Malta ‘pro-lifers’ angry over Equalities Commissioner’s brush-off

Malta ‘pro-lifers’ angry over Equalities Commissioner’s brush-off October 9, 2019

EARLIER this year Christian groups in Malta campaigned to enshrine the right to life in the constitution of Malta.

What they got instead at the beginning of October was an undertaking that the mainly Catholic country will  provide full access to Maltese women to ‘sexual reproductive rights without exception.’

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Helena Dalli, above, a leading Maltese politician and member of the country’s governing Labour Party, made the promise at the European Parliament. Most forms of abortion are currently illegal in Malta, although contraceptives are allowed, including some that can act as abortifacients.

Dalli made her remarks on October 2 while responding to questions from members of the European Parliament in her capacity as the new EU Equalities Commissioner-designate.

Dalli was challenged about abortion in Malta by Irène Tolleret, a French MEP and member of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM).

Her uncompromising stance effectively kicks into the long grass efforts by anti-womens’ rights groups to restrict choice. These include the Christian political party Alleanza Bidla (Alliance for Change) which sought to secure a pledge from Maltese political parties that they would add the words “from conception” to article 33 of the constitution. The article currently reads:

No person shall be intentionally deprived of his life save in execution of the sentence of a court in respect of a criminal offence under the law of Malta of which he has been convicted.

Several Maltese parties went along with this bullshit, but the governing Labour Party refused to sign it.

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In an exclusive statement to LifeSiteNews, Ivan Grech Mintoff, above, former co-leader of Alleanza Bidla and founder of the Facebook group “Abortion In Malta? Not In My Name!,” which has over 23,000 members, said:

When asked to give a written commitment before the last MEP elections in May that abortion will not be legalised in Malta, the Maltese PM did not do so despite being asked to do so by our group of 23,000 members.

Instead he chose to sign the Socialists’ and Democrats’ charter, which pushes for ‘female reproductive rights’ to be available in all EU countries … Today, our fears have been proven to be completely justified and correct …

Dalli recently received a public endorsement from the Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, who said in a tweet that Ursula von der Leyen, the President-elect of the European Commission, had made the “perfect choice” in selecting Dalli for the role of “implementing an ambitious equality agenda.”

Dalli played a key role in Malta’s legalsation of both same-sex civil unions in 2014 and same-sex marriage in 2017.

Earlier this year, a Maltese X Factor contestant who stopped being gay because of Jesus, warned that a vote for Labour was a vote for “sin.”

Image via YouTube/X Factor Malta

Matthew Grech, above, said:

A vote for MLP is a vote that grieves our Lord Jesus Christ. [Labour wants] to give women the right to kill their unborn children, they legalized homosexual ‘marriage’, they brought in the abortive ‘morning-after’ pill, they publicly harassed individuals who left the homosexual lifestyle, and threatened them with jail and police reports.

They used the word ‘equality’ to deceive the population and enforce new perverse laws in the country …They have sought to bring intimidation and oppression, and have not repented. But the tide is turning.

In 2018, Grech – a member of the River of Love Christian movement led by Gordon-John Manché – appeared on X Factor, and described homosexuality as a sin in comments aired before he went in for his audition.

I used to lead a homosexual lifestyle and then I found God. For a long time, I stopped following my passions to follow Jesus. There can be love between two men or two women, yes. But only friendship love. Everything else is a sin.

His comments raised a social media backlash as critics voiced their displeasure and disgust with Grech’s anti-gay remarks, and a reaction from the equality and justice ministries, which said the airing of his comments on television and YouTube were:

Dangerous and placed many vulnerable adolescents at risk.

Dalli personally responded to Grech’s X Factor attack on gays by saying:

That interview should never have been aired in the first place. It did untold damage to our efforts to change social attitudes towards minorities, including LGBTQ youths. Gay youths don’t need forgiveness or healing, they need understanding.

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  • johnsoncatman

    You know, I am just really fuck1ng tired of religious a$$holes trying to force other people to live by THEIR beliefs. HELLO! I don’t believe in supernatural beings. YOUR religion has no meaning to me. I do not care what you want to believe, but when your beliefs interfere with MY nose, you have stepped over the line.

  • Freethinker

    Hey Matthew….great Biblical name by the way…so we know that you are no longer gay now because of the miraculous power of Jesus and all, but does your boyfriend know this or are you just doing the self-loathing thing all by your lonesome?

  • There are ZERO contraceptives that “can act as abortifacients”.

  • johnsoncatman

    Yabbut if they classify them as such, they can be outlawed because it is killin’ da baybeez!!!!!!!!!11!

  • It prevents ovulation, actually.

  • Jim Jones

    Good. Maybe Malta will move into the 20th century!

  • Raging Bee

    I thought “the Pill” prevented ovulation and “the morning-after pill” prevented implantation.

  • Ann Kah

    Let’s break it down, for Malta and for the rest of the world:
    1. Abortion is a thing for which people hold very strong views on both sides. Undeniable fact.
    2. Strong opposition to abortion is generally based upon religious views.
    3. A religious view has merit only when the faithful voluntarily observe it. Coerced religion is meaningless.
    4. . . . . . . . . . . . . (Connect the dots yourself)

  • (((islandbrewer)))

    If nothing implants in uterine tissue, the woman is never pregnant. Pregnancy is the state in which a woman has an embryo implanted in uterine tissue. If she’s not pregnant, she can’t have an abortion.

    This is, yet, another difference caused by anti-choice groups trying to redefine “pregnancy” and “abortion” and thus confusing the lay understanding.

  • (((islandbrewer)))

    Malta is a kind of weird country. It’s a super mega-conservative extra-Catholic state that makes its money off of tourism, bringing liberal hedonistic young Europeans to their shores.

    I’m kind of shocked that it’s ruled by their Labour party – good for them.

  • No, they both prevent ovulation. If the egg is already present, no dice.

  • Freethinker

    Dig deeper. Malta has been a festering rat’s nest of both offshore money laundering, online gaming and EU passports for sale schemes for decades now. One of the journalists reporting on government corruption and ties to organized crime was silenced with a car bomb. Deep Catholicism is what keeps the racket going and the population docile and rarely questioning the actions of a completely corrupt government regardless of what name they go under.