Be afraid, atheists. New book ‘proves’ that God exists.

Be afraid, atheists. New book ‘proves’ that God exists. October 24, 2019
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US WRITER  Stephen Hawley Martin, above, who ‘proved’ the existence of an afterlife in Life After Death: Proof You Will Never Die, is back with a new book that he claims will ‘turn the tables’ on the growing number of non-believers in America whose hostility towards Christianity increasing at an alarming rate.

In Scientific Evidence God Exists: Ammunition for the Coming War with Atheists, Martin notes that at least one contestant for the Democrat nomination for President “wants to tax Christian institutions that do not agree with him.”

That, presumably, would be Beto O’Rourke.

Martin asserts that if – (heaven forbid!) – a Progressive wins the White House in 2020 and Democrats keep the House and take the Senate, “an all-out war on Christianity could break out.”

Image via YouTube

He cites a speech given recently at Notre Dame by Attorney General William Barr, above, who blasted “militant secularists” and their attacks on Judeo-Christian values. Barr is quoted as having said:

This is organized destruction. Secular forces and their allies have marshaled all the forces of mass communication, popular culture, the entertainment industry, and academia, in an unremitting assault on religion and traditional values.

Martin’s new book, an exercise in rampant paranoia, was written to counter what he believes is:

An upcoming secular offensive. Secularists have been waging war on Christianity for years. They use Scientific Materialism to refute the existence of God, and more and more people believe them. According to just-released Pew Research data, those who say they are atheist, agnostic, or ‘nothing in particular’, now stand at 26%, up from 17% in 2009.

But this book can turn the tables because it shows Scientific Materialism is based on false premises, and it contains “irrefutable evidence” that God exists. Christians need to know these facts and use them to bring God back into schools and to give the general public a wake-up call.

Martin said his book contains:

• Evidence the universe had a beginning and a creator

• Evidence the universe was carefully crafted to be hospitable to life

• Evidence that after the universe came into being, genetic information similar to computer code came about in DNA that makes life possible, indicating a highly-intelligent programmer – in other words, God

• Evidence from quantum physics and other sources that mind is a medium present everywhere that enables believers to communicate with God via prayer and the Holy Spirit

• Evidence the brain does not create consciousness, but rather, that consciousness originates elsewhere – he says a person’s soul – and that the brain receives and integrates it with the body. (He says, this is why life after death is a reality.

• Evidence from double-blind studies that prayer works.

Martin is urging Christians to rally and work together to have this information taught in schools and for the” pseudo science of Scientific Materialism” to be updated or replaced.

He said everyone can judge the veracity of the evidence themselves at no cost because the Kindle edition of his book will be free to download from Amazon until tomorrow (Friday).

All one needs to do is follow this link and click “Buy Now” for $0.00.

The blurb for the book says:

Atheists do not want you or anyone else to read this book as you can see from the one-star reviews they have posted on this page, and it’s no wonder. This book not only shows that Darwin’s theory of evolution is totally incapable of explaining how life came about and evolved, it shows that their religion, Scientific Materialism, is based on false premises and needs to be replaced with science that is based on facts rather than falsehoods.

The time has come for believers to fight back. This book was written in an effort to give Christians the ammunition that will be needed to prevent atheists from pushing religion underground. Currently, far-left Democrats are doing everything in their power to impeach a duly-elected Republican president of the United States, and whether or not they like President Trump, most Christians would agree the Republican Party is the one party that stands up for God and Christian values.

Because of the Democrat’s impeachment efforts and the enabling left-wing media, public opinion could take a dramatic turn against the president and his party, resulting in a landslide victory for the Left—and a bonanza for their cause. With a radical Progressive in the White House, and a Democrat majority in the House and Senate, the Left will begin to systematically impose its will, and near the top of their agenda is the total eradication of God and religion.

Wrote one 0ne-star reviewer:

I have read this before, and can only assume it received so many bad reviews that it was pulled and re-uploaded, in order to get around all of the 1-stars … Science seeks out to prove what is true and can be demonstrated. Spirituality and the so-called spiritual realm is non-existent. If it does exist, it hasn’t been proven yet … especially by this book … There is no war on Christianity. There is no spiritual realm.

Another one-starrer wrote:

I was willing to look at this with an open mind based on the title, but couldn’t even get past the first 2 pages when I realized this isn’t really a book about God being real or not: it’s a book for hardline conservatives, and especially Trump supporters to (presumably, I didn’t read enough to really know) bolster their support for the ‘Judeo Christian foundations’ of this country.

Which, in itself, is EXTREMELY ironic, considering mister Trump doesn’t even go to church, had an affair with a pornstar, uses explicatives constantly, lies, etc etc – don’t think he’s really the model ‘Christian.’ Yet evangelicals love him. Go figure that one out. In any case, this book isn’t about God, it’s about political beliefs. And $0 is too much to pay – I feel like they should pay me for the time I wasted even looking at it lol.

Image via YouTube

Meanwhile, if you want evidence of genuine aggression – aggression aimed at those who oppose the POTUS and his boot-licking band of evangelical sycophants– read the words of pastor Rick Wiles, above, who warned that “there’s gonna be violence in America” if President Donald Trump is removed from office.

Wiles, the senior pastor at Flowing Streams Church in Florida, made the remarks on his right-wing TruNews programme on Tuesday evening. He claimed “guys that know how to fight” would start attacking and “hunting down” Democrats.

I believe there are people in this country, veterans, there are cowboys, mountain men, I mean guys that know how to fight, and they’re going to make a decision that people who did this to Donald Trump are not gonna get away with it.

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  • johnsoncatman

    Evidence the universe was carefully crafted to be hospitable to life

    All but a very tiny fraction of the universe is open space with temperatures near absolute zero and no oxygen or water. How can you describe that as “hospitable to life”?

  • Jim Jones

    > Evidence from double-blind studies that prayer works.

    Nope. Large tests have shown that prayer harms, not helps. But it wouldn’t be an apologist tome without lies.

  • Jim Jones

    Even this planet isn’t all good for humans.

  • primenumbers

    Indeed most of this planet’s surface is inhospitable to human life. Over 99% of the volume of this planet is deadly to human life.

  • John Grove

    Us atheists have been over these grounds too many times to count. We have seen every argument imaginable of those who advocate the god proposition and found them lacking serious cogency or warrant and chock full of fallacious reasoning. I love how grandiose some people seem to think their arguments really are, but under close scrutiny, they all fail miserable. This jaybird is but another example of a narcissist who suffers from the Dunning Kruger effect trying to pawn off already defeated arguments and sell them as new discoveries. As Huxley once said, “Life is too short to occupy oneself with the slaying of the slain more then once.”

  • John Grove

    Life is more hospitable to rocks than life.

  • TrickyDicky

    Don’t try and confuse the argument with science.and facts. /s

  • Carstonio

    Darwin’s theory of evolution is totally incapable of explaining how life came about? Uh, that’s because the theory explains the diversity of life, not its origin. Martin’s concept of “evolution” is a straw man, a pseudo-atheistic mishmash of poorly understood natural selection and even more poorly understood theories about the Big ‮gnaB‬ and abiogenesis. For fundamentalists like him, if it disagrees with a literal reading of Genesis it’s the same as atheism.

    And the political content of his book demonstrates one aspect I’ve noticed about creationism – most often it’s about human exceptionalism as a proxy for white American exceptionalism. Creationists use “evolution” the same way as Tea Partiers and others during Obama’s term called him a “Muslim” and “socialist.”

  • Carstonio

    A major reason that the existence of an omnimax deity can’t be proven? The hypothesis doesn’t allow for the possibility of evidence that contradicts it, since all possible observations are compatible with the hypothesis. It’s like filling in the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle with putty.

    Very convenient that Martin apparently doesn’t try to disprove other religions that have different types of deities or supernatural beings. As if the only two options were Christianity or atheism. That’s like saying that if you don’t buy a Chevy than you must be opposed to people buying cars.

  • According to other review, basically a mix of PRATTs, cherry-picked sources, Biblical quotations (which by itself is enough), and ignorance of science, especially the claim of the Universe having been crafted to be hospitable for life.
    Nothing new as usual on apologetics -all seem to come from the same factory- who never can think on said deity being other totally unrelated, nor on not just one but several of them existing, etc.

    Move along, nothing to see there.

  • John Grove

    Glad you pointed out the profound stupidity of the above mentioned remark of conflation between evolution vs the theory of abiogenesis. Most people who know very little about evolution are the loudest against it. Ignorance is forgivable, but the avoidance of illumination is not.

  • Carstonio

    Thanks. The loudest ones also conflate atheism with feminism and socialism.

  • johnsoncatman

    All those “isms” bouncing around in their empty heads start looking the same.

  • Tawreos

    Wow, people will pay for this when they can find all of the “evidence” presented smeared across numerous Youtube channels and various webpages, all of which can be accessed for free. Of course going to look for things that way could also lead people to the debunks for all of said evidence as well.

  • larry parker

    “Ammunition” – Martin is firing blanks.

  • johnsoncatman

    His “double-blind” studies probably involved two people who are actually blind.

  • Broga

    And why did God lets the billions of years pass before producing a semblance of human life around 5 million years ago? The only point of responding to this drivel is to amuse ourselves. There is no room for serious discussion here.

  • Broga

    And the bit that allows human life is so recklessly regarded that it is packed with humans who keep increasing, the air is no longer safely breathable, the sea is polluted, the forests which the lungs of the planet are being burned and replaced by crops and cattle and the insect life, on which we depend for survival has decreased by 40 percent. Where does the caring, all loving God play a part in this.

  • Etranger

    Long way from Descartes’ Discourse on the Method…

  • HIs target audience already believes other religions are either false or the product of Satan/demons etc. They probably believe that’s the case for many forms of Christianity as well.

  • I’m surprised to see him mention quantum physics. He’s basically stealing from the New Age crowd, who use it to justify their claims that psychic powers and so on exist.

    Has he ever spend time around someone with a rapid cognitive decline, say from Alzheimer’s? It’s a lot harder to believe the mind is separate from the brain if you have.

  • Broga

    He is aggrieved by the one star reviews which are based on reading (at least a couple of pages) of this junk. On the other hand, any novel which in any way criticises the Christian religion, or its “values”, no matter the number of 5 star reviews and glowing reviews in newspapers and magazines, will get a few one star reviews. These reviews drum up the same old cliches: boring, poorly written and similar. These reviews do not come from books which have been read but from the religious’ tribe that trots them out. I doubt whether these bigots are capable of reading the books they pretend to have read.

    The most recent example I have come across because I am currently reading it is the novel “Origin” by Dan Brown. “Origin” puts the boot in on religion. I have only read about 50 pages but I find it well written, intriguing and certainly entertaining.

  • wannabe

    “Double-plus ungood!”

  • wannabe


  • wannabe

    “…the Kindle edition of his book will be free to download from Amazon until tomorrow (Friday).”

  • Tawreos

    Still costs too much.

  • wannabe

    In George Orwell’s novel “1984” the government is in the process of replacing English with “Newspeak,” a simplified language that, among other things, replaces all forbidden topics and concepts with a single word: “Crimethink.”

  • Glandu

    They’re confusing Yahweh and Trump, it seems.

    One of them is an unrestricted 6 years old child in an old man’s body. He’s doing what he wants, ignores reality, believes what he wants should be the reality, dismisses violently any dissenter. He punishes anyone no following him blindly.

    The other one is president of the USA.

  • wannabe

    Pretty obvious setup but it still works.

  • wannabe

    Even if there were some slight statistical advantage to belief (there isn’t), where are the promised miracles??? Why isn’t God healing amputees???

  • Carstonio

    The folly of labeling something as “naturalism” or “materialism” is the assumption that the supernatural or non-material realms exist. Or more precisely, that a divide exists between the two realms.

    Using ghosts, if ghosts do exist, it would be possible that they exist not in a ”non-material” realm but in the same realm as the ”material” realm. In that scenario, the conclusion would involve a specific gap in human understanding of physical laws.

    But people who claim the existence of ghosts or deities or other supernatural entitles don’t acknowledge that possibility. Instead they presume a separate realm, or expect us to accept the realm’s existence. That just exempts their claims from actual scientific scrutiny. Anyone can say, “This being exists but we just can’t detect it.” To expect everyone to just accept their word for it is insulting to the intelligence.

  • Jim Baerg

    Read this series if you’re interested in what a solar system ‘carefully crafted to be hospitable to life’ would look like.
    For a universe ‘carefully crafted to be hospitable to life’, just make a lot of these.

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    How can you tell the difference? Oh, I know, the POTUS is the Orange one.

  • Jim Jones

    Except for one book, I’ve never read an apologist book that I didn’t stop after 2 pages due to silly assumptions or bad arguments.

    That one was Mere Christianity. I read a whole chapter because I couldn’t figure out what he was saying or where he was going.

    The reviews tell me this is no exception.

  • Jim Jones

    Is that a quote? Cite?

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    Except you can then submit a one-star review as a verified purchaser. 🙂

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    I wondered if he actually had a no angle worth looking into — apparently not. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Jim Jones

    There’s a quote . . . If you damage this part of the brain you lose this faculty, that part . . Etc.

    But if the whole thing is destroyed you wind up in heaven with granny!

  • Mike De Fleuriot

    Lol, God, seriously have these people not read any work that is against their position?

  • amused

    If they don’t think, does that mean they aren’t?

  • Etranger

    God that would be awesome if true!! 🙂

  • ephemerol

    That’s easy. This caring, all-loving god is going to be back aaaaany day now, and finish what republicans started. And to show just how caring and all-loving he is, he’ll start by burning up 1/3 of vegetation, spoiling all the oceans, killing all marine life, spoiling all fresh water, and kiling at least 1/3 of mankind, meanwhile torturing everyone for 5 months, afflicting everyone with festering sores, scorching them with fire twice, and smoke and sulfur once, not to mention killing them with hailstones and repeated earthquakes.

    But it’s okay, because then he’s gonna fix it all up again, good as new!

    So whatever we do to destroy the planet is nothing compared to what’s going to happen to it in 3…2…2½…2¼…2⅛…

    …because he loves you!

  • Vanity Unfair

    OR THE


    He didn’t even read as far as the title page.

  • epeeist

    I stored this one away for whenever we get the “fine-tuners”:

    Life on earth has been discovered in some fairly unlikely places, but let’s assume it occurs between 25Km above the earth’s surface to 25Km below. This gives a volume of some 7.65*10^19 cubic metres.

    The radius of the solar system is approximately 100 AU, from the sun to the heliopause. This gives a volume of 1.4*10^40 cubic metres.

    So the percentage of the solar system in which life is known to occur is 5.47*10^-19%. So in other words we cannot survive in 99.999999999999999999453% of the volume of the solar system. Do you want to call that fine tuned?

  • epeeist

    And another one I generally ask the “fine-tuners”, there are more black holes in the universe than people, they have been around a lot longer than us and will be around long after we are gone. Why isn’t the universe fine tuned for them, or galaxies, stars or planets for that matter?

  • epeeist

    Things to ask someone who appeals to “quantum”, “Could you show me the Hamiltonian for that?”, or “What are the Hermitians for the observables?”, or “Is it a field theory, could you draw me the Feynman diagrams?”

  • Elmore Atheist

    More like a misfeed. Blanks at least act the part.

  • epeeist

    Using ghosts

    The thing that always gets me with ghosts? The earth is rotating on its axis, it is moving in an orbit around the sun, the sun is moving with respect to the galaxy and the galaxy has its own proper motion. So how the fsck do ghosts appear to stay in the same place if they are non-material?

  • larry parker

    That’s why I used blanks. Lots of noise, no damage.

  • Carstonio

    Same with time travel in any story. Your time machine would have to calculate the position of Earth in the universe on that date.

  • Broga

    No. But I thought your calculation was brilliant. Thanks.

  • Raymond

    That’s why the TARDIS travels in time AND space. The Time Lords solved that problem.

  • Brian Davis

    Let me quote from Paul’s letter to the Hermitians…

  • Brian Davis

    Did prayer cure their blindness?

  • Brian Davis

    Thankfully one is term limited.

  • Dana W

    Remember, they don’t really believe in other solar systems. They really think this is the center of the universe. My great grandmother was an example of that. She was taught by her church that all the stars in the sky were lanterns hung there to light “gods creation”.

  • gimpi1

    Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. Love it!

  • Raging Bee

    Presumably because they’re somehow tied to the world from which they came, and to the people who knew them when they were alive.

  • Raging Bee

    And you can’t see squat by those “lanterns.”

  • abb3w

    Semantics quibble — “empirical laws” would seem a more precise than “physical laws”.

    (With the consequence that the presumption of dualism gives nonparsimonious descriptions of experience.)

  • abb3w

    To elaborate what seems your point more specifically — the main difficulty of “God did it” seems in that it not only explains why the sky is blue with gray fluffy clouds, but that it also explains why the sky is an orange-purple mix paisley with enormous yellow bulldozers — despite that NOT being the case.

  • johnsoncatman

    Of course not! The two blind people were just there as witnesses!

  • Carstonio

    And “why” automatically assumes the act of a sentient being. To restate that difficulty, a being with infinite power can choose anything, and there’s no basis for theorizing why such a being would choose to do A and not B.

  • abb3w

    I’ve downloaded it, because I do occasionally collect religious propaganda, and hey, “free”.

    I’ve glanced at the headings in the table of contents. Chapter one is about “Why Believers Must Act Now”, which suggests that it addresses the importance of the claims rather than supporting the claims as true. Chapter two headers goes awry at “information has to come from an intelligent source”; mathematically, this is not the case. Similarly, “The Law of Entropy Argues Against Chance-Based Progress” suggests a failure to understand the implications of the open system form of the Second Law of thermodynamics, and additional flawed assumptions reflected in the word “Progress”.

    That another header starts with the word “Obviously” adds insult to injury. (In the field of mathematics, use of the word “obvious” often functions as a signifier indicating that the mathematician is trying to make an inference that does not follow from the previous steps. Jerry Bona’s Adage highlights this in an ironic manner, and is often introduced to help train students to become suspicious at that word’s use.)

    I think for now I’d rather re-read some of Bujold’s intentional fantasy writing than go further with this one.

  • abb3w

    Two pages of the Kindle edition takes you partway into the table of contents.

    Which, as I alluded in another commend, is where I reached before deciding that the apparent lack of merit to the work seems to suggest that there are better ways to spend my time than further examination.

  • ralphmeyer

    Nope. This religious nut case, Hawley, proved NOTHING of the kind. No one has EVER proved a god exists including him…any more than they’ve been able to prove Mother Goose exists, or unicorns, or the man in the moon. Trouble is, this fool Hawley just stupidly believes his own illogical and unfounded nonsense.

  • ralphmeyer

    You clearly read that foul book, the Bible! Hahahahaha

  • ralphmeyer

    As Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) said, “Man is a religious animal. He is the only religious animal. He is the only animal who has discovered the One True God……Dozens of ’em!”

  • ralphmeyer

    Yeah. Bigotry goes with the religious territory!

  • Black holes will be, in fact, the last non-subatomic objects in existence if the Universe keeps expanding.

  • Neal Allen Stone

    Same old evidence as before. Nothing but repeated and refuted arguments.

  • Art Davison

    Supposing, despite the lack of evidence, that there is a “god”. There would still be less than one chance in a million that it is the Christian version.

  • Vanity Unfair
    If a machine travels in time then it must also travel in space. Therefore if it does not travel in time it can go anywhere in space. Result: The time machine crashes into War of the worlds in a wonderful Wells parody.

  • John Smith

    Atheists don’t believe in god but they do believe in death which science will never have a cure for

  • John Smith

    maybe the God atheists believe is themselves but then again if they are God why do they have to suffer sometimes and eventually die.

  • Jim Jones

    I’m only counting after all that stuff. Sometimes they have a chapter of biography or whatever. But once we hit the arguments, it’s 2 and done.

  • Dana W

    Well, I’m all three.

  • John Grove

    True, could be one evil mo fo god… Actually…. That seems more plausible. .

  • John Grove


    There is no fine tuning. Fine tuning concerns the models we use to describe physical processes in the universe, but the universe itself simply is at it is. Also, we, have no clue as of yet what the nature of those constants are. Maybe they simply couldn’t be any other way. Maybe they are an emergent property of something else. Also, the universe is hardly “life-permitting”. Life as we know is tied to one little rock orbiting a minor star and wouldn’t survive elsewhere.

  • Art Davison

    Agreed. Praying for people who are ill does not improve their chances of survival, but when they know they are being prayed for, the outcomes worsen.

  • Freethinker

    Yup. $2.4 Million study by a Christie institution no less showed the lack of effectiveness and evidence for harm, but let’s not derail the issue at hand with facts.

  • Hwk1969

    Just the bullet points from this article alone spell out old tired arguments respun….again. Equating Darwin to life’s origin is a clear misunderstanding of Darwin and evolution. Don’t get me started with the quantum physics woo woo! Presuppositional “logic” aka god always existed combined with the Kalam cosmological argument, the fine tuned universe bla bla bla. The list goes on, one would think this author has never actually listened to anyone arguing against these claims. I can’t wait to not read it.

  • epeeist

    Also, we, have no clue as of yet what the nature of those constants are.

    Exactly that, we don’t know if the fundamental constants are fundamental. If they are we don’t know whether they can change. If they can change we don’t know over what range or with what probability distribution.

    It is all a massive argument from ignorance.

    One of the other things that the fine-tuners try is claiming that if these constants do change then the universe wouldn’t form or would be grossly different. However they change the constants one at a time in order to come up with the conclusion that they do. If you allow the constants to vary then there are islands of stability.

    As for us not being here if the universe were different, the answer to that is, “Yes, so?”.

  • Broga

    Prayer and Saintly miracles don’t do blindness or return of amputated limbs.

  • Broga

    Which god? There are so many. Faith is the easy way out for the cowards who cannot face reality. Or those who are just too ignorant. The consequences for all of us are disastrous. Why trouble about the wrecking of the planet, the humans who breed like maggots, the entertainment from killing wild animals (they have no souls), the agonies inflicted on the animals we farm, when they believe that God handed over the planet and all that is in it to use as we choose.

    We are his chosen and the answers to the most challenging questions need not be sought further than God’s truth in the bible (King Charles version as God wrote in English) and interpreted by his priests. Why spend 3, 4, 5, or 6 tough years on a science degree, when the answers are already there, easily available and handed to you by his infallible priests. And we sceptics make it much easier fro the “people of faith” because we do have doubts and we prefer a civilised debate to the ready threats of hell fire from the fundamentalists who know all the answers and will permit no variation. They do, of course, all have different conclusions about what God wants but somehow that is side stepped.

  • Broga


  • abb3w

    From that perspective, I stopped somewhere about page negative two in this instance.

  • Jim Jones

    No, I do look for the statement of facts and argument from them. But 2 and done is the experience every time. Unless I’m missing an argument that’s so brilliant and subtle it escapes me!

  • HairyEyedWordBombThrower


    We’re conquering diseases, and increasing longevity.

  • Broga

    If so, the question is whether there will be a world worth living in with the Trumps and his ilk running the show? We are already suffocating in our own garbage.

  • Freodin

    That’s the fundamental difference between science and religion (or apologetics).
    Science is looking for potential solutions for a postulated problem.
    Religion postulates a solution for observed problems.

  • gemini bowie

    Relying on philosophical pedantry while making laughable errors regarding the science is a common theme in anti-evolution thought.

    Arguing against evolution is a red-herring in the context of this issue. These laughable objections to evolution are no more legitimate than any they could provide against Special Relativity or Quantum Mechanics.

  • Robert Anthony

    I think I just rolled my eyes so hard they’re stuck looking at the inside of my skull.

  • ILR

    Is it OK if I laugh ….. ?

  • ILR

    Yup test after test show that prayer doesnt make a difference, unless the person ‘knows’ you have ‘prayed’ for them, but if you tell them ‘we prayed for you’, and dont pray, they still feel better (this is with believers obviously – doesnt work with ahtiests and agnostics)

  • If god were real you wouldn’t need a book or a person to tell you, you would already know. The fact that that has never happened (for real) is proof that all gods are man-made and fake. #GodIsImaginary

  • They only like the science when they can use it to make life on this tiny speck of the universe easier. If they were genuine believers, they would reject ALL “modern conveniences”, something that even the Amish can’t totally avoid.

  • I wouldn’t put all my bets on that. I’m with Bill Maher who thinks that Trump will refuse to leave no matter how devastating the election (If there even is a fair one) goes against him. Vote blue only! If you can.

  • Questioner

    Not knowing that God is a made up fictional character is like not knowing that Mickey Mouse is a made up fictional character. God is just pretend.
    All Gods and Devils are made up fictional characters.

  • Only 12 reviews so far, but 10 are 1-star. The summary of the book actually refers to them, claiming they are proof that atheists don’t want you to read the book.

  • Actually, a 10-year study published in 2006 showed that if people knew they were being prayed for, they fared worse, not better.

  • And it’s pretty precarious here!

  • All arguments for a god (that I’ve heard or read) are arguments for nothing more than Deism. And they’re shallow, usually just arguments from ignorance. Christians just make the leap that any argument for a creator god is an argument for theirs, since they believe theirs to be the only one. Funny how they don’t think that other monotheist gods must be the same as theirs.

  • The Bible is an attempt by people who have no idea about physics to describe a physical law , the study of which 21st century physics is only about to begin.
    The biblical god is simply a physical law , and the abiogenesis experiment described will be real scientific evidence of such “god” existence.

  • Old Harry

    I am not afraid.

    Johannes Cabal and The Long Spoon proves Zarenyia exist, and that’s good enough for me if some fool thinks he’s proven God exists.

  • Old Harry

    As we have no idea what kind of Life can exist, the human mind being so limited and blinkered by custom and the human analog brain, I would say we have no idea what the Universe is most hospitable to.

  • TheNuszAbides

    That’s certainly how roleplaying games tend to handle it.

  • Old Harry


    Why, using the same egotistical conceits that convinced them this God thing cares about specific humans using ‘statistics’.

  • Old Harry

    If we cannot really ‘explain’ or ‘understand’ QM on a visceral level,
    what with our tree-oriented, great ape brains, it is the ultimate hubris to
    pretend we can predict much more than when the Earth will locally turn
    towards the Sun, tomorrow, unless we find out, ala Wittgenstein, that it
    actually is the Sun that moves.

  • ILR

    It certainly wouldnt make me feel better but Im an agnostic / atheist ….. around here ‘I’ll pray for you’ is a saccharine insult

  • Old Harry

    I got much further with Kung’s On Being a Christian because it actually set the stage for making a decision, which devolved around, basically, “Do you really believe in the crucifixion and subsequent resurrection of Jesus?”

    It was fairly above board, from what I recall.

  • Old Harry

    Supernatural obviously exists, in the minds of the believers. It’s even material.

    It is like the existence of ever other work of fiction in human history.

    It is just not particularly germane to examining the natural world, except as contrast and an example of how not to get lost in the Dreamlands when on bad acid or spoiled ‘shrooms.

  • Old Harry

    Similar for any very ugly documentary on neurosurgery or brain damage.

    The BBC has had several in the last several years, and the proof is there if you are willing to be a grown up and stop tapping your ruby slippers together.

  • Old Harry

    Do you really think atheists ‘believe’ in death?

    That is your problem, right there. You are damaged goods.

  • TheNuszAbides

    I wouldn’t say the labeling entails the assumption – or were you only referring to when religious apologists use the terms?

    On one hand, I take well the point that – if we are in agreement as to being honest and rational about our observations in/of the universe and comparing notes – terms like “naturalism” and [in some ways even moreso] “atheist” are ultimately superfluous.

    On the other hand it’s a bit like making a choice between labeling a year “AD” vs. “CE” – to a large extent this is trivial, since the number on the timeline doesn’t differ, the gospel yarns don’t concur on the placement of Year 1, some people use AD merely because it has the weight of long use behind it or even because they haven’t found out that [B]CE is a thing, etc. … But using CE (and/or self-identifying as atheist or naturalist e.g.) at least indicates that one takes the distinction seriously (even if said distinction is contextually irrelevant).

  • PaulSJenkins

    I’ve read a number of these books that claim to provide incontrovertible evidence for the existence of God. They always disappoint. Despite their declared audience they seem to be targeted at believers who want to be reassured in their faith. To those that don’t already believe these books offer nothing new.

  • Jeff

    But now the question is, does the book say which of the gods humanity has created exists? The Christian Bible says, in it’s first two books (Genesis and Exodus) that there are multiple gods. I mention this fact only because the author does seem to be a Christian, albeit a Christian who has never bothered to read the mythology he subscribes to.

  • John Grove

    That’s certainly true to an extent, but if you look at the necessary ingredients required for life, particularly complex life, it seems very rare. Read, “Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is so Uncommon in the Universe”

  • C_Alan_Nault

    ” Evidence the universe was carefully crafted to be hospitable to life”

    If that’s true, this “crafter” is pretty incompetent. Almost the entire universe is deadly to life… and much of this planet is deadly to life.

  • John Smith

    yes they believe in the death of christianity. yet they find themselves counting down the days to their own death.

  • Jim Jones

    I’ll look for it.

  • Jim Jones

    If you tell them you are praying for them they get scared and do worse!

  • AtheismRules

    1) Science cannot “prove” anything – that is mathematics.
    2) Science is the study of the NATURAL world – by definition it cannot verify supernatural claims.
    3) In the absence of a supernatural epistemology (other than “faith” that permits contradictory claims) it is literally, by definition, impossible to have evidence for a deity.

  • Chamber

    Oleander tea ,anyone? Perhaps magnolia, if you prefer.

  • Raging Bee

    That’s what all the folklore seems to say too. And besides, what force would pull a ghost away from the Earth?

  • Matthew 18:19, Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24, John 14:13, John 15:7, John 15:16, John 16:23-24, James 1:5-6, James 1:17

    My comment that was marked as spam- is what you should be able to read here. I won’t bother with the full second round of typing.
    If prayer really worked then 1912 newspapers would have had headlines like the following:

  • Not much chance of discovering habitats hospitable to life in this distant galaxy (LINK below):

    In a Distant Galaxy, Colliding Exoplanets Are Upending What We Knew About Solar System Formation

    QUOTE In the star system BD +20 307 — a binary system roughly 300 light-years from Earth — it appears that two Earth-like exoplanets have crashed into each other, erupting in a hot cloud of dust and debris that’s visible to infrared telescopes. At more than 1 billion years old, the solar system being observed is fully mature, but according to conventional wisdom, that means it should not host planetary smashups like this one. This never-before-seen type of collision suggests that solar systems, like people, can still struggle to pull themselves together late in life. UN-QUOTE

    WASP-121b, a recently discovered exoplanet, is (also) unlikely to be hospitable to life:

    Scientists Find a Boiling, Toxic Wasteland of an Exoplanet, and It’s Shaped Like a Football

    QUOTE Nine-hundred light-years from Earth, there’s a football-shaped planet so hot that heavy metals boil through its atmosphere, venting into space.
    The planet, called WASP-121b, is about 10 times hotter than any other known exoplanet, due to its proximity to its host star, which is hotter than the sun. This proximity also gives the planet its unique shape, because gravitational tidal forces in its atmosphere elongate the whole planet.

  • Additionally there is a likely-hood that not all forms of life out in space, even simple cellular samples would prove to be hospitable to human life if “such” were to be returned from even the distance from the planet Mars. Lets turn to the 2017 movie “Life” for a look into the possible, in this regard:

  • Gary Fowler

    Earl Grey, hot. LOL

  • crackerMF

    if there is a purpose to the universe, that purpose seems to be the making of black holes.

    literally everything in our universe will eventually fall into a black hole.

    perhaps our universe is the science experiment of a dull 6th grader in a larger universe. you know, like mentos volcanos are for kids in our universe.

  • Phil

    “This book was written in an effort to give Christians the ammunition”

    Blanks or dumb-dumb bullets?

  • Phil

    He was having a nap. Remember 1 of god’s nap hours = 1 billion years.

  • Feed me Seymour

    Thanks Stephen, but I think I’ll stick with Deepak Chopra.

  • Old Harry

    So, you have side stepped the question and answered a different one.

  • Old Harry

    As to the necessary ingredients, I would like to see some examination of what they would be for Life that has a 1 billion year head start on Earth, and has possibly progressed beyond needing the ‘organic’ component anymore.

    This follows on the old argument that God created the Earth for Man, because, voila, Man is the latest ‘complex’ item to appear on the timeline. However, that argument deliberately ignores the fact that the timeline continues and perhaps Man is just several stages before the Ultimate Complex Item that God had in mind, that Ultimate Complex Item being something that Man builds, but which eventually renders Man obsolete while at the same time being closer to God.

  • Old Harry

    Considering how long it took to come up with the concepts of General and Special Relativity, spurred on by unexplained observations, it is obvious Man cannot reason The Universe, but needs some dirty facts slapping them in the face to spur progress.

  • Old Harry

    But, that is something we seem to be working on.

    Pessimists and Optimists may have differing opinions on what that actually implies.

  • Nevertheless, any successful experiment confirming a non-trivial hypothesis allows expanding the boundaries of knowledge and understanding on the expense of the areas of “super-natural”.

  • John Grove

    Sounds like you are describing the movie released years ago called “A. I.”

  • John Grove

    Perhaps we would have learned Relativity centuries earlier if we were not held back by the barbarous and stupifying history of religion.

  • Geoff Benson

    I would comment that where supernatural claims involve real world effects then science can, indeed, observe and measure. It’s why studies have shown that prayer is of no effect in changing outcomes.

  • When I read that Trump “uses explicatives constantly” I was confused for a moment, because I was not actually familiar with the word “explicative.” So I looked it up…

    explicative: explanatory, interpretive.

    Hmmm… Doesn’t really seem all that bad.

    Oh… wait, that’s right… He means *expletives*. It pays to get your words right.

    By the way, in regard to violent rhetoric and hyperbolic rhetoric that is otherwise designed to stir violent passions, the left is just as guilty as the right. We certainly can criticize the false arguments of religious apologists without (1) trying to pretend that you have to be a proponent of leftist political agendas to do it, and (2) being in love with double standards.

  • Martin asserts that if – (heaven forbid!) – a progressive wins the White House in 2020 and Democrats keep the House and take the Senate, “an all-out war on Christianity could break out.”

    Stephen Hawley Martin should get with the program. Us godless progressives have been warring against Christianity for years now. For years! And we won’t stop until every paper coffee cup in the land is red!


  • Chamber

    1 lump or 2

  • otrame

    “He loves his neighbor as himself… and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight.”


  • Dave Maier

    “Shun the skew-Hermetians, as they are blasphemers.”

  • larry parker

    Mickey Mouse is real. I saw him down in Florida on multiple occasions.

  • Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law posits that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

    Many things we do today (e.g. communicating instantly with people on the other side of the world) would seem like magic to our great-grandfathers.

    I agree with Geoff Benson that if a living physical form were to instantly manifest itself out of thin air in front of me in my living room, I would entertain thoughts that a genuine deity might be responsible. Of course, being a science fiction fan, I’d also think of transporters (Star Trek type and others), mind control, holograms, and simple illusion. Assuming a deity willing to cooperate in demonstrating its existence, at some point it must be accepted as the best hypothesis.

    I also agree with you that a deity which hypothetically created the universe but was unwilling or unable to affect it in any way today would be unworthy of the label “God.”

  • For what it’s worth, this book’s customer rating on Amazon is 1.4 — exactly half the current rating of James Inhofe’s The Greatest Hoax, which I remember as the lowest-rated book I’ve seen.

  • Expatmom

    I love how “Thoughts & Prayers” fixed everything, every time, don’t you agree????

  • WayneMan

    Yes, and just as effective as “May the Force be with you.”.

  • WayneMan

    I think Stephen Martin as well as William Barr have simply broken the BS meter. They believe that their words are proof, because they certainly do not have any valid evidence.

  • TheBookOfDavid

    A Christian apologetics book is normally filled with hollow points.

  • Drat
  • Phil

    Like it!

  • Phil

    Er… then they would be natural claims, surely?

  • al kimeea

    Well, between this guy & LukeB I’m now convinced there’s a deity. Any mosques to recommend?

  • Rational Human

    If we are going to compare programmers, Bill Gates did more to improve the human condition than this “god” hack ever did.

  • Norm De Plume

    If he really did find evidence for a deity (doesn’t matter which one) then the term “atheist” would become obsolete immediately. I wonder if he was complex enough in his thinking to figure this out? I suspect not!

  • Questioner

    Ha Ha

  • Gnosisquest

    If this nut could prove the spiritual exists, how would that prove anything other than the Christian butchering of people who believed in this fashion were right and Christians wrong?

  • Zarley Zalapski
  • a r tompkins

    one must admit though that it kind of sucks the religionists will never know the atheists were right all along, because, well, because death.

  • Wolf of Odin

    Yeshua cultists are an existential threat to this country.

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    Anyone here afraid? Didn’t think so. 😉

  • Macallan

    Or hydrogen for that matter.

  • Macallan

    I think what Old Harry was getting at is that life as we know it isn’t necessarily all life that may exist. There may be all sorts of other kinds with all sorts of other requirements.

  • TS (unami)

    Why is everything — *everything* (!!) — a “war” with these Fundies?
    It’s all based on fear.

  • John Grove

    I realize that, but without any evidence to support that notion it remains a proposition without any any merit. All life we know is carbon based. And carbon based life forms that exist in this planet are are a certain way. But saying life can flourish in ways not understood by different requirements is simply a postulate without any legs. It’s simple an assertion. And that which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Yes, there also could be a floating teapot, but until shown to exist, I don’t happen to accept the floating teapot proposition.

  • Pennybird

    “…near the top of [the left’s] agenda is the total eradication of God and religion.”

    As evidenced by what, the Democratic Congress’ prayers this morning at the beginning of the hearings?

  • Pennybird

    Off topic, but is that true that it harms? Prayer is a form of meditation, which can help people come to terms with their challenges and begin to work through them. I can see how it might be useless, but not really harmful.

    edit: nevermind, I found a link down the page.

  • Jim Jones

    Yep. Perhaps if people are praying for you you feel hopeless.

  • Macallan

    We can’t rule it out either, there is absolutely no reason to assume that we know all life that can exist. So we can’t claim to know what conditions would be suitable for life-in-general vs. life-as-we-know it. Yes, it’s really an exercise in splitting hairs.
    And on top of that, the exact definition of ‘life’ is another can of worms…

  • StevoR

    I guess you already know that Oleander is poisonous and deadly and that’s the point yeah?

    OTOH, magnolia – at least magolia leaves and flowers are apparently edible at least some species of them.

  • StevoR

    Plus for bacteria over multi-cellular animals too.

  • StevoR

    Depending on where you think the solar system ends. Gravitationally the (theoretical but probly extant) Oort cloud is the outermost region of it and could extend out to 3.2 light years – well beyond the heliopause. Which makes the vast emptiness of the uninhabitable Black even bigger.

  • John Grove

    I didn’t say I ruled it out.. I said there is no evidence of it. Big difference. We do know of billions of life forms here and now on earth, so we do know quite a bit on how life can exist on this planet.. And BTW, most life that has existed are extinct..

    Personal opinion…. Yes, there is life out there…. But complex life is rare…. But it exists..

  • Chamber

    Yes, exactly. As edible as those leaves & flowers might be I wouldn’t try to test it.. That’s too close to tempting fate for me.

  • Raging Bee

    in regard to violent rhetoric and hyperbolic rhetoric that is otherwise designed to stir violent passions, the left is just as guilty as the right.

    Really? Got any examples to support your lazy “equivalency” argument?

  • I will pray Powehi, the supermassive black hole, for you.

  • Mike Curnutt

    The fine-tuning argument reminds me of the puddle that thanked the hole for being the perfect size and shape to accommodate him.

  • Raging Bee

    You strike me as another libertarian noncompoop who uses big words without knowing, or caring, what they mean.

  • Raging Bee

    Well, there IS evidence that people die. That’s more than your god can say.

  • John Smith

    you are probably dumb enough to believe an iphone didn’t require a creator it just assembled itself on its own.

  • John Smith

    life is evidence of God. life coming from non living chemicals is evidence of God. trees, tigers, apples, humans, monkeys, bears, lions are evidence of God. people choosing good instead of evil is evidence of God.

  • Raging Bee

    No, I’m not. Your point…?

  • Raging Bee

    maybe the talking-points you believe in are nothing but gibberish and you never gave them enough thought to figure that out.

  • Raging Bee

    Which god(ess) is it evidence of?

  • Raging Bee

    a.k.a. splitters?

  • Thank you for demonstrating how much leftists such as yourself are absolutely in love with your double standards. Double standards are a fundamental component of leftist ideology.

  • Raging Bee

    One lame comedian and Antifa (whose actual names no one seems interesting in discovering)? That’s all you got? You’ll have to do a LOT better than that to support an allegation that “the left is just as guilty as the right.”

  • Ah, yes, of course, your blindness to leftist hypocrisy dictates reality.

    Thanks again for proving my point.

  • Raging Bee

    Yeah, are they sure it’s not just a Letter of Marque?

  • epeeist

    I did consider using a radius of half the distance to Proxima Centauri, however the number of 9’s becomes ridiculous.

  • TS (unami)

    +10 for using “Letter of Marque” in a modern sentence! 🙂
    And yes, I agree… they think their religious label gives them license to act absurdly.

  • Raging Bee

    Really? Where does Jesus say that?