach.

And one wrote:

Got to laugh. @ukLabour trying to inclusive to Jews celebrating #Passover. The one thing observant Jews specifically avoid at passover is bread.

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