Man, sacked for Facebook anti-religious post, is reinstated

Man, sacked for Facebook anti-religious post, is reinstated July 19, 2019

Image via Facebook

BRIAN Leach, above, the UK man sacked by supermarket chain Asda for sharing a video clip of the comedian Billy Connolly mocking religion on social media has been reinstated.

His dismissal last month caused nationwide outrage, and prompted the creator of Jesus and Mo to roundly mock the decision.

Leach was given the boot last month after a colleague complained that a sketch he shared, in which Connolly said “religion is over” and called suicide bombers “wankers”, was anti-Islamic.

He was employed as a checkout assistant at Asda’s Dewsbury store in West Yorkshire.

The National Secular Society has been in touch with Leach throughout an internal appeals process and has now learned that he has been given his job back.

NSS chief executive Stephen Evans said the decision was:

A victory for common sense. We welcome Asda’s decision to reinstate Brian Leach, although this case raises broader concerns about the extent to which employers can legitimately restrict their employees’ freedom of expression on social media.

Leach had removed the relevant social media post and apologised to his colleagues before he was sacked.

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