Christian couple who ran a ‘gay cure’ camp face trafficking charges

Christian couple who ran a ‘gay cure’ camp face trafficking charges August 22, 2019
Images via Burnet County Jail

GARY Wiggins and his wife, Meaghan, who operated the Joshua Home – ‘a haven of Christian study, prayer and love for troubled boys’ – in Burnet County, Texas, have been indicted by a grand jury for human trafficking.

The couple had run a conversion therapy camp in Alabama – the Blessed Hope Boys Academy – where “brother” Gary Wiggins allegedly used a belt to beat the “the [gay] demon” out of boys who were sent there.

The now defunct Alabama school was the subject of a ABC’ “20/20” investigation in 2017. Boys interviewed at the time spoke out against the abuse that included forced exercise, solitary confinement, withholding food, and various conversion therapy tactics.

Lucas Greenfield whose mother sent him to Blessed Hope because hewas gay, said:

He took off his belt and started swinging.

Wiggins, according to Greenfielf, said to boys he terrorised:

I’m going to get the demon out of you and make you straight.

A former teacher at the camp, Rodney Pinkston, backed up Greenfield’s allegations of Wiggins’s attempts to “de-gay” the boys. He said:

During his preaching sometimes Brother Gary would say to the boys, ‘That’s just queer. What are you, queer? You a faggot, son?’

More than a year ago eight juvenile males were removed from the Wiggins’ Texas home while state and local agencies conducted an investigation into allegations of abuse, neglect, labour violations, fraud, licensing violations, and human trafficking relating to a string of businesses the couple ran, including Joshua Home Lawn Care and Joshua Home Movers.

The couple are each being held on $100,000 bond.

In 2016, police raided the Blessed Hope Boys Academy after several boys ran away and told authorities that staff had punished them with forced exercise, solitary confinement and withholding of food.

At the time Wiggins denied ever assaulting any boys in his care, but said he’d received written permission from parents to “swat” children. Allegations against him never led to charges.

Wiggins was filmed by 20/20 telling a mother of a gay teen from Washington state that he had an 80 percent success rate in turning homosexual boys straight. He called the process “redirecting”.

Wiggins has described himself in the past as a born-again Christian and recovering alcoholic and drug addict.

Escambia County, Florida, court records list more than a dozen charges against Wiggins before 2009, including driving with open containers, writing worthless cheques, driving under the influence, possession of cocaine and intent to sell cocaine, as well as minor traffic violations.

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  • orion dumptee

    well, he has ALL the qualifications to run a xstain concentration camp…so sad for the prisoners, WHAT T. F. is going thru the minds of these parents/guardians to send them there….? Oh right…,,, its their ‘love and compassion’ (sigh)…NOTHING to do with their ignorance, of course…hmmm

  • Raging Bee

    Whoever posts bond for those 69dirtballs needs to be closely monitored themselves…

  • Raging Bee

    We have a “school-to-prison pipeline.” Now it appears we also have a “church-to-private-labor-camp pipeline.”

  • Jack the Sandwichmaker

    Can we give the victims a chance to be the ones swinging the belt? See if whipping the abuser out of someone is any more effective than whipping the gay out.

  • Some guy

    Yes, since it at least stands a chance of working.

  • democommiescrazierbrother


    2nd attempt:

    Nothing sez, “JEEZUZ Loves you!”, like beating the fuckingshit out of a teen-ager.

  • democommiescrazierbrother

    You might have to let ALL of their victims beat them. Might be a long line. If it’s a hot summer’s day, make sure that they’re all hydrating.

  • democommiescrazierbrother

    I’m sure that the nearest megachurch’s senior pastor will dip into the till for the $200K–that’s a pisshole in the snowbank of JEEZUZbux that flow in.

    Do I need, “/s” on that?

  • democommiescrazierbrother

    They should just have a “Parents’ Weekend” where the family gets to visit their BDO (I would assume that they’re all males) where they can share the experience by eating the same food, sleeping on the same wet concrete floors, having endless prayer meetings and, for sure, enjoying a taste of the discipline.

    One caveat: Bein’ that it’s Alablamblam, they’re gonna have to check their gunz at the front gate.

    * Being Degayed Offspring

  • Raging Bee


  • democommiescrazierbrother

    I was thinking more for the newbies than us hardcore cynics.

  • Broga

    What more needs to be done to make people keep well clear of anyone, saying they are Christian, providing any kind of service. Is the attraction down to a combination of laziness and idleness and the comforting belief that they can accept the Christian label without question. Avoids thinking and offers a phony short cut to what they want.

  • Brian Davis

    This wouldn’t have been a problem if he’d been running an ICE detention center instead of a boys’ home.

  • wannabe

    Years of toil, care, effort, patience, money, love, undone in an instant when a child “comes out” into a deathstyle focused on enslavement to depravity and hatred of God. A child lost, forever. Worse than dead.

    What parent wouldn’t jump at a 80% claim of a cure, or even a 1% claim?

    “Evidence”? Yeah, some animals exhibit homosexual behavior. Animals also get cancer. We’re supposed to be better than animals. I know my parents raised me to be.

    Instead of that “evidence,” start with the Truth. But you atheists prefer to think with your gonads and pretend that willful ignorance will save you from Judgment. It won’t.

    There you go. (/s)

  • orion dumptee

    judgement ? from some stoopid imaginary sky fairy ? ha ha ha xstains and your ‘great big’ 3rd grade education

  • orion dumptee

    ha ha ha, do they have names on their collars ? long or short leash ? didnt know church amish had internet

  • Wisdom, Justice, Love

    Ha. I have internet. They don’t. True patriarchal authoritarian that I am. And you only need a collar and leash if they are leaving the house. Fat chance. /s

  • wannabe

    (Must have missed the /s.)