Gay engagement: Catholic University accused of celebrating sin

Gay engagement: Catholic University accused of celebrating sin June 18, 2019

THE head of a Catholic university in Maryland has annoyed bigots who got their panties in a twist over a same-sex engagement announcement published in the university’s bi-annual Mount magazine.

Mount St Mary’s screenshot

LifeSiteNews reports that Timothy Trainor, above, President of Mount St Mary’s, is – according to “a number of alumni” – allowing the Catholic identity of the school “to ebb away.”

Class of 1986 graduate Theresa Stief was among those most incenced, and she blasted off a letter to Trainor, a retired brigadier general, which said, among other things:

It saddened me deeply to see reported, alongside announcements of births and weddings and professional accomplishments, an event celebrating a lifestyle that is counter to everything that you say the Mount stands for: In your letter at the front of the same magazine, you say the Mount ‘wants to educate the next generation of ethical leaders in service to God and others.’

The lifestyle of two graduates who are choosing to embrace their same-sex attraction denies their dignity as sons of God, and will never allow them to be fully who God created them to be.

Celebrating this choice is akin to celebrating someone who has chosen to embrace their alcoholism, their drug addiction, their clinical depression. This is not something to celebrate; this is a call for remediation.

Stief’s letter ended with an impassioned plea to the school’s president:

I have spoken with several other Mount graduates who feel the same way I do. Please uphold the clear teachings of our holy Mother Church, Dr. Trainor!

In a statement to LSN, Mount St. Mary’s administration chose not to address concerns about the school’s Catholic identity, and focused instead on:

Engagement with the world and hospitality to all.

The school’s Director of Public Relations and Communications, Donna Klinger, effectively told the moaning Minnies to take a hike by stating:

Mount St. Mary’s University is a Catholic university where the Church and the world dialogue, giving students the knowledge and skill to ethically apply the Church’s teachings in the modern world in service to God and others. Our enduring 211-year commitment to our Catholic mission inspires engagement with the world and hospitality to all regardless of religious background.

We are a diverse, inclusive community composed of individuals of many faiths and beliefs. Through its alumni magazine, the university shares the news of all alumni. We do not make judgments about the news being shared, and inclusion of an announcement does not imply the university’s endorsement.

Filtering news to reject anything that does not follow Catholic teaching would deprive all alumni of learning about life’s milestones of not only people who are in same-sex relationships but also those who are divorced and entering second marriages, or those who have children out of wedlock.

LSN reached to Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore for comment but received no reply thus far. Lori is a member of the school’s Board of Trustees who also serves as chancellor of Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, which, although a separate entity, shares the Mount St. Mary’s campus.

LSN is also awaiting an official statement from the Cardinal Newman Society. In a preliminary response, a representative from the organisation noted that this is:

Yet another blow to the Mount’s Catholic identity.

In May, a prestigious prep school in nearby Washington, DC – Georgetown Visitation – similarly came under fire from alumni for deciding to publish same-sex union announcements in its alumni magazine.

While Catholic teaching forbids same-sex marriage, recent studies show support for same-sex marriage in the United States has grown among most religious denominations, including Catholics. Two-thirds of Catholics said they were in favor of same-sex marriage, according to a survey conducted in 2017 by the Public Religion Research Institute, a nonpartisan, non-profit policy research organization. The survey was based on more than 40,000 interviews.

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  • Broga

    “Theresa Stief was among those most incensed.”

    Well, that’s real tough, Stief, but on every life a little rain must fall. I suppose she could just remove her bigoted nose from other people lives and get on with her own hag ridden, religion sodden, life and let others choose their way to life.

  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    Filtering news to reject anything that does not follow Catholic teaching would deprive all alumni of learning about life’s milestones of not only people who are in same-sex relationships but also those who are divorced and entering second marriages, or those who have children out of wedlock.


  • eamonknight

    Anything that p*sses off LieSiteNews is good by me.

  • Ann Kah

    I agree with the sentiments expressed by Ms.Klinger, and hope for a world in which policies are not set by the tenderest snowflakes …but I really wish she wouldn’t use “dialogue” as a verb.

  • kilda

    wow, I’m pleasantly surprised by the University’s stand on this. Good for them.

  • Broga

    Perhaps Ms Klinger is the result of a Roman Catholic education. Too much time spent praying must lead to a defective education.

  • Mike Panic

    Xtianity has always been about control. t is incapable of change.

  • Mike Panic

    Pope Frankie was going to drop adultery as a sin several months back. Seems popularity is a criterion for sin.

  • Mike Panic

    Anything that p*sses of xtians is great by me.

  • Milo C

    Catholic Schools generally provide a good education. All those private donations and high tuition rates keep them above average funding; at least in the past and in my experience. Unfortunately, they also reinforce ideas like ‘Catholics need safe spaces from equality.’

  • Mike Panic

    That is ending. Chicago diocese is closing 900 churches and an unknown number of schools. Those remaining open are working on a shoestring. The days of huge donors are over. A priest recently wrote in “The Atlantic” that the church is losing 6 people for every new one.

  • Broga

    Some positive news there, Mike. What surprised me in your comments was learning that there were as many as 900 schools there to close.

  • Mike Panic

    900 churches will be closed. The number of schools is being determined on a case by case basis. AFAIK no actual number has been determined yet.

  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    I’ve said this before:

    Adultery is explicitly forbidden in the bible. Heck, the big JC even says that THINKING about adultery is a sin. The bible is very clear about this, there is no ambiguity.

    Meanwhile, abortion is not really explicitly mentioned by name, although it is hinted at in Numbers in the test of the unfaithful wife. In that there, the bible says that the test for an unfaithful wife is to have a successful abortion. It’s not explicitly forbidden anywhere. Thus, the closest the ible comes to actually addressing abortion is to say that it is something that should happen for an unfaithful wife.

    So, in summary:
    Adultery: explicitly forbidden by 10C and JC
    Abortion: not really addressed, but, if anything, it should be done in the right situation

    Yet, catholics obsess over only one of these….

  • Mike Panic

    So? Frankie sees half of cathlics not donating. The money hungry church will find a way to remove adultery from th rolls. What jc and his 10c’s say means nothing in the face of dwindling donations. Like I said, popularity will get it removed, if only in the case of divorce. Watch.

  • rubaxter

    For all the obviously non-Catholics they’ve recruited over the years to fill out their sports teams to keep the Good Ole White Boy/Girl alums contributing to the funds, WhoTF cares?

    This was and is an Mrs. Degree kind of institution, and another one of those B/S liberal arts COLLEGES which use blue-smoke-and-mirrors to let their grads put a $$$$-enriching ‘University’ degree on their c.v.