Jesus’s ‘aroma of love’ failed to reach the nostrils of a UK priest

Jesus’s ‘aroma of love’ failed to reach the nostrils of a UK priest November 12, 2019

WHILE the toxic fall-out over the Catholic Church’s hugely divisive ‘pagan’ Amazon Synod rages on and on (see here and here), the Church of England has become enmeshed in a more parochial spat over yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Rev Dilkes: Yoga is ‘not compatible with Christian beliefs’.

It all began when the reverend Nigel Dilkes of St Mary’s Church in Bilton, Barnstable, refused to hire the church hall to local yoga teacher, Atsuko Kato.

Dilkes said the classes were “not compatible with Christian beliefs” and urged people to practice similar activities such as Pilates instead.

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News of the ban quickly reached the ears of  a ‘distinguished religious statesman’ – Arizona-based Rajan Zed, President of the Universal Society of Hinduism, left.

He immediately called on the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and the UK’s embattled clown of a Prime Minister, Boris “Bojo” Johnson, to intervene.

He also said that Dilkes should “show some maturity” and revisit the isssue. He said by not allowing the classes to take place Dilkes was depriving the area communities of the “valuable opportunities the multi-beneficial yoga” provides.

Now its reported that an Anglican Church leader has intervened. Archdeacon Mark Butchers of Barnstaple, who oversees churches in North Devon, explained the Church’s official stance on yoga. He said that C of E that parishes aim to be as welcoming as possible to a wide variety of community groups. However, each parish is allowed to create its own policies for renting a church hall.

Many parishes are entirely open to hosting yoga exercise classes, emphasising the health benefits for both individuals and communities which yoga offers.

Some parishes feel that because yoga has its spiritual roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, it does not fit with Christian spirituality which is rooted in the love of God revealed in Jesus; and so they do not allow traditional yoga classes, but would welcome other health and fitness groups such as Pilates.

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Butchers, above, also said that there are a range of views on the topic with the Church, but they all desire to serve communities:

With joy according to the values and beliefs of our Christian faith.

Rev Deborah Parsons, Interfaith Advisor for the Diocese of Exeter added:

We’re invited to be curious, to listen to difference and to re-imagine how to be Love’s Presence in every community.

Through respectful listening we can come to a deeper understanding of each other. Jesus the Christ modelled this by his engagement with and love for the outsider. He crossed borders and boundaries and questioned taboos. He spread an aroma of love.

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  • Jim Jones

    The parishioners paid for the church hall. And I bet pay extra tax so the church doesn’t pay. It should be their choice, not this dipstick’s.

  • Tawreos

    Nice little scam the church has going here. The church can claim to open and inviting of everyone and also allow the local priests to keep all of that inclusivity way away from its doors. They do so love it when people listen to the words that they say and ignore the deeds that they do.

  • Broga

    “because yoga has its spiritual roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, it does not fit with Christian spirituality.”

    Christianity has filched much of its so called spirituality from earlier belief systems and conveniently claimed them for its own. It would be tiresome and unnecessary on this site to gave the many examples from earlier religions of the Jesus figure with a different name. Christians have scarcely changed the details.

  • Raging Bee

    “Aroma of love?” Is that anything like a unicorn-fart?

    Oh, and PHRASING!!!

  • Matt G

    Christian word saladese.

  • Old Harry

    The problem is, in the US at any rate, there are people who are happy to be part of an ‘old’ congregation that is in the poor county while they, themselves, live in the white flight, money grubbing, de facto segregated suburb.

  • Old Harry

    It is bracing to see the UK maintains the tradition of sending their mentally negligible male offspring into the clergy.

    Denying Jesus’ divinity is heresy for Christians, yet well over half their Bible, the part they stole from the Jews, is the true literature of a religion that denies even the Earthly existence of ANY Messiah, much less the Christians version.

  • Jim Jones

    The UK is very different. And the churches there are shrinking fast.

    Closed church buildings available for disposal. (Around twenty church buildings are closed for worship each year.)

  • Robert McLean

    That lovely aroma of being dead, decomposed, unwashed and rather unlikely.

  • Bob Pattinson

    Bickering between religions is all the evidence we need that they are entirely made up.

  • Marc Weeks

    My first thought when I see a yoga pose is not “What would Buddha do?” but “How can they get their foot way back there?”

  • Max

    I’m sorry but, what are you trying to say? They go to a church not in their neighborhood? And this is a big deal why? Who doesn’t pay those taxes? Are you actually saying that the parishoners ought to be paying taxes on the church they attend? Because this is how your post reads.

  • Phil

    I wouldn’t worry. In another year or so the building will be a wine bar or squash court or something.

  • Philip Buczko

    And there is a growing market in stained glass which is increasingly being stolen from windows of churches. It used to be just the lead from the roof!