Christian Concern seizes on fresh ‘persecuted Christian’ case

Christian Concern seizes on fresh ‘persecuted Christian’ case September 30, 2019
Image via Christian Concern

BRITISH actress Seyi Omooba, 25, above, lost her lead role in a stage production of The Color Purple earlier this year because of an anti-gay comment she posted on Facebook in 2014.

In March she auditioned for a production of the musical to be staged in Birmingham and Leicester and “was ecstatic” to be given the part of Celie, the central character in Alice Walker’s novel who was played by Whoopi Goldberg in the 1985 film.

In a discussion about homosexuality, she had written:

It is clearly evident in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 what the Bible says on this matter. I do not believe you can be born gay and I do not believe homosexuality is right …

Image via YouTube

The sender of a tweet that exposed her homophobia was actor and writer Aaron Lee Lambert, above, who stars in the West End production of Hamilton the Musical.

He particularly objected to her views because the character of Celie is seen by some readers as being gay.

According to the BBC, Lambert asked Omooba:

Do you still stand by this post? Or are you happy to remain a hypocrite? Seeing as you’ve now been announced to be playing an LGBTQ character, I think you owe your LGBTQ peers an explanation.

Omooba said in a YouTube video:

On all my social media I always post stuff about God or scripture. They knew that I was Christian and they knew my stance on marriage, on my faith, on God … on many different things that are in the Bible.

At the time of her sacking the show’s producers wrote in a statement:

Following careful reflection it has been decided that Seyi will no longer be involved with the production.

Curve Theatre’s Chief Executive Chris Stafford and Artistic Drector Nikolai Foster told the BBC today (Monday) they stand by the statement but they had “not received any notice of legal action”.

Omooba is now taking legal action against Curve and her agency, Global Artists, for breach of contract and anti-Christian discrimination.

Cue Christian Concern, an anti-gay hate group which has swooped in to support her legal case.

Image via YouTube/Christian Concern

Andrea Minichiello Williams, above, Chief Executive of the Christian Concern, said:

What happened to Seyi Omooba was cruel and has damaged the career of a highly talented young artist for a Facebook post she had made four years ago.

Here you have a young Christian woman, with what critics have described as having a ‘ferocious’ talent, being sacked and blacklisted for expressing what the Bible says about homosexual practice, the need for forgiveness and God’s love for all humanity.

This is another in a string of cases involving Christians being hounded out of their careers because they love Jesus. This cannot go unchallenged and we are determined to fight for justice in this case.

I can find nothing to show that the actress is related to pastor Ade Omooba, co-founder of Christian Concern.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Jim Jones

    What does Harry Potter say about homosexuality? Because it’s just as relevant.

  • barriejohn

    Barry: Pastor Omooba is her father!

    He is also an advocate of “gay conversion therapy”, and wants Britain to “return to its Christian faith”.

    MBE: Mad But Egregious

  • barriejohn

    Yes – and we know that Jesus was the Son of God in the same way that we know that Dumbledore was Harry’s headmaster (and gay!).

  • Robert McLean

    Does joining the Christian Let’s Pretend carry on require of its victims, the inability to behave in a civilised manner? To care for others, be respectful of difference and the old but still worthwhile, live and let live? Every example of this mob does more than just suggest otherwise.

  • Barry Duke

    Well, nail me to a cross and call me dude Jesus! Clearly I wasn’t looking hard enough.

  • WallofSleep

    So let me get this straight, she works in theater and has a problem with gay people? So I guess a vegan can get a job at an abattoir while publicly railing against meat eating and animal cruelty because of their sincerely held beliefs as well?

  • WallofSleep

    I love Rowling for that. You just know she was just trolling the uptight religious folks (who already don’t like her works) with that remark for more free publicity.

    Well played, madam. Well played.

  • Has she tried not being homophobic?

  • johnsoncatman

    This is another in a string of cases involving Christians being hounded out of their careers because they love Jesus.

    Andrea Minichiello Williams (who looks totally sane in that picture) doesn’t read very well does she? Omooba is not being criticized for “loving Jesus”. It is because she is a homophobe.

  • barriejohn

    And “loving Jesus” just seems to mean despising your fellow man. (I might also add, as an ex-evangelical, that it also means harbouring a very deep hatred of many of your fellow-Christians!)

  • adhoc

    ”Celie, the central character in Alice Walker’s novel who was played by Whoopi Goldberg in the 1985 film.”

    I thought it was Opra.

  • Michael Neville

    Or at least not publicly announcing her hatred of LGBTQ+?

  • Michael Neville

    Celie was played by Goldberg, Winfrey played Sofia.

  • Raymond Metcalfe

    There are two types of Christian one is the group you are in They are the ones who have the truth. All the others are wrong.

  • Freodin

    Let’s take a look at what this beloved Jesus had said about homosexuals…

    … hm, I can’t find anything.

  • 24CaratHooligan

    I want Britain to return to its pre-Christian faith… Just been watching Britannia on Sky Atlantic and those Druids fkn ROCK!

  • barriejohn

    Just what I was thinking. Christianity, of course, is such a British belief system!

  • persephone

    I have yet to see a photo of Williams where she doesn’t look loony.

  • persephone

    That was such a good movie. I read the book after seeing the movie, and they were both great.

  • 24CaratHooligan

    Don’t get me started… I know people who think that the KJV is the only translation that remains true to the source material and that everyone else should just learn to read 17th century English. Also the whole Glastonbury stuff…

  • BPatMann

    Homosexuality is evil.

  • Raging Bee

    Prove it.

  • Raging Bee

    I just had a look at your comment history. The fact that you re-pasted the same long loony word-salad comment at least FIVE TIMES IN A ROW doesn’t exactly show you to be either sane or credible.

  • Mike Panic

    Typical xtian hypocrisy and hate speech

  • Mike Panic

    It is MY sincerely held religious belief that 69kkkrisaters are the scum of the earth. Well, 69muzzies and every other religion are included in that. Don’t want to discriminate against any religion!!!

  • Mike Panic

    Ticked off the church ladies again.

    It is MY sincerely held religious belief that 69kkkrisaters are the 69scum
    of the earth. Well, 69muzzies and every other religion are included
    in that. Don’t want to 69discriminate against any religion!!!

  • Mike Panic

    Then get youromnieverydamnedfuckingthinggodover here to tell us all in person. How is that too much to ask of your thing as described?

  • BPatMann

    Homosexuals are real perverts.

  • BPatMann

    Prove that it is not.

  • Barry Duke

    One more idiotic comment like that, and you’ll be banned, you fucking imbecile!

  • BPatMann

    Go ahead. Homos are disgusting and everyone knows it.

  • Barry Duke

    Says a guy who harbours a secret lust for male flesh, as most homo-haters do.

  • Mike Panic

    Thank you so much for proving to us that you are fighting your 69perversion so hard.
    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hide in your lavender closet 69GAYBOY!!!

  • Mike Panic

    Again we see a kkkrister totally unable to prove its claim.. Instead it says we must prove a negative. The burden of proof is on the positive claim. Now start PROVING. Cue the contemptuous laughter.

  • Vanity Unfair
  • BPatMann

    So, in other words, you cannot prove that homosexuality is not a perversion. Most people believe that it is.

  • BPatMann

    Your only response is a disgusting homosexual rant. There is a reason why most people believe that homosexuality is perverse and that is because it IS perverse.

  • Barry Duke

    You clearly can’t differentiate between “perverse” and “unusual”. Left-handed people, for example, were once regarded by Christians as perverse and were cruelly victimised for being so. Go away, get yourself educated, and leave the comment section of this site to the grown-ups.

  • BPatMann

    Homosexuality is perverse and everyone knows it.

  • Mike Panic

    YOU made the claim, now prove that claim that Gays are evil LOGIC requires proving the positive claim. Obviously you cannot. That is why you keep insisting others prove a negative. Like I said, start proving. Back in your lavender closet, 69Gayboy wannabe.

  • Mike Panic

    Then PROVE it is perverse. Just because a lot of people have some cockamamie idea, does not maker them rirght.

  • Mike Panic

    Then prove Gay is perverse already 69Gayboy wannabe. Every post tell us you are trying hard to convince yourself you cannot be 69Gay because yoo profess hatred toward them. Your goddything sees right through that line of BS.

  • Raging Bee

    Not nearly as disgusting as bigots like you. And unlike the 69homosexuals, you bigots CAN change, and thus have no excuse not to do so.

  • Raging Bee

    Actually, I really don’t think you have a clue what “most people” believe.

  • Raging Bee

    Not letting homophobes play gay characters is just as evil as…not letting racists play black characters!

    I’ll come in again…

  • Barry Duke

    No point in addressing the fool. I’ve indulged him enough. He’s banned.

  • Raging Bee

    Thanks…he was a pretty lame chew-toy anyway.

  • Barry Duke

    Haha. Now he’s part of the Boys in the Banned … I’ll get my coat …

  • Eric

    In fairness, actors frequently take roles playing characters whose beliefs the actor may not personally share. (Take, for example, every actor that’s ever played a homophobe or Nazi, or any LGBTQ person who has played straight.) It’s just the nature of the job. So I wouldn’t say its hypocritical per se, though arguably unfair to the LGBTQ community, and perhaps also to gay actors that may have been turned down for the role.

  • kenthefitter

    She’s obviously in the wrong field if she doesn’t like gays. Maybe she should try interior design? Or cosmetology? Or being a flight attendant?