Papal ambassadors admonished for bad-mouthing Pope Francis

Papal ambassadors admonished for bad-mouthing Pope Francis June 16, 2019
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THE Pope believes that some of his ambassadors (nuncios) are stabbing him in the back – and he wants them to stop immediately.

According to this report, he addressed more than 100 nuncios in on Thursday, reminding them that they have a responsibility as papal representatives not to criticise him or to join groups hostile to the Roman curia.

It is therefore irreconcilable to be a pontifical representative criticizing the Pope behind his back, having blogs or even joining groups hostile to him, to the curia and to the Church of Rome.

Pope Francis said that he desired to share some simple precepts to help the papal diplomats live out their mission, referring to a 4,000 word document which is a “Ten Commandments” of sorts for nuncios and their co-workers throughout the world.

One of the ten precepts outlined in the document is titled, “The Nuncio is a man of the Pope.” The section states that:

Certainly every person could have reservations, likes and dislikes, but a good nuncio cannot be hypocritical.

The Pope said:

As a Pontifical Representative, the nuncio does not represent himself but the Successor of Peter and acts on his behalf at the Church … the Representative is a link, or better, a bridge of connection between the Vicar of Christ and the people to whom he was sent, in a certain area, for which he was appointed and sent by the Roman Pontiff himself.

Other exhortations included in the document are to be merciful, obedient, prayerful, charitable, humble, and to have initiative and apostolic zeal.

Francis added:

The Nuncio who forgets that he is a man of God ruins himself and others; he goes off the track and also damages the Church, to which he has dedicated his life.

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Current papal nuncios have been caught in scandal. The apostolic nuncio to France, Archbishop Luigi Ventura, above, has been accused of sexual misconduct against an adult male while he was nuncio in Canada. The Vatican diplomat is already under investigation for alleged sexual assault in Paris.

Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, apostolic nuncio to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan has recently been accused of financial and personal misconduct during his time of service as the Vatican’s chief diplomat at the United Nations.

Some have pointed to Pope Francis’ comments about “having a blog” as alluding to the apostolic nuncio to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Archbishop Thomas Gullickson, because he has a blog, which was linked to a Twitter account in which he shared articles critical of some of Pope Francis’ comments.

In 2015, the nuncio tweeted a National Review article entitled, “The Pope Got It Completely and Utterly Wrong,” which called Pope Francis’ comments in an in-flight press conference “imprecise, poorly judged.” The nuncio’s Twitter account has since been deleted.

Former nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Carlo Vigano, set off a flurry of debate last August by penning a public letter alleging that some Vatican officials knew of Theodore McCarrick’s sexual misconduct for years yet restored McCarrick’s place as a papal advisor to Pope Francis.

The former nuncio issued additional letters calling for Pope Francis to resign and gave an extended interview to the Washington Post published this week.

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  • Cozmo the Magician

    I’ve never actually seen ANY of the Godfather movies (just random clips and paraody) but this really sounds like a mafia boss (or any gang leader) talking about ‘RESPECT’

  • Jim Jones

    Fight, you ba‌star‌ds. I hate peace!

  • Jim Jones

    Exactly. It is a mafia. The bishops are district bosses. It’s all about money.

  • WallofSleep

    “… a good nuncio cannot be hypocritical.”

  • WallofSleep

    After all, who do you think Cosa Nostra learned their craft from?

  • Duncan R. Bryson

    The purpose of an ambassador is to represent their country, government and it’s head of state, not their own views. In this instance the Vatican, the Catholic Church and the pope. If any ambassador of another country stepped out of line they’d be be recalled and possibly removed from office. If they became disenchanted with their government they should resign and be free to criticise. There is nothing unusual about the Vatican’s action. The problem, of course, lies within the Vatican and the Catholic Church. Of course, we can extend that to religion in general.

  • Raging Bee

    Can’t the Pope, you know, FIRE those disrespectful louts? I can’t think of ANY real government whose chief executive can’t fire political appointees and representatives such as ambassadors.

  • Anri

    It appears the Pontiff is conflating being a “man of the Pope” with being a “man of God”.

    Confusion on this point perhaps explains a great deal about Popes in general.

  • Anri

    Well, President Trump was also talking about requiring respect, and he’s…


  • Broga

    I have seen the film and read the book. The difference is that there is more honour, loyalty and respect in the Mafia than in the Vatican.

  • Broga

    So I wonder what is the equivalent of a “made man” in the RC Church? Very definitely something involving sex.

    “Before being inducted, a potential made man is required to carry out a contract killing which is referred to as “making your bones.” This was a rule only brought into the Mafia in the 1980’s – previous to this you just needed to be a part of a contracted hit, but not necessarily the guy who pulled the trigger, held the rope.”

  • Mike Panic

    Dissing and criticizing the pope and his so called church is MY department.

  • Mike Panic

    What god? Which god? Where?

  • Mike Panic

    You are assuming that god thing is any better. It allowed 17 centuries of child molestation. How good can it be?

  • Anri

    I’m not the one making that assumption.

    Which, again, perhaps explains a great deal about Popes.

  • Mike Panic

    Nor am I. i am still trying to get that sorry godthing over here to explain itsz bullturd rules.

  • Mike Panic

    Trust me. They do. Just put a couple cathlics and babtists in a room with a bottle of whisky.. Sadly they don’t usually use guns.

  • Anri

    My apologies for not being clear. Neither you nor I, but, I suspect, the Popes are the ones conflating the papacy with the godhead.

  • Mike Panic

    IF there is a godhead thing, it sure is scared of human beings.