NY landlord says Orthodox Jewish dad staged sex parties for cash

NY landlord says Orthodox Jewish dad staged sex parties for cash October 7, 2019

WHEN, earlier this year, New York property owner Wonwoo Chang rented an East Village townhouse to Avraham Adler, 33, a married father of  three and a ‘deep man of faith’, he had no inkling that the apartment would be used to host wild fetish parties.

According to court papers, Adler  – a former student at a religious college (a yeshiva) – signed a two-year lease on the four-story property on April 1, and within a month opened the place to “lewd, loud” parties almost every week.

Image via Facebook

The Adlers, pictured above, reportedly worshipped at “multiple congregations” in New Jersey. Avraham once told a newspaper he’s so religious that he wouldn’t carry his car keys on the Sabbath.

In a Manhattan Supreme Court filing, Chang alleged that during at least two of Adler’s parties – attended by those willing to cough up the $60 entry fee –“ on-premises sex took place”.

Another event had been scheduled for last Saturday night in an online ad that billed the venue as:

The most luxurious playspace in the city for naughty! Sex is secondary, merely the cherry atop the cake of fetish play for us and many.

The listing on Eventbrite.com (since deleted) boasted:

Enter a place without conformity to the mainstream.

But a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ordered Adler not to host the event. One Facebook notice claimed the party was canceled.

An investigator acting for Chang found a bouncer at the door at one August event, a bar on the rooftop and naked partygoers throughout the home.

On the first floor, he noted:

A naked man who sat on a swing was being spanked by two women clad in lingerie.

Sangria was selling for $8 a cup, while pot cookies were priced at $15.

Some of the parties proved so popular that the premises were packed “to the point of overcapacity,” and the music has been loud enough to shake the walls of adjoining structures, neighbors said.

The parties have resulted in multiple complaints from neighbors about the noise, visits from cops and violations for garbage piled up outside, said Chang, who alleges that Adler’s illicit use of the property could damage Chang’s reputation and that of the building. The court papers said:

Years from now, people will shun the premises and refuse to have business dealings with Chang, if Adler’s lewd, loud, controlled substance infested commercial parties are not enjoined

Image via Twitter

Adler fired off an email to The New York Post denying the allegations.

Not sure what you’re trying to gain from this nonsense. I just don’t get this whole thing no parties are going on.

Meanwhile the Post reported that an angry Shana Adler, who is pregnant,  said:

I want a divorce. He is not supporting us whatsoever. He’s cut us off completely. My friends are paying our bills.

Shana Adler said she doesn’t know what her husband is up to in the four-story townhouse at 189 East 7th St., but claims he has multiple girlfriends – and that she’s kicked him out of the family home.

In denying all knowledge of the sex parties,  Adler told a Post reporter that he was a “deep man of faith.”

But a neighbour said he’s no holy man, he’s “a stain.”

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  • johnsoncatman

    Hypocrites are not limited to christianity.

  • Jim Jones

    Everyone’s a critic – or a freak.

  • Funny how much difference a suit and a hat make, or if you prefer a cigarette and a sweatshirt. No one would guess the guy in picture number one was holding sex parties in his house. They’d be a lot less surprised that the guy in picture number 2 was.

  • Poco

    So, that was East 7th Ave? I’m checking for a friend…

  • Broga

    On the other hand ” and a ‘deep man of faith” is suspicious. They just can’t be trusted.

  • Judy Thompson

    That hat. mein gott, that hat.

  • A ‘deep man of faith’ could mean he’s a man of faith with carefully hidden depths. What he wants you to hear is a ‘man of deep faith’ which is questionable.

  • Old Harry

    Just now watching the new South Park series.

    If people will think a businessman killing Pooh is fit satire, how can a fairly staid example of business as above come as a shock?

    People with a sense of history will also recall Stalin was a ‘seminary’ student.

  • doninkansas

    OR maybe he is just a limitless bottom…

  • Freethinker

    The safe word was was “Kosher”.

  • persephone

    They’re not limited to religion.

  • Is this for real? A landlord rented a guy an apartment. Now hes concerned that “sex occurred on the premises.”

    Um, the dude is married? I’m pretty sure sex would have taken place on the premises regardless of parties. Not sure when landlords in New York started telling their tenants they couldn’t have sex???

  • Maybe that’s his fetish