NSS castigates vicar over ‘alarming’ relationship teaching article

NSS castigates vicar over ‘alarming’ relationship teaching article June 12, 2019
Referring to an article written by Rev Peter Hughes in the latest edition of the Wickersley St Alban’s parish  magazine under the headline “Parents: Take Back Control” Lichten said:

Smearing the transmission of knowledge of LGBT people as child abuse sends a vicious message to LGBT pupils, parents and local people. Comprehensive, age-appropriate and equality-based RSE enjoys overwhelming support across the political and religious spectrum.

The loud minority and their ludicrous claims that RSE is an anti-religious conspiracy must be confronted. This also shows how inappropriate it is to have religious representatives given automatic places as school governors.

Hughes – who is also a school governor – said the lessons could “open the door to sexual predators”.

He described the teaching of same-sex relationships and transgender issues as “anti-Christian and harmful” and said pupils were being:

Indoctrinated in culturally Marxist LGBTI ideology.

Council leader and Wickersley ward member Cllr Chris Read also condemned the claims as “homophobic” and “nonsense”, while the Diocese of Sheffield distanced itself from his position.

Read said Hughes’ article was “deeply alarming” and would be more at home in the darker corners of Internet conspiracies.

It is misleading in its interpretation of the law, confuses gender and sexual orientation and relies on the classic homophobic slur that gay and lesbian people are any more likely to be connected to child abuse than anyone else.

Ironically, you can only conclude that the fact that such blinkered views could be promoted by anyone in a position of  responsibility today only means that educating children safely and responsibly with age-appropriate information is even more important now.

Hughes, who is an ex officio governor at Wickersley St Alban’s C of E Primary, wrote:

This sexual indoctrination of young children prepares them for early sexual experimentation, normalises it and, in so doing, opens the door for sexual predators.

Via the Trojan horse of teaching tolerance and opposing bullying, the extent of which they greatly exaggerate, the LGBTI activists are imposing a sexual philosophy which at its heart is both anti-Christian and harmful.

He called on parents to “take back control” and “follow the example” of Muslims who had recently objected to Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), most notably by protesting outside a school in Birmingham.

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In penning his piece, Hughes places himself in the same camp as Muslim blogger Daniel Haqiqatjou, above, who wrote said back in March that:

The UK Muslim community has proven itself to be a model for Western Muslims at large, at least when it comes to pushing back against the LGBT cultural behemoth ravaging society.

This is how the rectum sex propagandists operate. They try to make Muslims seem like they are opposing ‘equality’ and ‘tolerance for difference.

Let’s be clear: There is no equivalence between sodomite fetishism and healthy sexuality between husband and wife  … The former is a depraved act that debases a human being in every way, spreads moral decay, transforms society into a cesspool of degeneracy and base lust …

The latter is the basis of love and mercy between two halves, man and woman, committed to each other, being fruitful with each other in nourishing a family that becomes the building block of a flourishing society as God Almighty intended.

In addressing the issue of Muslims with same-sex attractions, he pointed out that:

A small percentage of young children also have a fixation with their own feces (scatolia, coprophilia) and have a tendency to want to dig into it and smear it on themselves and others, or even eat it.

These children are indeed ‘different’, but then they realize that that behavior is not normal, and after some counseling, they grow out of it. But maybe we should provide elementary school children with classes on how it’s perfectly ok to play with feces just so that small percentage of scat-fixated kids feel good about themselves.

In a joint statement, Andrew Walton, Chief executive of Diocese of Sheffield Academies Trust, and Alison Adair, Executive headteacher of St Alban’s Primary, said:

Rev Hughes is entitled to his views, but neither St Alban’s Primary nor the Diocese of Sheffield Academies Trust, to which it belongs, agrees with them.

We are fully behind the new DfE [Department of Education] proposals, but as with any changes to our children’s education, we will inform and work with parents before the full implementation in 2020.

The diocese’s director of education, the Rev Huw Thomas, said:

These views are not shared by the Diocese of Sheffield and the language used is regrettable. As a diocese, we welcome the Government’s new RSE guidance and support its aims to promote a healthy and respectful approach to relationships. This includes respect for the differing views in faith communities.

It also recognises the right for parents to exercise discretion in withdrawing their children from sex education.

Personally, I feel the new guidance is the clearest we have ever had and I wish it had been available when I was teaching. You stand a better chance of talking through differing viewpoints with children and young people that are educated in the subject.

The good quality RSE, outlined in the Government guidance, enables young people to be wise and protect their own  choices.

Hughes said he wrote the article “with the well-being of all children in mind” but declined to comment further.

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  • The Reverend connecting LGBTQ education to Marxism is amusing. I have no doubt you could find Marxists someplace who think it’s a bourgeois plot to weaken the proletariat, or something along those lines.

  • persephone

    Can we just set up two countries, one for the RWNJ Christians, and one for the RWNJ Muslims, that border each other, and just let them fight it out until they destroy themselves?

  • Freethinker

    Extremist Monotheism is surprisingly in agreement regardless if it comes from Orthodox Judaism, is founded by a Jewish Hippy or a murderous pedophile from Mecca. The rock bottom of all mythological absurdities has one common, predictable and unbearable stench.

  • WallofSleep

    But what if they got together and realized things would be easier if the joined forces and destroyed their common enemies first?

    /I would’ve made a decent Tenth Man.

  • Daz

    Specifically, he connected it to “cultural Marxism.” Which isn’t any kind of Marxism. It’s either:
    • an extremely obscure critique by the Marxist Frankfurt School of capitalist cultural baggage, which had little to do with mainstream Marxism and didn’t, in any case, attempt to do anything but critique (it’s not a statement of an ideological position in and of itself, in other words, merely a study of one),
    • a phrase used during the Weimar Republic to describe what we might call champagne socialists,
    • a slightly-changed term coined by the Nazis as “Cultural Bolshevism,” which, via the usual twisty logic, sought to blame the Jews for the rise of Bolshevism,
    • or a virtually meaningless phrase parroted by people on the far right who’ve been conditioned to apply the label to any social movement or trend they don’t like, without ever being able to explain what they actually mean by it or why the thing in question is Marxist. (Which it can’t be, almost by definition, since yer actual Marxism says very little about culture, being virtually exclusively concerned with class divisions rather than cultural ones.)

    Take your pick as to what he meant by it. My money’s on the last of the four.

  • persephone

    The thing is, most of them aren’t nearly as intelligent as they think they are, they’re usually poorly educated, and not too many scientists or engineers are in either group. They’d be down to rocks and sticks within a month.

  • WallofSleep


    True, but the Tenth Man’s jöb is to be a “What If?” contrarian, to present worst case scenarios of a plan’s outcome, so that the other Nine can further refine and perfect their plan.

  • Freethinker

    Very well described. Given that the first 3 points require interest and ability to comprehend actual historical events and nuances of philosophy, the last point is the majority of misuse for anything smacking of totalitarianism, or in the case of the necons anything that pushes back systemically against their bigotry, racism, homophobia, misogyny etc.etc. This is why the Repugnicans are deliberately dog-whistling the term to smear any progressive agendas, and especially anything originating from the charismatic and fabulous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.