God enters the real estate game, tells pastors to buy a $1-m mansion

God enters the real estate game, tells pastors to buy a $1-m mansion September 13, 2019

ANOTHER day, another story about alleged dodgy dealings in the Machiavellian world of religion.

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Blinking in the harsh glare of publicity this week are Bill and Sharon “The Mother of Nations” Predovich, senior pastors of the Resurrection Life Church and World Ministry Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, who claim that the Almighty told them to flog their church and that their flock should now worship in “micro churches” – their very own homes – because that’s a new trend.

On the church’s website, a speaker named the Rev Chris Harken told the congregation in a sermon in July:

This is God’s plan! It’s not Pastor Sharon, Pastor Bill’s plan. It’s God’s plan. And that’s what we have to remember.

Saying that “God is changing the face of the church” with “micro churches”, Harken, who has been with the outfit for 28 years, said:

We have to embrace the change; you can’t stop it. It’s God and so we might as well yield and embrace what God has in store … When you fight or when you murmur or when you don’t yield to it, you’re really coming against God.

Real estate records show that the pastors, who are both in their 70s, bought their luxury home located on Reitz Lake in Waconia with $1-m in cash on September 28, 2018.  That same day, the Resurrection Life Church and World Ministry Center received $1-m from a developer who was buying the church’s land.

The five-bedroom, three-bathroom home, which covers 4,200 square feet, sits on a more than 10-acre lot. The private yard of the home also contains an in-ground pool, a sand volleyball court, as well as an insulated three car garage.

Attorney Jennifer Urban, who teaches the Nonprofit Law Clinic at the University of St Thomas, said:

The appearance of impropriety is very bad.

Since the transactions, the pastors have deeded the home to their church and it is now listed as a “church resident” in public records.

Speaking to their former congregation in a message posted on the church’s website in July, Sharon Predovich assured them that they weren’t “quitting.”

We’re not quitting, we’re repositioning. We’ll no longer be your pastors, we’ll be your apostles over smaller works.

The couple allege they prayed for two years before they were led to believe to believe that:

Maybe God had a new vision a new way, some other ideas.

Longtime church member Jeff Proctor said that he and his wife declined a request to host a “micro church” at their home and raised concern about how the church’s finances would be managed.

We were all really disappointed … They kept us all in the dark about the sale of the church. As long as the money is being used to spread the gospel – if they’re spending it on personal things, I have a problem.

The couple, who founded 30 years ago, were not immediately available to discuss their new vision with The Christian Post on Monday, but insisted in an ABC 5 report that the real estate transactions were appropriate.

Nothing is secretive about what we’re doing.

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  • Jim Jones

    These people joined and paid this church. They should have read the Terms and Conditions before clicking Accept.

  • johnsoncatman

    Nothing is secretive about what we’re doing.

    We are fucking69 you over and telling you openly about it.

  • Broga

    “Since the transactions, the pastors have deeded the home to their church and it is now listed as a “church resident” in public records.”

    Just like our own dear Queen. She doesn’t own the palace(s). It’s just that the state pays the bills and no one else can live in them.

  • barriejohn

    World Ministry Center. Wow; not “universal” this time then?

  • A while ago I overheard a guy on the bus telling his buddy that he worshipped at what could be called a microchurch. They held services in someone’s house. However in his case it apparently was one preacher and a half dozen worshippers, not a couple of cons trying to use church money for their own benefit.

  • barriejohn

    I knew of several such churches amongst the Brethren when I was young, but they tended to be set up by those of a more “independent” frame of mind, and were generally eyed with suspicion. We also referred to ad hoc meetings in people’s homes as “cottage meetings”, a term which has a completely different connotation today!!!

  • Michael658

    How is this not straight up embezzling?

  • Broga

    So reassuring to know that after her “great services to her subjects” she will not be homeless. Being Queen must be one hell of a tough job but she still does it surrounded by endless praise about how wonderfully she performs – despite being in her 90s. Charles Windsor, now in his 70s and a known enthusiast of bizarre ideas, will get the job but not have to be inconvenienced by having to apply for the job or face competition. Nor will dumping Di, divorce and marrying a divorced woman get in the way of his being Head of the State Church.

    Odd business really in 2019.

  • Broga

    I used to be pestered, as were other colleagues, by a Christian to “come and share our witness.” I don’t know if the phrase is still used. I never went so I don’t know what I would witness. I suppose it would be subjective and imaginative experiences allegedly arranged by God.

  • John Dowdle

    I think we should all just wish them a long, healthy and happy retirement.
    The fact that they suckered a large number of people for 30 years is just one of those things.
    Maybe their “flock” – or “ex-flock” – will now learn a very good lesson: don’t trust con-men or con-women.
    A highly valuable lesson and one especially to be borne in mind when dealing with religionist fraudsters.

  • b reid

    some old order around here (fulton county indiana) have church services in their homes. horse and buggies limit travel + they are frugal. local schools (church) are the same. raz

  • Propertyhub

    It’ Really God Enters in the Real Estate Game!!!!