German cardinal: Christians and Muslims worship different gods

German cardinal: Christians and Muslims worship different gods May 25, 2019

I HAVE learned over many decades of writing about religion that there are two types of baloney spouted by the members of the God squad.

One is that what is said makes sense in a purely theological context, but to non-believers is pure balderdash. The other is that their utterances are an incomprehensible mélange of words which I defy anyone to understand.

Today I came across the latter in a report about the different views Christians and Muslims have about the Almighty.

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Cardinal Gerhard Müller, above, former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, above, recently said that Christians:

Cannot pray like or with Muslims because their faith in God and his self-revelation is not only different from the Christian faith in God, but even denies its formula, claiming that God does not have a Son, who, as the eternal Word of the Father, is a divine person, and, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, is the One and Trinitarian God.

He went on to tell hundreds of listeners at some Catholic shindig in Verona that:

The faithful of Islam are not adopted children of God by the grace of Christ, but only his subjects.

Müller added that Muslims:

Can only pray to a distant God, submitting to his will as an unknown destiny. Their prayer expresses the blind subordination to the dominant will of God. The Christian instead prays that the will of God be done, a will that we do in liberty and that does not make us slaves, but free children of God.

Speaking at the Basilica of St Thérèse of the Child Jesus in the company of Bishop Giuseppe Zenti, Müller asserted that Christians, unlike the adherents of other religions:

Do not view their neighbors, who do not want or cannot believe in God, as opponents or victims of the Zeitgeist to be pitied, but as brothers whose Creator and Father is the only God, the One who seeks them out.

They [Christians] offer an honest dialogue regarding the question that determines the meaning of being in general and of human existence in particular, because they feel united to them in the search for a better world.

For Müller:

Even Islam has faith in the one God, but which is understood as a natural faith in the existence of God and not as faith as a virtue infused with hope and love, which makes us sharers in the life of God, ensuring that we remain in him and he in us.

The cardinal recalled that “even some atheists pray”, but:

Their turn to themselves is typical of the atheistic prayer.

He said this was “the opposite of Christian prayer”,  because:

If man himself is a god to man [homo homini Deus], then he prays turning to himself in the form of a meditation that always revolves around himself: man is both the subject and the object of prayer.

Will someone please explain in plain English what this windbag was blabbering on about?

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