Senate hearing told YouTube restricts access to Ten Commandments

Senate hearing told YouTube restricts access to Ten Commandments July 20, 2019
Image via YouTube

DENNIS Prager, above – right-wing commentator, climate-change denier and all-round hater of all things gay – complained to a Senate hearing this week that his  crappy videos are being ‘restricted’ by YouTube, a subsidiary of Google.

He told the hearing:

Google has even restricted access to a video on the Ten Commandments. Yes, the Ten Commandments.

In a prepared testimony, Prager told senators that his video-producing organisation, known as PragerU, never got an explanation for why YouTube restricted the videos.

‘Restricted’ means that families that have a filter to avoid pornography and violence cannot see that video. It also means that no school or library can show that video.

Image via YouTube

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is the subcommittee chairman. He held the hearing to look into the issue of the global Internet giant and censorship, especially of conservative organisations, individuals, and ideas. He said this of Prager:

Listen, Dennis Prager is a brilliant thinker, but nobody with any sense would describe Dennis Prager as some sort of dangerous voice that must be muzzled. But if you’re a leftist, he is a very dangerous voice because he responds with facts and reason, and the left is terrified of facts and reason.

Hmmm. This is not the picture RationalWiki paints of the loon:

Dennis Prager is a neoconservative radio host and conspiracy theorist who believes that the United States is a Christian nation, and that it’s under attack from ‘secular leftists’  who control the media, universities, public education system, and other institutions.

Prager is notable for having a history of being extremely homophobic despite denying it every ten seconds in his articles and radio show. He has claimed that the legalization of gay marriage is a greater threat to America than economic depression.

Ironically, given Trump’s convincing impersonation of Mussolini (or was it Hitler?) at a rally of white supremacists North Carolina a few days ago, Prager once warned of a fascist takeover of America. This, he predicted, would come about through efforts to promote LGBT tolerance.

Says RationalWiki:

What tolerance has to do with a nationalistic, corporatist, and anti-democracy political philosophy that believes in quashing the rights of minorities, we can’t be entirely sure of.

RationalWiki also has an entry for Cruz:

Like any senator from said state [Texas], he’s a gibbering Tea Party nut — an obnoxious reactionary on every social and economic issue.

All that aside, Karan Bhatia, Google’s Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy, denied that the tech company is partisan.

Google is not politically biased. Indeed, we go to extraordinary lengths to build our products and enforce our policies in an analytically objective, apolitical way. We do so because we want to create tools that are useful to all Americans. Our search engine and our platforms reflect the online world that is out there.

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  • WallofSleep

    “Google has even restricted access to a video on the Ten Commandments.”

    Well Dennis, why exactly should someone listen to a xtian try to explain the religious laws of judaism?

  • Jim Jones

    Because the instant anyone reads, hears or sees them they fall on their knees praising Jesus.

    Oddly, since he isn’t mentioned.

  • rubaxter

    Shi&#8203te is in the eye, and on the shoe, of the beholder.

    Some of us are Adult enough that we don’t want other people treading in it by mistake, and at least flag it as shi&#8203te.

    Some of us also like to spin up the Whining KKKonservative Snow&#8203flakes.

  • larry parker

    I just googled “10 commandments” and got 35,700,000 hits. I narrowed the search to “videos” and got 1,380,000 hits.
    Someone is not using their mouth to talk.

  • WallofSleep
  • Cozmo the Magician

    riiiiight youtube bans videos about the 10 commandments .. like the &#8203fucking 2+hr feature movie. Or the hundreds if not thousands of others.. Yeah.

    Maybe youtube banned HIS video because he is a bigoted piece of &#8203shit that was trying to use the 10C as way to promote bigotry.

  • Robert McLean

    It could be simple mathematics. It’s often thought that ten, may just be too many for the Jesus followers to comprehend and it may be a good idea to abridge the required number to a lower number of units for the Jesus besotted to cope with, four. As this is less than the number of fingers on one hand, it is hoped the Christian community, after an hour or two in front of Sesame St. may be able to understand and comprehend the whole suite.

  • Reminds me of a loony Christian rapper who claimed having one of his videos flagged by YT for violence meant they were prosecuted, these were the End Times, etc.

    If you do not like YT, there’re web videos for Christians. Or you may crowd-fund one -I doubt those sites will allow either atheists or to talk from a non-religious perspective about science, the history of the Middle East, etc.-

  • wannabe

    No fair! Out of context! Fake news!

  • rubaxter

    Hey, the Christers stole them all fair and square from the Jews.

  • WallofSleep

    “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by The Freethinker.”

    Wow, I feel honored?

  • elropo

    What did you expect from this fool???

  • wannabe

    Dennis Prager is Jewish.

  • Mike Panic

    Can I sue god? The 10 biggies taught me how to sin. Now have an addiction I cannot get help with. Maybe I should just sue churches?

  • Mike Panic

    Xtianity uses the entire effin bible to promote hatreds.

  • Its easy to stump a christian 10 Commandments fan by asking if he’s observing the commandments prohibiting Seething a Kid in His Mother’s Milk, or Keeping the Feast of Weeks!!!??

    Why Christians get the 10 commandments wrong