Rabbi compares gay pride events to white supremacist rallies

Rabbi compares gay pride events to white supremacist rallies August 2, 2019

LAKEWOOD, New Jersey, is a hotbed of Orthodox Judaism.

Rabbi Levin. Image via YouTube.

So when the town officially recognised June as Gay Pride month and hosted a variety of LGBT events, Rabbi Yehuda Levin – who in 2015 blamed a Pride parade for Hurricane Katrina – got his knickers in knot, and demanded to know:

What’s next in Lakewood, white supremacist having rallies at the Center Square in the name of free speech? Where does someone get the chutzpah to sponsor a gay pride night in town?

He was referring specifically to a Pride night that was hosted by the Lakewood BlueClaws, a Class A Minor League baseball team affiliated with the Philadelphia Phillies. Their stadium is located just blocks away from an all-boys Orthodox Jewish school and several Orthodox synagogues. It’s widely considered to be a “religious yeshiva” part of town. There are also many Christian churches in that general area.

The recognition of LGBT rights in Lakewood spawned a new chapter of MassResistance, a group of fruitcakes who promote “Pro-Family Activism”.

According to the MassResistance website, the Lakewood chapter:

Hit the ground running! Led by local Orthodox Jews and working with area Christians, they are taking on the LGBT agenda publicly and without fear. They’ve recently held three public protests, and they’re just getting started!

MassResistance added:

Rabbi Yehuda Levin of Brooklyn, NY, has been a strong figure in the pro-family movement for decades. Mass Resistance began working with him in 2004 when he came to Boston to oppose the imposition of ‘gay marriage’on the state, and we have helped each other on several projects since then.

Rabbi Levin is closely aligned with the Orthodox rabbis in Lakewood, NJ. Seeing what was going on, he made a series of videos to rally the Orthodox community and also to get the local Christian community involved. This got things rolling. Then he traveled to Lakewood to join the protests personally.

The site says that when the BlueClaws management made “a big announcement” that their June 8 game (on the Jewish Sabbath) would be a Pride Night and they would be giving out free rainbow caps, local residents were:

Shocked. It was seen as a direct affront to the surrounding community of religious Jews and Christians.

Said MassResistance:

The BlueClaws management reacted [to protests] by insulting the local people even further. The team released an absurd explanation saying that ‘baseball is for everyone’ – a statement that no one disagrees with. People disagree with promoting sexual perversion. It’s not for everyone!

Here’s the BlueClaws statement to the press a few days before their Pride Night:

We are committed to the idea that baseball is for everyone and all people are welcome at a BlueClaws game. It is unfortunate that some individuals are choosing to display intolerance rather than embrace the true spirit of the night. We look forward to BlueClaws Pride Night on Saturday.

The baseball team was not the only organisation that upset Levin and his band of bigots. They also targeted the local Ocean Park Public Library, which:

Is just blocks from Orthodox synagogues as well as Christian churches. The library draws many Orthodox Jewish children from the area.

During June, the library “aggressively celebrated” Gay Pride Month. According to local reports, this included:

Displays of LGBT themes, books with LGBT characters, LGBT speakers and presentations, movie screenings and other events that are geared toward varying ages.

Said MassResistance:

In other words, it was purposefully pushing a perverse anti-family agenda on the local religious community. As a result, a nearby Jewish school, Yeshiva Orchos Chaim, told parents it was their official policy was that no child should go to the public library during the month of June.

Image via YouTube

There was more to anger Levin and his crew of crazies. On July 24, a local Jewish businessman in Lakewood held a political fundraiser at a private home. The event was to raise money for Illinois State Representative Yehiel Mark Kalish, above. The special guest was New Jersey Assemblyman Schaer, who represents an area north of Lakewood.

Both politicians are Democrats. But it’s far worse than that. Illinois Rep. Kalish is an ordained Orthodox rabbi who strongly supports legalized abortion and ‘the rights of the LGBT community’ including ‘marriage equality.’

New Jersey Assemblyman Schaer is the first Orthodox Jew elected to the New Jersey Legislature. In 2017 he was endorsed by the statewide LGBT group Garden State Equality as an ‘LGBT-friendly candidate.’

How does this happen? Even among Orthodox Jews there are those who will sell out their faith for a little power. It’s particularly infuriating because it puts dishonor on everyone else.

To hold such an offensive fundraising event in a serious Orthodox Jewish community seemed more than a coincidence. It almost seemed purposeful. A statement had to be made. So with the blessing of Rabbi Levin, one of the group went and held a sign in front of the house during the event.

MassResistance concluded:

Orthodox Jews believe that it’s important to fight back against immoral attacks on one’s community, even if the odds are stacked against you. They also believe that one must not shy away from telling the truth. We absolutely agree. And from what we’ve seen, that attitude and approach always brings positive results in some way, despite what you are up against.

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  • Traci

    I saw the rabbi’s picture, and I had to post this


  • Vincent Valentine

    the only comparison is gays get beat up at both, otherwise gays doing their pride thing has never Impeded on my life in any way. Why can’t people just mind their own business?

  • johnsoncatman

    During June, the library “aggressively celebrated” Gay Pride Month.

    They did this by going out in the community abducting people and forcing them to read books with LBGTQ characters presented in a positive light, then strapping the people into comfortable theater seats and screening LBGTQ-friendly movies.

  • Duncan R. Bryson

    Like “militant atheists” hold rallies on similar lines to white supremacists.

  • Anri

    Perhaps MassResistance should make things easier for themselves by insisting that LGBT people wear some sort of distinctive symbol when they are in the neighborhood. You know, just to make sure everyone knows who the right people are.

    Some folks got short memories.

  • 24CaratHooligan

    Oops, sorry. Used a 69naughty word. twice. I can’t think of a politer term than g3n1tals I’m afraid.

  • Brian Shanahan

    Some kind of pink triangle perhaps?

    The rabbi should beware, folks who go after gay people tend to start focusing on jews soon after.

  • Raymond Metcalfe

    We have just had pride here on the isle of wight it was very aggressive people aresssivly enjoying themselves spending money in a very forceful manner to boost the local economy.

  • Michael Neville

    Because many religious people, especially ones who think they’re official Gawd spokescritters, want to impose their beliefs on the rest of us.

  • Raging Bee

    That could be why he’s trying to get ahead of the game and take the lead in this hate campaign.

  • Raging Bee

    They used comfy-chairs?! OMG THE HUMANITY!!!

  • Because they are so insecure in their own beliefs that they can’t tolerate the existence of contrary beliefs in others. The only way they can preserve the illusion that they are right is to suppress everyone else.

  • Rann

    NO ONE expects the Spanish Inqui…………..

    I’ll come in again………

  • johnsoncatman

    They were only using their best coercion methods to make them gay.

  • Sophotroph

    The horror!

  • Sophotroph

    Those things are dangerous! Somebody almost spilled their Starbucks on me once!

  • Raging Bee

    Sounds absolutely horrible!

  • Raging Bee

    Then we’ll be expecting you. That won’t work.

  • rubaxter

    Jewish Goober doesn’t realize that the reason Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Association, and Freedom of Speech had to be included specifically in the US Constitution is to protect the REST of us and the CIVIL gummint from fanatical fools like hisself.

    The REST of us don’t want to waste our time scraping the YHWH-Manure he flings off our lives, mostly because we have REAL jobs and REAL responsibilities beyond being a religious tapeworm.

    The good news is he doesn’t have to be LGBT or participate in any of their events or worship in their church.

  • rubaxter

    Mebbe MassResistance jerks should also wear symbols THEMSELVES so the rest of us don’t offend them when they’re out in public, too?

    I mean a symbol and not the clown suit they normally wear?

  • Freethinker

    Is it any wonder that all the regressive and inhumane ideas of Monotheism come from the same regional source sewer?


  • Helen LIpson

    This piece is a good reminder that there are several different species of Orthodox Jewry. And I don’t just mean individual differences in points of view. I would bet that the liberal Orthodox state assemblyman referred to is what’s called “Modern Orthodox,” which has always struck me as an oxymoron, but is quite different from the Ultra-Orthodox like Rabbi Yehuda,(the type of hat he is wearing is one give-away) coming down from NYC to lead the charge against gays. Among other things, Modern Orthodox tend to believe in the theory of evolution and tend to include boys and girls in the same high school classes. I am not a fan, but it’s good to know that when Ultra-Orthodox kids grow up to think twice about how they were raised, they may have a sympatico place to land that isn’t quite as wack-a-doodle as the communities they came from. . .

  • Raymond Metcalfe

    I was fortunate I had to work sat morning so I missed the vileness some came into my local on Friday though and where disgustingly nice

  • rubaxter

    “…they may have a sympatico place to land …”

    Now if only Loretta’s kids from the PFJ had that kind of safety net.

  • Arthur Schaper

    This writer posts “LAKEWOOD, New Jersey, is a hotbed of Orthodox Judaism.”

    That sounds like an indictment. It sounds as though the writer is saying: “There are too many Jews in New Jersey.”

    That sounds like white supremacy. Shameful.

  • The fact that once oppressed people are themselves oppressing others is contradictory. Those who refuse to acknowledge that others are oppressed, themselves will become oppressed once more. Karma is a circular thing, what goes around, comes around.

    Rabbi Levin is once again, forming the basis of the real persecution of the Jewish people, Rabbi Levin is a Jeremiad, a prophet of doom. He’s fulfilling or creating his own sad story, and that in itself is one part of the white supremacists greatest joys. Yet Rabbi Levin closes his eyes to the power of white supremacy in this nation, and chooses to focuses on other people’s ‘sin!’