LGBT humanist group in the UK donates £1,000 to ex-Muslims

LGBT humanist group in the UK donates £1,000 to ex-Muslims November 6, 2019

IN RESPONSE to a recent appeal by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB), UK LGBT humanist charity The Pink Triangle Trust has donated £1,000.

At the end of October, the CEMB announced a new initiative to provide accommodation and support in the UK to those at serious risk to their lives because of their apostasy from Islam.

On its fundraising page, the CEMB says:

Apostasy from Islam can result in the death penalty in a dozen countries in the world causing many to flee. In Britain, other consequences can include honour-based violence, forced marriages, exorcisms, ostracisation and shunning, homelessness, self-harming, suicide and more.

CEMB supports 600 ex-Muslims a month, including via one-on-one support, monthly meet-ups and support groups. Some of the ex-Muslims who turn to the organisation are in need of emergency accommodation after having been made homeless by their families or because they have been forced to escape in order to save their lives.

The appeal says:

In the cases of young people under the age of 16, even though it may be difficult, CEMB can ensure they are rehoused appropriately. However, in cases where the young person is over the age of 16, they have been left to fend for themselves, with little to no support, particularly in light of severe cuts in public services and refuge spaces.

Until now, CEMB has been forced to provide limited emergency accommodation at hotels, which is neither practical nor cost-effective. With your support, CEMB hopes to provide a long-term and safe solution for those at greatest risk by establishing the first ex-Muslim refuge in the world.

Purchase of a refuge space, as well as maintenance and utilities will cost £300,000. Whilst we realise this is an insurmountable amount, any money raised here will be used to provide emergency accommodation and support to those at greatest risk with the aim of working towards the first permanent refuge for ex-Muslims. (More wishful thinking: If you have a building you would like to donate temporarily even, please get in touch with

PTT secretary George Broadhead said:

The Pink Triangle Trust commends the CEMB for its efforts to help apostates who have chosen to leave Islam, and urges others to follow its example in supporting this very important initiative.

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  • Broga

    Apostasy is a slippery word. Apostasy from what? Any belief, from any religion, from any god is apostasy from all the others. They can all murder each other and take the atheists with them. No one escapes the ravening maw of the “true” believer.

  • Philip Buczko

    Twelve countries have apostasy laws, so one hundred and eighty three do not. The twelve countries involved are all a fair hike from Britain. Britain appears to be the number one choice for these apostates and you have to pass through a lot of friendly countries to get there. I wonder what the attraction is?

  • wannabe

    Apostasy is not a crime, it is a human right.