Muslims and the media targeted at Trump’s ‘fascist’ rally

Muslims and the media targeted at Trump’s ‘fascist’ rally July 18, 2019
Image via YouTube/Fox News

A PREDOMINANTLY white crowd of thousands, many in red ‘Make America Great Again’ hats, yesterday (Wednesday) encouraged ‘a receptive’ Donald Trump  to illegally deport one of his political opponents, who is a black Muslim American woman.

When the President turned his guns on Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) –who came to this country as a Somali refugee before becoming a citizen – thousands of people in Greenville’s Williams Arena in North Carolina broke into a chant of “send her back!”

Reporting for the HuffPost, Christopher Mathias, who was accused of “threatening and harassing” Trump supporters outside the rally, wrote:

To scholars of fascism — who have been ringing the alarm bells since Trump began his climb to power in 2015 — the rally in Greenville felt like an escalation. Like the U.S. just made another leap toward outright fascism.

Jason Stanley, a Yale University philosophy professor and author of the book How Fascism Works, tweeted:

I am not easily shocked. But we are facing an emergency. Journalists must not get away with sugar coating this. This is the face of evil.

Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a history professor at New York University who is an expert on fascism and propaganda, saw historical parallels in the Greenville rally.

Trump has created a corps of supporters fanatically loyal to him who turn his latest racist messages into group rituals (chants, slogans) and who hate the people he tells them to. All of this is consistent with the leader-follower relationship of fascist regimes.

And Shane Burley, author of the book Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It, said:

Oh yeah, it’s a fascist rally. I think that this rally is a rhetorical and political escalation for Trump, establishing him firmly to the right of his 2016 election. Which is what he wants to do because he wants to double down on his base for support, and he is doing that by playing on racist populism to create that motivation

Among those who came to egg Trump on were a couple called Mark and Nancy Dawson, who drove an hour and a half from Seaboard, North Carolina, for the rally. Mark, a retiree in a camouflage “Trump 2020” baseball cap and a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “United States of America: Love It or Leave It” said:

I think Muslims should be kicked out of the country because Sharia law is not conducive to the Constitution, period.

Nancy, a retired IBM programmer, said of Muslims:

I don’t hate them. I just think they should go back where they can be together and have their own country and their own religion.

Danny Sills, a 50-year-old truck driver from Williamston, North Carolina, said the President’s remarks about the congresswomen were “absolutely not” racist.

If they wanna come here and assimilate and be Americans, they’re fine to be here. If they’re gonna try and destroy this country from within, they need to be somewhere else.

Mathias wrote:

The Dawsons’ vision of mass deportation didn’t feel like much of a fringe position at Wednesday’s ‘Keep America Great’ rally in Greenville. When the President took the stage, he re-upped his call for four Democratic congresswomen of color, all four of whom are American, to ‘go back’ to the countries they came from.

As at every Trump rally before it, there was a widespread hatred of the press in Greenville, a well-documented characteristic of fascist movements. 

Trump, after all, has spent his entire presidency calling the media ‘fake news’ and ‘the enemy of the people’. It’s a view his supporters have embraced wholeheartedly. As people stood in line outside the arena, MAGA merchants hawked ‘CNN sucks!’ T-shirts while a band of teenagers in MAGA hats played a song called ‘CNN sucks’.

As this HuffPost reporter conducted interviews outside the rally, with supporters who wanted to answer questions, he was approached by a police officer, who warned him that there had been complaints he was ‘threatening and harassing’ event attendees. The cop warned that if he received more complaints, this reporter would be removed from the rally …

When some reporters in the press pit stayed seated during the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem, Trump supporters angrily yelled ‘Stand up, media!’from the stands. 
And of course, when Trump attacked the media in his speech, the crowd went wild.

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  • igotbanned999

    My mom was watching this on TV and cheering it on…

  • frostysnowman

    This is Trump’s “birtherism” for the 2020 election. He can’t go on about Obama’s birth certificate any more, so this is the next best thing. And it obviously works. Sickening.

  • rubaxter

    Probably resonates more here …

  • rubaxter

    Friedman had a good op-ed piece the other day …

    Don’t know if you can get through to is, but the summary pretty much says what I’ve said.

    “… Dear Democrats: This is not complicated! Just nominate a decent, sane
    person, one committed to reunifying the country and creating more good
    jobs, a person who can gain the support of the independents, moderate
    Republicans and suburban women who abandoned Donald Trump in the
    midterms and thus swung the House of Representatives to the Democrats
    and could do the same for the presidency. And that candidate can win! …”

  • barriejohn

    Time’s fast running out. If Trump isn’t re-elected I shall be most surprised!

  • Broga

    The way this is going, and in the UK, it will be “The fire the next time”.

  • Wisdom, Justice, Love

    I’m hoping we can finally resolve all the economic anxiety. /s

    National broadcast journalism is a joke. The Infotainment industry is doing a disservice to the country. But who cares as long as I can post my internet gimmick video and see how many likes it gets. Yay! I’m interesting.

  • WallofSleep
  • Wisdom, Justice, Love

    They did. HRC was more than qualified. But since infotainment is only concerned with profits, we spent weeks taking about Benghazi. Because it was important to the future of this nation and their corporate sponsors.

    Face it. The Religious cult had no interest in fairness or rules, just winning. No rule can’t be broken. No double standard too hypocritical or shameful.

    An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The electorate couldn’t be bothered to apply an ounce of prevention in 2016, I don’t expect then to be eager to apply a pound of cure in 2020.

    Remember when LOTS of people said there was no contest and the media just wanted to make it a horse race?

  • WallofSleep

    That, and the Trump campaign was such a dumpster fire of a spectacle the media gave him millions of dollars in free advertising by constantly reporting on all his outrageous nonsense while mostly ignoring the Clinton campaign.

  • WallofSleep

    You have my condolences. Unfortunately we can’t pick our relatives.

  • Wisdom, Justice, Love

    Reporting in an “objective” manner, so the “liberal media” doesn’t seem biased.
    Les already gave it away, bad for The United States, but good for ratings, the share price and my bank account.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    considering who his biggest supporters are.. how could anybody ‘not see’ this coming.

  • Jen (*.*)

    Just use facts with them. Not catchwords like “evil” or “chants.” Don’t stoop to their level.

  • Dreadnaught

    Look around the world. People in the West need to focus their eyes beyond their own borders. There is not a country in this world under the dominance of Islam and Sharia, where it has not hindered individual freedom, equality or economic development, independent of any petrol-dollars. Islam has been set up and fine tuned to be unreformable without resort to bloodshed or repression. It has only recently and successfully established itself as a perennial Victim culture in order to deflect criticism, discussion or ridicule while spreading it influence throughout the globe. It is nothing less than a bloated leech sucking the lifeblood out of ignorant Western societies.

  • TrickyDicky

    Call that a rally, where was the martial music, the marching, the salutes?

    And where were the torches, where were the flaming torches!? /s

  • Chris Hogue

    If they wanna come here and assimilate and be Americans, they’re fine to be here. If they’re gonna try and destroy this country from within, they need to be somewhere else. – Danny Sills

    It sounds like someone is worried about someone taking their jobs again.

  • Jemolk

    I’m afraid that’s rather idealistic of him. The nominee needs to be able to effectively and efficiently counter Trump’s message. To neuter it completely, and simultaneously present a compelling alternative course away from the neoliberal madness that we’ve been dealing with. That paragraph could describe Clinton, but she was clearly not enough. We need a Sanders or Warren, and preferably Sanders, since he has by far the most crossover appeal and generates the most excitement with the base to get out and vote.

  • Sophotroph

    Look around the world. Nowhere in a western democracy is even the hint of the enaction of Sharia law. Without exception, Sharia law fearmongering is baseless.

    Worry about real threats, not manufactured ones.

  • Dreadnaught

    Sharia is the rule of the Afghani and Pakistani Taliban, they are prepared to die for its establishment. It is the rule of ISIS or whatever they will call themselves in the future. Saudi Arabia and the oil states, Islamic Republic of Iran (clue in the title) the list goes on. Here in the UK we have Sharia marriage/divorce, Sharia banking; Halal food in every school and hospital unless requested specifically. Sharia is the default position many countries around the world whether fully implemented or not. This is not fearmongering its a proven fact. It will begin very quietly at first as it did here (headscarves for females, segregated roles for the sexes etc etc), and grow in prominence according to the numbers of Muslims in given areas.
    See the presence the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation has created for itself in the UN to advance the spread of the doctrine of Islamic ideology. Compare that to Western Judeo/Christian presence in the no-go Islamic countries that have driven out the Jews and Christians and regard the US as the eternal enemy. Islam is an unreformable, totalitarian ideology, dressed up as a religion that is drummed into children from birth and the West has been sucker-punched by espousing inclusivity and freedom of religion without even bothering to examine it.