Treif sold to Jewish customers at a top kosher delicatessen

Treif sold to Jewish customers at a top kosher delicatessen June 18, 2019
Image via University Jewish Chaplaincy

IN a letter to Liverpool’s Jewish residents, Rabbi Natan Fagleman, above, has advised Roseman’s Delicatessen customers to bin food bought from the deli, and not use any utensils that were used to cook Roseman’s products.

The letter was sent after it was discovered that the deli had been selling selling non-kosher (treif) meat and poultry.

Fagleman, of the Liverpool Kashrut Commission, which incorporates the Liverpool Shechita Board, outlined how :

Serious breaches of kashrut have taken place at Roseman’s Delicatessen.

However, chickens with a Manchester Beth Din label and pre-packed sealed meat products from other suppliers are safe to use.

Said Fagleman:

Arrangements are being made for shul and communal kitchens to be appropriately restored to kosher status.

He added that details would follow regarding the koshering of private residences and of ovens.

In an editorial, Jewish News said:

While the satirists will have a field day, this is no laughing matter. Liverpool has been badly hit by the economic downturn and the effects of austerity. Jewish families, who can ill-afford the higher costs of kosher at the best of times, are not immune.

Beyond the immediate cost and disruption to families, there must be a serious investigation into how non-kosher food was sold in good faith as kosher. It’s truly scandalous.

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  • freethinker666

    HA! HA!

  • WallofSleep

    “While the satirists will have a field day…”

    Yeah, that’s the funny thing about satirists; they don’t have much respect for adults who believe in magic spells.

  • Broga

    “Serious breaches of kashrut have taken place….” That is a fascinating sentence, if you can stop laughing long enough to read it. If serious breaches have taken place then there must be other breaches which were not serious. Do the non serious breaches have to be dealt with as well or are they allowed to continue as a consolidation? This gets tricky. Who decides which are serious and which are non serious? These rabbis have a heavy responsibility in making these decisions. What happens if they make a wrong judgement? Can these complex decisions be appealed – possibly by restaurant owners whose profits fall.

    I don’t know what kashrut is. Sounds like some kind of venereal disease. Rabbi Fagelman must be an encouragement for the swelling numbers of vegans. “Become a vegan and know that you never again eat an animal that died, strung up by its keels, as it bled to death with its throat slashed.”

  • Lark62

    I guess they need to come up with a verifiable, scientific test that would analyze meat to clearly distinguish kosher meat from non kosher meat….

    Oh yeah, maybe not.

    But then the catholic church could use the same process to distinguish between Jesus crackers and boring unconsecrated crackers….

    Never mind.

    Maybe grown ups could stop believing in fairy tales.

    Silly me….

  • CoastalMaineBird

    It’s a shame that all those people had to die, just because the deli made a mistake, or tried to save a few bucks.

    Oh, wait…

  • CoastalMaineBird

    An unrelenting optimist, you are.

  • Lilly Munster

    Judaism is every bit as schizophrenic, racist, and absurd as Mormonism. Both are steeped in idiocy, superstition, and the whole long list of irrational Chosen People myths.

  • Barry Duke

    Confession: I chose this report because it reminded me of an hilarious incident that took place more than 50 years ago at the home of a neighbour, an orthodox Jewish woman who offered lodgings to my late uncle Charlie. The morning after he moved in, I heard screams coming from next door. When I checked to see what the noise was all about I saw Mrs Killoff chasing my uncle along the garden path, taking swipes at his head with a frying pan. This was because he’d got up early to make a breakfast of bacon and eggs in the kitchen. He had to have a dozen stitches put in his head, and the pan, and everything else he’d used to cook and eat his breakfast had to be buried in the garden for 40 days to re-kosher them.

  • EllyR

    Practically, the whole Kashrut issue is a business issue. The proof is in Israel, where various ‘levels’ of Kashrut are offered by these or that rabies…

  • EllyR

    Regarding the ‘chosen’, only Jews went through the Holocaust under the sleeping watchful eye of the chooser… Mormons are chosen to be ridiculed…

  • What, even, is the difference?

  • WallofSleep
  • WallofSleep

    Softly spoken magic spells.

  • So… no physical difference, no actual danger to the customers, and people are upset for no reason at all.

  • persephone

    I watched on of those home renovation shows a few years ago, where a young Jewish couple wanted their house all set up. The two kitchens had me shaking my head. My eyes rolled so hard at the idea of a nomadic tribe carrying around double the cooking supplies and tents to meet some standard of food preparation. I was told that laws can be added, but none can be removed. So every time a rabbi comes up with a new rule, everyone, at least those in that sect, have to adapt.

  • Zetopan

    The very definition of religion.

  • Zetopan

    Voluntary brain death for those was too afraid to think for themselves because they might be wrong. Better to follow worthless ancient superstitious beliefs than to think anything through in a logical manner.

  • WallofSleep

    Indeed. Same with halal.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    ” Mrs. Killoff” ? Really?

    had to be buried in the garden for 40 days to re-kosher them.

    Imagine explaining this procedure to the men from another planet that just landed.

    “Well, you see, Beldar, the Holy Lord God Almighty Yahweh, who is invisible, talks to us every 3000 years or so, and told us that we have to take special precautions with certain cooking practices or he gets offended and starts smiting us with hurricanes and stuff. So, we bury the pans and utensils for 40 days, so that the cooties die off, and we’re safe again.”

    Beldar: ” Beldar to home world, Beldar to home world – there’s no intelligent life here.”

  • CoastalMaineBird

    I don’t know what kashrut is
    That’s where you don’t get a pay raise in quite some time.

  • Lurker111

    Indeed. Isn’t there an OT verse that says it’s okay to sell tainted meat to outsiders, but not to members of your own tribe?

  • Vanity Unfair

    Serious breaches of kashrut have taken place at Roseman’s Delicatessen…..
    Arrangements are being made for shul and communal kitchens to be appropriately restored to kosher status.

    They’re going to be buried for forty days?

  • Vanity Unfair

    The last word on “chosen people” is probably the final track on You Don’t Have to be Jewish. I’m assuming everybody has a copy but, just in case, there is a download at Go to 33 minutes, or listen to it all.

  • Vanity Unfair

    Make believe religion: as opposed to….?

  • Norman Parron

    A reel religion…like the church of bacon!

  • Broga

    That is one smart comment. Thanks. And I suppose we have all been in it at some time.

  • EllyR

    I am not such an expert on Jewish culinary laws but I will safely agree that since Treif, (non Kosher) food is not necessarily tainted and forbidden only for consumption, not trade, it is most likely true.

  • Freethinker

    Beyond the immediate cost and disruption to families, there must be a serious investigation into how non-kosher food was sold in good faith as kosher. It’s truly scandalous.

    It IS scandalous! The investigation is now complete. It has found that Rosemans tried to get the magical incantations from the Certified Jewish Magical Kosher Spells Giver but it turns out that on that day he’s been temporarily replaced by his brother in law, Yev Kassem, who upon taking one look at Roseman’s decidedly substandard fare declared:
    And that is why all this food which is perfectly fine otherwise must be destroyed to appease Yahweh who is in the sky an cares about such matters.

  • Vanity Unfair

    I believe!

  • David Cromie

    Mad Gawd Disease is no respecter of difference among peoples.

  • bing3300

    As I am an ordained member in that faith tradition and hold the honorific “The Very Reverend” would you please be respectful and use the correct term United Church of Bacon.

  • EllyR

    Were they chosen as well?