Birmingham court permanently bans Muslim-led school protests

Birmingham court permanently bans Muslim-led school protests November 26, 2019

PROTESTS by mainly Muslim homophobes outside Anderton Park Primary School have been permanently banned by the High Court in Birmingham.

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For months the school had been besieged by anti-LGBT fanatics who oppose equality teaching. Birmingham City Council was granted an order temporarily banning protesters from outside the school’s gates in June, over safety fears about repeated large-scale demonstrations, often involving people with no direct connection to the school.

A permanent ban, imposed the High Court in Birmingham yesterday (Tuesday), includes an exclusion zone surrounding the school.

Shakeel Afsar, left and Roger Godsiff.  Images via Facebook and YouTube

Chief ringleader of the protests – described by headteacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson as “awful”, “toxic and nasty” –  was Shakeel Afsar, who received support from Labour MP Roger Godsiff.

Godsiff was axed as a Labour candidate for the UK’s upcoming General  Election because of his support for Afsar and his hate-filled cronies,  and is now standing as an independent candidate.

Afsar, a self-styled businessman who has no children himself at the school, claimed protests were only triggered because the headteacher had not properly consulted parents about relationships teaching. He is now using his Facebook page to urge people to vote for the deselected MP. He posted this:


Afsar repeatedly claimed the weekly demonstrations, held just yards from classrooms and featuring megaphones and a sound-boosting PA system, were “peaceful”.

He had argued education material used was not age appropriate, and further claimed the school was “over-emphasising a gay ethos”.

Hewitt-Clarkson rejected the claims, saying the material was appropriate and great care had been taken in how children were taught about different relationships.

She also told the judge that parents had had “numerous informal and formal chances to speak to us as a school” about any concerns.

Describing a private meeting she had with Afsar in her office, she said:

He slammed his hand on my desk. He used the word ‘demand’… It was volatile, it was aggressive. He set up a WhatsApp group that afternoon … trying to whip up a frenzy.

Mr Justice Warby QC, handing down the permanent injunction at the High Court in Birmingham, said the protests had:

A very significant adverse impact on the pupils, teachers and local residents.

Recounting claims made by speakers at the protests, including one that the school had a “paedophile agenda” and that staff were “teaching children how to masturbate”, the judge said:

None of this is true. None of the defendants have suggested it was true and the council has proved it is not true. The court finds on the balance of probabilities the defendants bear responsibility for the most extreme manifestations (of the protest).

Humanists UK welcomed the High Court’s decision which bans Afsar, Rosina Afsar, Amir Ahmed, and ‘persons unknown’ from protesting near the school.

Humanists UK, which has long campaigned for fully inclusive relationships and sex education (RSE) for all pupils regardless of background, said it was a sensible decision at a time when attitudes toward LGBT people have been worsening. New figures show a 333 percent rise in homophobic attacks in one area of Birmingham which has reportedly been linked to the protests outside the school.

The organisation recently succeeded in shutting down the protesters’ GoFundMe fundraiser after reporting it to the site for breaching the terms of service. According to media reports, the protesters owe more than £38,000 in court-related costs.

Humanists UK’s Education Campaigns Manager Dr Ruth Wareham said

We welcome the decision to ban protesters from holding intimidating rallies and harassing pupils, staff, and other parents at the school gates. Children have a right to be taught factually-accurate relationships and sex education which equips them with the knowledge needed to lead healthy, happy, and safe lives.

Regardless of their parent’s religious beliefs, children need to learn about the different types of families that exist in society so that they grow up respecting others. We now urge the Government to take a stronger stance and provide proper support for schools in the event that anti-RSE activists try to derail the curriculum elsewhere.

Hat tip: BarryJohn

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  • Michael Neville

    Amazing how many religious people go out of their way to show how hate-filled and bigoted they are.

  • Brian Curtis

    It’s like something has encouraged them to be more open in their bigotry instead of hiding it. Something hugely visible and shameless.

  • Old Harry

    Pretend we have not been following this on the Guardian website and other periodicals.

    “Afsar, a self-styled businessman who has no children himself at the school, claimed protests were only triggered because the headteacher had not properly consulted parents about relationships teaching.”

    Is this true?

    “He slammed his hand on my desk. He used the word ‘demand’… It was volatile, it was aggressive. He set up a WhatsApp group that afternoon …trying to whip up a frenzy.”


    If he had done this in support of an appropriate agenda, he’d be the subject of a movie by now, probably in a kilt, painted blue, and shouting “Freedom!!”

  • Jim Jones

    Methinks they doth protest too much.

    Wink, wink.

  • Jim Jones

    That’s the point of religion.

  • Jim Jones

    I’ll bring the paint.

  • Barry Duke
  • Michael Neville

    We should check to see if what’s hanging in his closet is fabulous.

  • kaydenpat

    I wish our SCOTUS would ban protesters from interfering with women’s reproductive rights at abortion clinics. The same rationale would apply.

  • Ann Kah

    Oh, THAT Birmingham. It certainly didn’t sound like Alabama’s Birmingham.

  • barriejohn

    One of the parents had a sign reading: MY CHILD MY CHOICE.

    Says it all really.

  • Barry Duke
  • Carstonio

    At first I thought, “How many Muslims live in Alabama?” and then I realized we’re talking about the Birmingham of Rob Halford, not of Fannie Flagg.

  • Richard Sanderson

    “Parents were not properly consulted….” Shakeel Afsar.

    Yeah right. Well, the parents are fully consulted now, so that word salad of an excuse doesn’t work anymore, bigots.

    Oh, and that former Labour MP can jog on.

  • Richard Sanderson

    His moan of “whites” using their power to override the “diverse” protesters is straight out of the regressive left playbook, when they have no rational argument.

    They really do think words such as “whites” and “diverse” makes their argument impregnable.

  • persephone

    Ah, Harry, the world is passing you by.

  • I detect a closet case.

  • *laughing*

    Dude, what?

  • Something… orange.

  • Brian Shanahan

    You do know that the “regressive left” consists solely of rightwingnuts, don’t you?

  • barriejohn
  • Richard Sanderson

    Erm, the regressive left are the opposite of right wing nuts, although they do converge on a quite a lot of anti-liberal and anti-rational viewpoints – conspiracy theories, antisemitism, hostility towards liberals, humanists, and moderate policies in favour of fringe/radical beliefs. #Horseshoe

  • Raging Bee

    Can you even name any famous names in the “regressive left?”

  • Richard Sanderson

    Glenn Greenwald. George Galloway. Jeremy Corbyn. Noam Chomsky.

  • ginger_katz

    These bigots are using tactics from USAnian right-to-lifers — bullhorns, harassment, and threats to rational people.