Ireland ‘forced’ to have an official rep at Newman’s canonisation

Ireland ‘forced’ to have an official rep at Newman’s canonisation October 16, 2019

IT’S emerged that Ireland had no plans to send an official representative to the Vatican for the canonisation at the weekend of ‘Pink Cardinal’ John Henry Newman – until ‘intense pressure’ was put on the government.

Catholicism’s freshly-minted saint. Image via YouTube.

According to this report, the government ‘”belatedly” decided to pack its Education Minister, Minister Joe McHugh, off to the ceremony after it was faced with pressure by the Irish Catholic newspaper and by lobbying from diplomatic and political circles.

Pressure began building on the government after it became known that Prince Charles – who wrote a “stirring” nauseating tribute to the “probably gay” Newman – would be leading a British delegation of The Great, The Good and the Godly to to the saint-making shindig.

It is believed that there was “significant disbelief” in diplomatic circles about the Government’s planned absence.

Among those piling on the pressure, formally and informally, was former Taoiseach John Bruton who said:

I think the Government should be represented, so should UCD [University College Dublin.] My understanding is that the university founded by John Henry Newman evolved into UCD, and this was sort of underlined by the passage of the National University of Ireland legislation in 1908.

Image via YouTube

Anti-abortion campaigner Baroness Nuala O’Loan, above, added that it was:

Sad to see the Irish Government and UCD ignore the great contribution of a man of intellect, courage, and above all faith, at this time

She said UCD is a “tremendous gift” to the people of Ireland and Newman is:

Surely worth recognition and appreciation, as one of Ireland’s adopted sons is recognised across the world.

Senator Ronan Mullen said that the Government’s initial snubbing of  Newman:

Points to a very sad forgetfulness on the side of official Ireland, institutional Ireland. Newman is a very significant part of Irish history and at a time when Ireland was emerging from the shadows of colonialism, at a time when the people of the majority faith in Ireland had emerged as players in political and cultural life – we only had Catholic emancipation in 1829 – Newman is part of all that story.

Former UCD student Fr Anthony Gaughan said it was  “very disappointing” the university had not announced there would be official attendance as Newman “means so much to UCD”.

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  • Jim Jones

    Times have really changed. Ireland used to be saturated with Catholic crap – they ran the country like a farm.

    But their sins have found them out.

  • Aloha

    The ones who “should” send someone is the Catholic Church of Ireland. It only makes sense that they should have a rep there for this international honor.

    As far as the government … gotta watch the pennies. You can’t send someone to every event, and this is just an event of a particular church denomination.

  • Freethinker

    I thought they ran the country like a laundry.

  • Broga

    Run by vicious nuns.

  • Broga

    Has Newman done his miracle yet? Perhaps solve the border issue over Brexit. That would be a miracle.

  • Tawreos

    The guy gets made a saint and can’t even compel university and government officials to attend his little shindig without help from whiny, still alive catholics? That seems a bit weird.

  • Raymond Metcalfe

    I know the irish pm is busy and more important things to do but whaat would the reaction be if he turned up as he is openly gay band an atheist.

  • Milo C

    I love this. The RCC doesn’t even command enough respect anymore to get a country once known for its faith to recognize a sainting.

    Of course, getting named a saint has meant less as the Church has decided to rush the process and require tenuous ‘miracles’ in the effort to have MORE saints named and keep themselves busy. It’s like holding a birthday party for an imaginary friend, but every other day.

    John Paul II’s miracle was keeping the Church reputation dazzling while hiding all the sexual abuse for, what, 3 decades?

  • barriejohn

    Pity Dave Allen’s not still around!

  • ManxStuart

    Funnily enough, I suspect if Newman was still around he’d have boycotted the event too.
    Remember firstly that Newman started as an Anglican and only reluctantly converted to Catholicism because there was no place left for him to go in the Anglican church. When he did that he lost his Oxford post, because at the time Oxford fellows were required to be confessing members of the C of E. Newman then also suffered the strong anti-Catholic prejudice of the UK establishment at that time.
    Yes, he was involved in setting up UCD, and the intent was to create a Catholic university in the same way that UK universities were – effectively – Anglican (and so subservient to both established church and established government). But Newman’s charter for UCD, learning from his experience of English religious prejudice, was for a university which respected and promoted Catholic teaching but which was not subject to Catholic church censorship. It was the Catholic church which stopped that happening, so UCD as Newman actually envisaged it never happened and Newman went back to England.