‘Pro-lifers’ imagine a boycott will drive Netflix out of business

‘Pro-lifers’ imagine a boycott will drive Netflix out of business June 5, 2019

NETFLIX is one of a number of media companies that has threatened to pull out of Georgia because of the state’s draconian new abortion ban.

Anti-abortionists reacted with fury to the threat, and – according to Faithwirea new petition indicates that “a mass exodus” from Netflix has began, and that Christians have to power to put the company out of business.

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Faithwire’s Will Maule jubilantly announced that the petition, launched this week by pro-life advocate, Marcus Pittman, above, was only up for mere hours before Netflix alone lost $41,800, with Hulu and Disney Plus suffering another $20,000 in losses. Both numbers represent estimated annual losses based on the “Money lost per month” total on the petition website.

Not only has Netflix warned it will look to discontinue funding in Georgia  if the “heartbeat bill” comes into effect next year, but it has also vowed to join forces with the ACLU and mount a legal challenge against the new law.

That declaration, says Maule:

Has caused many avid Netflix subscribers to cease giving money to an organization that openly and actively supports the aborting of unborn babies.”

RedPetition.com displays one clear heading: “Money Lost Per Month,” before listing various streaming services, including Netflix, who support the proliferation of abortion services, and says:

Let’s show the mainstream media, and liberal corporations that our dollars matter.

So far, the campaign indicates that Netflix is losing thousands of dollars as a result of the action taken by many to cancel their subscriptions.

Pittman said:

I started Red Petition because I felt like the conservative voice was not being heard. It’s one thing to sign a petition and just add your name to a list of other names, but I thought what really needs to happen is for that petition to calculate the value of all the customers who have or will cancel.

Pittman added that people are increasingly:

Fed up with liberal media going against their values, and ignoring them.

He noting that:

What liberal media, and their stockholders can’t ignore is a massive loss of money.

Pittman said that “over 300 people” had signed up sign up and cancelled Netflix in just one day.

And that’s just with our soft launch. That’s $36,000 a year Netflix has lost just within my close circle of friends.

Pittman hopes that Netflix will start to lose “millions” in subscription fees. He added the he hoped the  petition:

Encourages conservatives to see that they can do something to fight against these companies who attack their values.

People commenting on the Maule’s report are less than impressed. One wrote:

Netflix made a net profit of 558 million dollars last year. They have 139 million subscribers worldwide. This ridiculous hissy fit from the right wing extremists is going to have no effect.

Another said:

Hate to say this, but that’s chump change … it’s a drop in the bucket compared to how much they make monthly.

And this from another:

I truly abhor abortion, however, I feel I don’t have the right to tell others how to live their lives. PLUS, if these folks were really pro life and not just pro birth they wouldn’t be trying to take away all the programs that help poorer folks. I will join Netflix because of this ridiculous petition.

A fourth pointed out:

By supporting abortion, Netflix will gain more subscribers than they are losing. What are you going to do for entertainment when all studios stop filming in Georgia?

Last, but not least:

Let’s keep in mind this article on a website called faithwire. It’s extremely biased and completely delusional much like pro-lifers … Who’s to say any of these people actually even had Netflix or any other service. Most likely these people are just full of shit and jumping on bandwagon and saying that they’ve cut Netflix out of their life when really they’re still using an antenna.

All of this prompted me to check how vulnerable Netflix is to the boycott. Here are some facts from a 2017 report:

Netflix is the biggest video streaming service in the world today. It serves 190 countries with over 109 million users, with movies and series in 21 languages — and all without ads ruining your viewing experience.

Netflix’s main source of revenue is subscriptions, which cost between $7.99 and $13.99 per month. This totals to about $950 million per month, according to the company’s earnings report. It also earns about $30 million per month through DVD rentals. The profit, or net income, is approximately $43 million per month. Other reports indicate that since 2017 the company’s revenues have been steadily increasing.

And in the first quarter of 2018, Netflix added 7. 4 million subscribers, beating the 6.5 million that were expected.

Bottom line: the boycott by angry anti-abortion Christian fanatics will be nothing more than pissing in wind exercise, and may well serve to drive up the number Netflix’s subscribers

Oh, and if they’re so intent on preventing abortions, they can always sent off for a bunch of Netfl!x condoms made by Ripnroll.


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  • rubaxter

    Netflix does offer a variety that neither broadcast or cable ever did for intelligent Adults, but so does Prime.

    There will always be a market and provider for those services even if loss of subscribers claws back some profits.

    There’s just too much good programming out there, even in the form of BBC, that can be bargained for to fill the gap a lot of people will pay for. Netflix is also keen on increasing OVERSEAS subscriptions, which have none of the Duh! overhead of US Fly Over District markets.

    Now if only I could get Goober and Teabagger Nation’s to subsidize my viewing with their mouthbreathing consumption of ESPN and the like.

  • barriejohn

    I don’t know where people find the time to watch all these films anyway.

    I was just looking up Pittman, as I hadn’t come across him before, and I found this:


    The comments are hilarious – it’s like entering a parallel universe.

    I didn’t even know about Pittman until this whole ordeal started. I keep looking at his face and thinking, “This dude is a pathetic, overweight, loser-freak passing off antinomianism as ‘Reformed’ practices.” His lazy eye doesn’t really help the image my mind conjured up.

    And I always thought that Christians were supposed to love one another!

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    Dear Knuckle-draggers:

    Netflix doesn’t care what you think.

  • Zetopan

    “I always thought that Christians were supposed to love one another!”

    They do* as long as that “another” is the right “kind” of Christian. That is why there are more than 47,000 different Christian sects.

    *Until they don’t.

  • Heck, I’m an Australian and the several Smart Android Boxes that I bought-in from China, along with the actual Remote Control for my recent Smart 4K tv, (carrying the brand name of a Dutch multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Amsterdam) – all of these include Netflix!

    Then, Netflix was my Second Streaming subscription (my first; a native Aussie choice), and my third Streaming option since the Australian Broadcast Networks offer a FREE internet-based ‘Catch-Up’ option on their already put-to-air material.

    I’d largely given-up on broadcast, apart from the occasional isolated offering and was buying DVD box sets of series unavailable on the networks before being connected to Australia’s more recent post-ADSL telecom system upgrade, and thus having an boost in download speeds. Presently, Netflix is just ONE of the FOUR streaming services to which I am subscribed. [ note: pic linked is not my Remote Control but, like mine, has a Netflix Button! ]


  • johnsoncatman

    Bottom line: the boycott by angry anti-abortion Christian fanatics will be nothing more than pi ss ing in wind exercise, . . .

    Let’s hope the wind is blowing in a favorable direction, and it all blows back in their face.

  • Brian Curtis

    It’s amazing how often these Christian experts on capitalism zoom right past the obvious: If you can’t find any media that promotes your values, it’s because nobody shares your values. If significant numbers of people did, there would be media to cater to them. That’s how media companies make money. Your views? Not profitable.

  • Lurker111

    “What are you going to do for entertainment when all studios stop filming in Georgia?”

    Georgia will be reduced to passion plays and spelling bees–provided they can lay in a supply of superfluous apostrophes.

  • Debby Potter

    Tell Burger King that. They ended up offending their Christian customers into boycotting. The boycott received the same response as this, until they actually realized that it wasn’t worth offending their customer base and apologized. That’s been some years ago now, but I’ve never understood companies taking stands as a company to hate on any portion of their customer base. If they are positively standing for something great as a company, that might be different, but they’re just hating on a group of people that they don’t agree with.

  • Duncan R. Bryson

    Interested. Can you give some details re Burger King?

  • Dunsworth

    Why did you say that the petition claims that Christians have the power to drive Netflix out of business, when it doesn’t say that, and nothing you quote in the article says that?

  • Debby Potter

    It’s been so long now… We lived in TX, so I’m guessing 1990s timeframe… I believe it had to do with supporting abortion, but I wouldn’t bet on that. They did do a public apology, and I’m pretty sure it made the newspaper. We didn’t have fb back then. 🙂 The main thing I remember is that my kids and I liked Burger King, so I was glad when the boycott was called off. I think maybe there was a long list of companies involved in that boycott, now that you are jogging my memory.

  • Duncan R. Bryson

    Thanks. I’ll see if I can find anything further but it sounds like info might be thin on the ground.

  • Montee90556

    You just don’t get it. We simply can’t watch Netflix anymore, while they actively support baby murder . Society is dividing and as a traditional catholic my worlld is getting smaller and I really dont care. Christ is King.

  • Montee90556

    Then we stop watching the damm PC propaganda machine all together. So what. Tell me the last half decent movie or show that is worth watching anyway.

  • Barry Duke

    Sex Education. Best damn series on Netflix I’ve seen in a long while.

  • Debby Potter

    My phone wouldn’t work to respond, but I found this right off. The controversy was between Burger King and Christian organization that confronted them about content in television programming. There were many other boycotts happening around that same time, with companies starting to push anti-Christian values in their advertising, etc, at the time. https://www.nytimes.com/1990/11/07/business/burger-king-ads-help-end-boycott-by-religious-group.html?fbclid=IwAR2mXlTkLANzC_lWKeir5FY9Bb0HHeEtRVejtYNWRXxQsmramY8-_JWUHkk

  • Montee90556

    “Abortion has nothing to do with babies” That line says it all . How sad that people could think that way . You should read what Dr Ben Carsons has to say about fetuses reponding to painful stimuli in utero. He has operated on them . Yet the abortionists have no qualms in literally ripping them limb from limb . Little legs , little hands ,little heads. Little babies for sure.

  • barriejohn

    They’re foetuses!

  • se habla espol

    Is there any actual evidence supporting this canard of large-scale dismemberment of fœtuses? Can Carson be considered an expert in fœtal neurology, capable of rendering a worthwhile opinion of whether any fœtuses were perceiving anything, much less pain? I point out that neurology is well outside the realm of a mere surgeon.

  • Debby Potter

    So, you’re saying boycotting has no effect on anyone, or do you just judge that those you deem “wierdos” are ineffective? Bubblecar… what a weird name to hide behind…

  • Mike Panic

    Then PROVE IT ALREADY. Your evil god must get over here to tell us that bull if it wants to be believed.

  • Mike Panic

    How many have you save from abortion by adopting?

  • Montee90556

    He has already came down from heaven . He suffered and died for our sins . He established His church on earth and gave the apostles and primarily St Peter the authority to loose and bind on earth . That church and that authority lives on to this day and it is the Catholic church. When the Catholic church declares abortion a mortal sin , then God is declaring it a mortal sin. The fact that such a statement of truth may seem repugnant to you means zip . Truth is truth. Abortion is murder and I suspect that many pro choice people , especially women who have had abortions , know that , but find it too painful to face that truth. God still loves tbem and will forgive them , but they need to ask . Even when He was being crucified He asked the Father to forgive them “for they know not what they do “.

  • Mike Panic

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, you make wild bullsh*t claims and offer no valid prooff. That makes you another lying sack of fe cal matter just like your imaginary evil god. Now put up or shut up. Now get the lousy god thing over here to give us proof, fool.

  • Montee90556

    To quote crusty the clown”Angry , angry young man”.
    Do yourself a big favor and research the events in Portugal in Fatima in 1917. The children declared a miracle would occur on 13 th of October 1917 . Over 70,000 people gathered including many atheists . They witnessed the spectacular miracle of the sun . Look up the photos and testimonies of published in the atheistic press of the day. Also I think Life did a photo spread of it in the sixties. Surely proof of the supernatural.

  • Mike Panic

    I grew up in kkkatlik school. I learned first hand just howes much this make believe mattered t the church and its sorry minions. Instead lf telling me all this BULLSHlT, start giving us prfoof already. Tell your vile god it will have to prove itself to billions before it will be believed. Now quit wasting my time with your childish fantasies. Until you come up with proof of your insane claims you are just another liar pushing totalitarian dictatorship on America.

  • Montee90556

    You will believe one day. Hopefully before you die , but one way or another you will believe. I am done with this discussion , as it seems to be making you take the Lords name in vain. Stop that please.

  • Mike Panic

    Your sorry hate mongering malevolence deserves every vile name that can be attached to the evil thing. Your monstrosity has destroyed the lives of billion s of people in its name in just the last 2000 years. Now you want to be left alone and treated with respect? YOU FORFEITED the right to be left alone when you came here spouting junk about your imaginary goddy. YOU FORFEITED the right to respect when you stood against the Civil Rights act, Women’s suffrage, Rock & Roll music, Gay Marriage and Equality, and mny other advances in human rights. IF your god does not like this it is free to tell THE ENTIRE WORLD IN PERSON. Maybe you should have considered that others are living human beings, instead of the evil things you consider others. Had you shown respect you would get respect. Instead you reap the h8 and scorn you have so glibly spread upon others.

  • Mike Panic
  • DougS

    …boy, this article didn’t age well.