Trump claims to be the saviour of ‘suppressed’ religious believers

Trump claims to be the saviour of ‘suppressed’ religious believers June 27, 2019
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US PRESIDENT Donald Trump used a four-day faith conference in Washington yesterday to trumpet his achievements as the saviour of Christian believers whose rights had apparently been trampled under previous administrations.

In a speech dripping with self-congratulation, the egotistical Orange One told attendees at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference that when he ran in 2016:

Americans of faith were under assault. But the shameful attempt to suppress religious believers ended the day I took the oath of office.

He cited his administration’s steps to cut federal funding for foetal tissue research and boost other anti-abortion efforts, among other things.

But he warned evangelical voters that it all could change very quickly with the “wrong person” in the White House.

Conference Chairman Ralph Reed, a prominent GOP evangelical strategist, praised Trump for getting two Supreme Court justices confirmed and called Trump pro-Israel and “pro-life”.

This was Trump’s sixth address to the Faith & Freedom Coalition, and second  as President – and hopefully his last.

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  • Zetopan

    “the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference”

    Religionists sure are overly fond of oxymorons.*

    *As well as morons.

  • johnsoncatman

    Such a narcissistic fool. Nothing had been invented and the world was in total shambles before January 2017. It is a good thing he came along to save us all. Hail 45! (I just puked in my mouth.)

  • adhoc

    Yeah, I remember when saying Merry Christmas would get you locked up for 2-5 years. Luckily for us, we now are required by law to say Merry Christmas or you will get locked up in one of the Camp Trumps along our southern boarder*. Ahh Freedumb!!

    *yes, I know.

  • sweeks

    I’d say “Hail Satan”, but that would be disrespectful to Satan.

  • sweeks

    “*yes, I know.”
    It’s perfectly appropriate spelling, considering all the free room and borde we’re providing. 😉

  • TrickyDicky
  • Broga

    I think we may get our very own Trump. The characteristics are similar, including an indifference to the truth and also their personal lives.

  • Broga

    Indeed. And if you delete the first three letters of the last word they are also fond of those. They depend on them for their churches to survive.

  • Broga

    You were there before me.

  • Zetopan

    Alabama – ever striving to be at the bottom because they can’t even see the top. I wonder when they will pass a law declaring that their current year date is 1619?*

    *That may even be *too* progressive of a date for them.

  • Matt G

    I wonder how many abortions his sexual partners (*gag*, *vomit-in-mouth*) have had.

  • Raymond Metcalfe

    someone described BJ as trump with an English public school education

  • Boris the Finkasaurus is smarter and more rational than Trump, which makes him more dangerous.

  • Raging Bee

    Donald Trump will always be the stupidest person in the room, even when it’s a roomful of stupid racist blowhards.

  • Broga

    Boris is intellectually very intelligent and, like many others who have been through the public school ssytem (i.e. private and only for the wealthy) emotionally stunted. As he has been so warped emotionally his intellectual gifts, and they are undeniable, make him a dangerous politician. He is dangerous because he is indifferent to the consequences of his actions which are focused on what serves his purpose. He is not constrained by shame or guilt. We have a massive problem in the UK as we have no people of high political calibre who have the remotest chance of being selected as PM.

    The recent outrage of spending £2.500,000 on refurbishing Prince Harry’s house while imposing a BBC licence fee on the over 75s sums up the indifference to public opinion. Who made the decision to spend that money? No one is named as we hear from the “Palace.” The talking Palace again when the decision maker wants to keep their head below the parapet.

  • WallofSleep
  • WallofSleep

    So now “getting shot while black” is a crime in Alabama?

    ETA: I didn’t need to click the link to guess what ethnicity this poor woman is. I’m gonna fückin’ püke.

  • barriejohn

    I have no doubt that this wonderful, great, amazing, fantastic champion of religious freedom will also do everything in his power to protect the rights of satanists, pagans, animists, and of course, Muslims, Hindus, and so on. After all, he must understand what “religious freedom” means, surely?

  • rubaxter

    He’s playing the bull&#8203shite Nixonian ‘Silent Majority’ card.

    Oh, and ‘Murican Whining Leetle Christer Snowflakes were under assault just like his Inaugural was the ‘largest’ ever.

    He’s lied from day one, forced gummint employees to cover up for this lies from day one, and is still lying in every breath he takes.

  • rubaxter

    Yeah, now saying Happy Holidays will get you shot at.


  • Sau Peih

    “Faith & Freedom Coalition, but only when it’s ‘their’ faith.They only include other faiths when evil atheists are about and need the “strength in numbers”.

  • barriejohn

    I mentioned this some time ago: My father never threw anything away, and when sorting through some of his effects (what a job!) I came across a little Christmas card sent to my grandmother. On the front was an artist’s impression of the local church (CofE), and the greeting read, “Happy Holidays from Santa Clause” (sic). I guess from its appearance and what I know about the family that it was sent during the last war (1940s). This was a card printed by, and sent to parishioners by, the church itself (my grandfather was RC and from Ireland). I was amazed!

  • barriejohn

    More depressing news about Trump the Environmentalist:

  • barriejohn

    And even more depressing news about Putin the Populist:

  • rubaxter

    Yet, I’ve heard people who knew Boris and other historical Tory leaders, including Max Hastings, a previous Boris employer, say Boris is completely unfit for purpose because, even when compared to the similarly brilliant but emotionally stunted Churchill, he has no rapport with anyone but his physically-one-arm-length acquaintances.

    To me, Hasting’s recent Guardian opinion piece has forever eliminated Boris in my view as anything but an accidentally not-as-completely-unsuitable leader of the Tories, compared to the utter street goons like Farage.

  • rubaxter

    Yeah, but there may be andirons in the fireplace he can beat 3 of 4 in a colour the book and don’t eat the crayons contest.

  • Broga

    What an opportunity for Labour? Where are they? My wife has a friend who has never voted other than Tory, her parents voted, Tory, all her relatives voted Tory. She decided she could not vote Tory, the Labour option was not acceptable although she would have done if they “were worth a vote” and she now votes Lib Dem.