Consecrated hosts sold for satanic black masses alarm Catholics

Consecrated hosts sold for satanic black masses alarm Catholics May 9, 2019

AN e-commerce company that allowed a vendor to sell nine ‘sacred’ hosts on its site has sounded alarm bells among Catholics.

According to LifeSiteNews is known for sales of “cute”crafts but it recently carried an ad for “real Catholic hosts, ordained by an authorized Catholic priest’ intended to be abused during black magic rituals crafts.

The vendor, calling himself “AL” and his business “Pentagora”, stated that the purpose of the nine hosts was:

To abuse for classic black fairs or black magic purposes.

The hosts, he said, were made and consecrated in Germany, and the listing indicated that they would be shipped from Germany.

LifeSiteNews contacted the vendor for evidence that the hosts were indeed consecrated. He responded:

Maybe you don’t know, but to celebrate an authentic black mass, you have to be an ordained Catholic priest.

There are a handful of priests in Germany who work in the satanic underground. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to tell you more.

Germany has always been a country of the occult. You don’t have to believe me. The right people recognize me, that’s all that matters.

Beverly Stevens, the editor of Regina Magazine, said the sale of the Blessed Sacrament in Germany didn’t surprise her.

Stevens, who lived in Germany for seven years, said that in Germany:

Catholic artifacts and sacred objects are routinely treated with the utmost disdain by the hierarchy and the elites they cater to ― so pretty predictable that this would spread to regular people.

She said she had seen “sacred relics” for sale in a Wiesbaden flea market.

The seller thought it amusing that we Americans were horrified. So the sale of consecrated hosts online for satanic worship purposes is completely predictable. I doubt whether Cardinal (Reinhard) Marx would bat an eye.

LifeSiteNews pointed out that the item was listed as “handmade” and therefore did not meet the marketplace criteria of Etsy, which states that this category cannot be used by someone “not involved in designing or making that item.”

Etsy also has a anti-discrimination policy that forbids posts that “support or glorify hate groups and their members”, and “derogatory or demeaning remarks against protected groups”, including religious groups.

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  • Mike De Fleuriot

    Seems if you are religious, you will be conned no matter which god you worship.

  • Vanity Unfair

    It’s a trap!
    A consecrated wafer, in the mouth of an ungodly Satanist, will cause burning of the tongue and fire in the lungs. Unless Dennis Wheatley (? I think) was lying for all those years. These wafers should be given a proper scientific test to ensure they are not the real thing before eating tham. Does anybody know of an infallible test?

  • johnsoncatman

    The “evidence” doesn’t seem very trustworthy or testable. Maybe I am just a little too skeptical?

  • starmom

    I’m completely apathetic on the issue, but does anyone care what I think? I sure don’t care what the Catholics think about it.

  • koseighty

    I Can’t Believe It’s Not Jesus!™

  • anxionnat

    No, you’re not too skeptical. I was brought up catholic. My mom signed me up for membership in one of those mail order book clubs. The books I got all repeated the lie that when communion hosts were “desecrated” that they dripped blood. I tried this–Nope. No blood. The stories always said that Jews were the ones who “desecrated” hosts. I was in 5th or 6th grade, and one of my classmates was Jewish. I asked him if he’d like to test this assertion. He said something like, “Catholics are so weird” but he agreed. The two of us sneaked into an early morning mass, then ran out of the church, holding the hosts in our mouth. We ran and hid in some bushes, and tore the soggy hosts apart. No blood, from either of them (of course.) He said that the hosts tasted like a bit of typing paper. We dumped the “desecrated” hosts in the leaf litter, and ran back to school, laughing all the way. That was one attempt by me to disprove what I’d been taught since birth. My friend and I were both nerds, and at our school we nerds did get up to some pretty crazy shit. I was an atheist by age 11 or 12, but I didn’t hear the word “atheist” til I was in my mid-30s. Turns out my siblings were non-religious by the same age. We were just average kids who’d had catholicism shoved down our throats since Day 1. We had been brought up with two important precepts: Don’t lie, and Don’t cross picket lines. My siblings and I had what Mark Twain called “a good built-in bullshit detector.”

  • larry parker

    Desecrated christ on a cracker!

  • larry parker

    I care what you think. ; )

  • starmom

    Thank you, larry parker, i appreciate it.

  • Shannon Valverde

    Ha, good for him. Ave Satanas.

  • Cage KY

    After a dinner this last weekend I discovered I had some dry authentic low-milage Voodoo chicken bones blessed by a real Haitian shaman who only used them on Sundays with his mother in law. They are for sale to any offended Catholics to feed their dogs (or other Chirch approved desecration) in retaliation against any Satan/devil/demon worshippers as needed.
    $50 OBO
    Serious buyers only, please.

  • Connie Beane

    Why are con artists to stupid? Because their customers are dumber. Only an idiot would pay good money for hosts “ordained” by an “authorized” priest. Any real Satanist knows you have to use a host consecrated by an ordained priest for desecration to be effective. Sheesh!

  • Jim Jones

    This is a Christian thing, not, IMO, a Satanic thing.

    Who can get “Consecrated hosts “?

    Who thinks Satanists would want to use these or care?

  • Jim Jones

    Needs more butter?

  • David Heath

    I’m confused. I always thought a “host” was any network communications device to which an IP address could be assigned. Alternately, it’s the person who manages the AirBNB I’m about to stay in… It seems there’s another of which I’m unaware…

  • phatkhat

    She said she had seen “sacred relics” for sale in a Wiesbaden flea market.

    LOL, in German flea markets, you can find just about anything. Now, whether or not they are authentic is another question altogether.

  • Mythblaster

    Wheat Thins, little more than salted cardboard, taste better than these Jesus wafers. Who would eat this shit???

  • Robin518

    It’s worth the talk. Anything that pees off christians is fun to me.

  • Terry Fitzgerald

    For some reason, I have the urge to take a dump in Holy Water!

  • Ohyetwetrust

    Tests on the contents of holy water fonts in Catholic churches show they are full of e-coli bacteria
    most likely from earlier dipping of hands which were not washed after the morning’s trip to the loo.

  • Ohyetwetrust

    The mind boggles at the paranoia in this, and the mad belief that the wafer turns to god when you put it on your tongue. Transubstantiation is a latinate word and may sound scientific, but of course, it means nothing.

  • Ohyetwetrust

    I know, they are so easy to offend, esp. the peck-sniffian kind.

  • Philip Buczko

    ‘Let them eat cake’

  • Philip Buczko

    What like bits of the true cross, as opposed to any old cross, Mary’s breast milk (tautological?) saints bony remains?

  • Tom Hanson

    I doubt your quote was from Mark Twain. Better guess, would be Ernest Hemingway, either in Carlos Baker’s biography, or in Hemingway’s collected letters. That’s where I found it some decades back. I’m sorry, I can’t remember which of Baker’s books it was in. But I did find it. Twain, while he may have heard and used the word bull-shit occasionally, would never have put it in a printed book (not even in his Adam an Eve stuff) or in MS or in letters, and his friends noted that when he cussed someone out he generally was highly inventive, not cliched. My recollection of the Hemingway was during his thoughts about having been a journalist and that it was a good way to develop skepticism, and that then, to be a good writer you have to be able to develop a built-in bullshit detector to detect your own bullshit. And I do believe that Samuel Clemens also had that ability in spades.

  • Chamber

    Some dude got in trouble for masturbating in the “holy” water recently. So go ahead & take that dump. It’s got e.coli in it anyway because “holy” water is just a fancy way of saying ” dirty ass water that’s had everybody’s hands & some babies butts up in it” . Religion is gross. God won’t protect you from pink eye.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Limited time offer: My totally FREE book “How To Summon Your Very Own Demon” . Just send $666 for shipping and handling.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Black Mass? Is that like dark matter?

  • Cozmo the Magician

    I DO care what the Catholics ‘think’ since they are ruining everything from health care to the judicial system. Everybody should care what a child raping criminal organization is doing in their neighborhood.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    The FSM never lies to me. He lets me do that to myself O_o

  • Cozmo the Magician

    I have an Oreo cookie that Aphrodite held in her hand while she… umm.. I better not finish that.. there might be children around {:

  • Cozmo the Magician

    If I ever steal a Tardis, Clemens is one of the first people I would want to meet.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Are you shitting me? People have sold ‘Mary’s Breast Milk’? Damn, even with all my skill as a 100% grade A bullshit artist, I could not imagine being able to do that with a straight face.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    The person that greets you in the resteraunt and tells you to wait while they get a table ready for you (:

  • islandbrewer

    That’s what you get after the collapse of a Black Hole Sun.

  • islandbrewer

    Remember, a host is only as good as its parasites.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    Umm… If that is the case then it is called symbiosis. Kinda like Trump & Fox. Oops, nope, those are BOTH parasites.

  • islandbrewer

    Wait, did I say “parasites”? I meant “guests.”

    A host is only as good as its guest … parasites.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    WAAAAAAAAY Back when J.C. (um thats Johny Carson) need some time off, he had ‘guest hosts’ take over. Maybe we can blame him for some stuff O_o Just kidding He was awesome.

  • phatkhat

    Yes! Exactly. Well, maybe not the milk… But definitely bits of the cross. No doubt stolen from some church, where they were no less dubious.

  • Nomad

    Masturbated, and if I remember correctly, dipped his ass in the font.

  • EllyR

    Such a story only emphasises that religions should be marginalized if not outlawed all together as soon as possible or the poisoning of minds will persist for a long time.

  • Paula Dufour

    In Montreal Flea Markets you can find anything. You just need to know where to go…

  • MystiqueLady

    Are those cookies made from real Girl Scouts?

  • MystiqueLady

    Is it written in the ancient, and untranslatable, language of the demons?

  • MystiqueLady

    I’ve recently tried to re-read Wheatley — Ugh! Boring! (Loved his stuff when I was 16/17.)

  • Cozmo the Magician

    you can get in BOTH languages.. Country AND Western O_o

  • HematitePersuasion

    Tasteless, but as long as the Hosts were obtained legally (that is, not stolen or obtained fraudulently) — I find myself apathetic. I think. I don’t care enough to really find out.