Michigan Baptist church forced to cancel anti-Islamic lectures

Michigan Baptist church forced to cancel anti-Islamic lectures September 12, 2019
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Meet pastor Donald McKay, above, lead pastor at Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church. He’s ‘proudly Islamophobic’ and believes ‘committed Muslims’ are seeking to overthrow the America and dominate the world.

He planned on hosting two lectures on September 9 and 10  to prove his point, but it all went pear-shaped after local and state politicians denounced the events.

Representatives Debbie Dingell and Andy Levin, both Michigan Democrats, condemned the lectures in a joint statement last week, urging the church to cancel them and instead:

Recognize America’s rich cultural and religious diversity.

Michigan’s chapter of the advocacy organization Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) called the planned series “troubling”, especially in light of a nationwide spike in hate crimes against Muslims.

Last week McKay told Fox 2 Detroit that he has proudly embraced the label “Islamophobe” but:

We don’t hate Muslims. We hate the ideology they are identified with.

The church’s website now says the lectures have canceled.

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Shahram Hadian, above, an ex-Muslim-turned-Jesus-junkie, was scheduled to deliver one of the lectures. With his ministry, the Truth in Love Project, Hadian travels across the country warning of the threat of Sharia law being implemented in US courts.

He was scheduled to talk to McKay’s church about how interfaith dialogue is “compromising the Gospel” and “national security.”

Dawud Walid, Executive Director of Michigan’s American-Islamic Relations council, told The Detroit Free Press on Monday that:

Though we believe that houses of worship have the right to preach their doctrine, we find it incredibly irresponsible for a church to invite someone who has the objective of spewing clear anti-Muslim bigotry.

Jordan Denari Duffner, a Catholic author who has written extensively about Muslim-Christian relations, said that the talking points Hadian’s project uses have been echoed by other Islamophobic groups ― and were used in the past to scapegoat other religious groups, as well. She said:

Hadian’s organization claims to speak the ‘truth with love’. But instead they seem intent on sowing mistrust and misunderstanding of Muslims, not to mention support for discriminatory policies that would marginalize Muslim communities.

Hadian railed against the Baptist church’s cancellation in a Facebook post yesterday.

ALERT! Here we go again. Another TIL Project event shut down last minute by pressure from the media, CAIR, leftist politicians and the interfaith community. This time at a church, of all places! … What a sad day for the state of the church in America and for the state of our nation. We are still [being] victimized after 9/11

Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church appears to be part of the North American Baptist Conference. Rev Dr. Daniel Hamil, Executive Director of the conference, said it believes Jesus teaches Baptists to love and pray for Muslims.

The values of the North American Baptist Conference of churches oppose the violence and anger so often reflected in Islamophobic rhetoric and activity. Our hope is that any congregation of Christ-followers that endorses any manner of Islamophobia would remember that the fear of the other is neither appropriate nor necessary when living under the guidance of a good and gracious God (1 John 1:18; Psalm 23:4).

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  • It’s funny how weak McKay and friends think Christianity is. After all they think the result of interfaith dialogue is Muslims somehow becoming stronger, instead of the supposed Truth, Light, and the Way swaying Muslims to Jesus.

  • Mike Panic

    Gays are now standing up for their rights. That means kk kristers must find a new out-group. to hate. Gottra fill those baskets folks!!! Nothing does that like fear and hate.

  • Broga

    They must have an anti Christian, anti USA threat and if they have not got one they will invent it. They don’t have much confidence in their God to overwhelm any opposition. Around three billion stars in the Milky Way, which is 100,000 light years years across, many encircled by life sustaining planets, and – guess what? – the dearest to the affections of their tyrant God is little Earth and his miserable followers.

    P.S. The Earth was probably not created 6,000 years ago despite the “evidence” from “biblical truth” (King James version as God wrote in English.)

  • Guthrum

    The KJV was based on ancient texts that were written in. It was translated from the Textus Receptus.
    Many people think that most of the Baptist and conservative churches have always used the KJV. That is not true. Up until the 1949’s and 50’s many used the American Standard version.
    Now many use the NIV or ESV.
    The NIV is a paraphrase of the KJV, but takes broad liberties and should not be considered accurate.

  • Guthrum

    See: “Is CAIR a terror group?” National Review
    “How the Federal Government proved that the council on American – Islamic Relations is a front for terrorism” (Center For Security)

  • persephone

    The KJV is garbage.

  • persephone

    Garbage sites.

  • Guthrum

    My personal preference is the NKJV, RSV, and sometimes “The Message”

  • Brian Shanahan

    Why, do they print those versions on soft paper?

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Not that soft. The Porcelain Goddess tends to reject such substandard offerings.

  • Robert Baden

    I’m more worried about Xtianists imposing religious law than Muslims.