London pastor jailed for fake insurance company claim

London pastor jailed for fake insurance company claim November 10, 2019
Image via Facebook/Watersprings Christian Centre

STEPHEN Olayinka, above, senior pastor at Watersprings Christian Centre (WCC) in Luton near London, has been jailed for three months after investigators exposed a fake insurance claim he’d made for ‘road crash injuries.’

Olayinka, 48, did in fact have his musculoskeletal problems – but these were caused when he lifted heavy luggage during a preaching tour of America. Which is odd, given that godly geezers usually pay rent boys to ‘lift their luggage’.

The pastor made out that his injuries came from a road crash, and he tried to claim £31,000 from insurance firm Admiral – an amount he said was for injuries  that prevented him doing his second job as an IT worker. He said his injuries resulted him losing a £31,000 contract.

Images via Facebook/Watersprings Christian Centre

The trendy pastor was also ordered to pay £16,000 costs after he was found guilty of contempt of court for making false statements in relation to a personal injury claim.

Olayinka argued the court should “exercise its discretion” to suspend any sentence given that he is:

A pastor of previous good standing.

But Judge Heather Williams decided the crime was so serious Olayinka should spend time in prison.

Emily Robins, of Horwich Farrelly – the law firm, which probed the case – said:

Mr Olayinka’s costly mistake should serve as an example to anyone else believing that insurance fraud is a victimless crime and that even if they are caught there will be little consequence.

Admiral’s head of claims Lorna Connelly added:

We also hope the decision at the High Court will make claimants think twice before bringing these cases to court in the first place.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Broga

    “A pastor of previous good standing..”

    He shouldn’t have said that. Suspicion immediately arises. Almost a contradiction in terms these days.

  • Jim Jones

    One con leads to another.

  • LeekSoup

    What’s the betting he comes back from all this with stories of how he witnessed to the other prisoners and is welcomed back with open arms? He could even get a book deal out of it.

  • Wan Kun Sandy

    Yeah. The giveaway keyword is previous. Now, the pastor loses his good standing.

  • barriejohn

    Didn’t do Jim Bakker any harm, or “Revd” Jonathan Aitken (ex Cabinet Minister and Privy Councillor) in the UK, who completely reinvented himself and found a new career as a result:

    And what about “I have sinned” Jimmy Swaggart – still going strong?

  • Jennny

    Aitken did a talk at my relative’s fundy church in a rough part of Liverpool a couple of years ago. They did a lot of advertising for it with the words, ‘Come and hear Jonathan Aitken, a sinner saved by Grace.’ As the heathens they were aiming at, know little bible-jargon, I guess not a few would be asking, ‘Who’s Grace?’ and he’s far enough out of politics and the public eye now for most folk to have forgotten him…but aah, fundies, they just jesus on delusionally that they have snared a big celebrity.

  • barriejohn

    I knew an older Christian married to a woman called Grace, and he always said that his favourite hymn was “Grace there is my every debt to pay”!

    Is Aitken now admitting his guilt? Wonder whether he is still depending upon “the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play”. As you say, all conveniently forgotten now.

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    All he has to do is publicly pray and shed Jesus tears, and he’ll be forgiven and good again.