Trump ‘dreamed’ of building a megachurch for his ‘personal pastor’

Trump ‘dreamed’ of building a megachurch for his ‘personal pastor’ November 5, 2019
Images of the Los Angeles Christ Cathedral and White-Cain and Trump via YouTube

IT’S just been revealed that Donald Trump was so smitten with Paula White-Cain, the latest addition to his White House Squad, that he once offered a to build her a magnificent glass megachurch, similar to the one in Los Angeles.

The revelation came in a new book White-Cain is flogging – an autobiography called Something Greater: Finding Triumph Over Trials.

White-Cain claims that, back in 2006,  Trump – who by that time had already notched up five corporate bankruptcies – was thinking of building a glass cathedral.

He wanted to build a house of God. He said, ‘Let’s do this, let’s build this before we’re too old’.

Trump had an architect in place and was eager to have her take charge of the church, but White-Cain said the timing wasn’t right for her. At the time, her ministry was on nine TV networks, and she was heading to a divorce from her second husband in 2007.

Parts of her book discuss her 18-year “friendship” with Trump.

“He is a Christian,” she said. But, she added, he’s quiet about it, not a Bible-quoter like former President Bill Clinton.

That’s because Trump’s biblically illiterate.

Or as White-Cain more euphemistically puts it:

He doesn’t know ‘Christian-ese’. Most people don’t.

She had never before revealed Trump’s desire to build a church. Saying it was “part of a dream”, White-Cain suggested that it was going to be similar to the then evangelical Crystal Cathedral in Los Angeles, which went bust in 2012 and was sold to the local Catholic diocese and rechristened Christ Cathedral.

Image via YouTube

Meanwhile Americans United for Separation of Church and State has slammed White-Cain appointment. It said in a statement last Friday, Americans United President Rachel Laser, above, said:

Televangelist Paula White is unfit to serve in the position of advisor to the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative. She has no experience in government or public service and no history of undertaking the kind of interfaith outreach necessary for this role. Instead, she has operated in the shadows to influence public policies that discriminate against women, LGBTQ people and religious minorities, and the nomination of partisan judges who will support those harmful policies.

She added:

This appointment is yet another example of President Trump pandering to his evangelical Christian supporters as he scrambles to secure his base amidst an impeachment investigation.

Americans United, incidentally, has again been named one of the US top charities. It has just announced that it received its 10th consecutive four-star rating  from Charity Navigator, which has also placed FFRF in the tiny fraction of charities attaining a 100 percent accountability and transparency score.

White-Cain prayed at a rally in June of this year when Trump announced his re-election bid, saying:

Let every demonic network who has aligned itself against the purpose, against the calling of President Trump, let it be broken, let it be torn down in the name of Jesus!

Image via YouTube

I guess she’d will now  be identifying ex-pastor Joshua Harris, above, as being part of that “demonic network”, for Harris – who made international headlines earlier this year when he walked away from Christianity –  is now claiming that some of the massive support Trump has enjoyed from the evangelical community has been:

Incredibly damaging to the Gospel and to the church. I don’t think it’s going to end well.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn (Harris report)

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  • Michael Neville

    …some of the massive support Trump has enjoyed from the evangelical community has been: Incredibly damaging to the Gospel and to the church. I don’t think it’s going to end well.

    Gee, Harris, you think so?

  • Tawreos

    He doesn’t know ‘Christian-ese’. Most people don’t.

    Except for everyone that has ever been associated with a christian church, ever.

  • Broga

    “That’s because Trump’s biblically illiterate.”

    No need for “biblically” as he is illiterate and that includes “biblically.” Trump’s tweets do not qualify him as being literate.

  • Broga

    ” Incredibly damaging to the Gospel and to the church. I don’t think it’s going to end well.”

    That’s a bit harsh.

  • Tawreos

    Well, we know what Stormy did that got her $130,000, so what did Paula do to almost get a cathedral?

  • I’d take any claims White makes in her book with a big grain of salt.

  • otrame

    Well, I’m sure we all hope so.

    Watching what has happened to religion in this country over the past 50 years or so has been fascinating in a horrible sort of way. Church used to be just something you did on Sundays. I think for most people it didn’t mean much more than that. I don’t mean they didn’t believe in Jesus, often quite fervently, but church was church and they mostly just got on with their lives the rest of the week. The 19th century importance given to WHICH church you went to had faded away, and there was a lot of tolerance. Hëll, most people didn’t even feel the need to be intolerant of Catholics and sometimes even Jews were treated more or less like everyone else.

    Of course there were exceptions. There were always small numbers of people who believed weird things like dancing was evil or that the world was created, as it is now, 6000 years ago, and believed that only members of their denomination were going to heaven, and of course there were the Mormons, but those guys were just a few nutcases. And people tried to be polite even to them.

    I think the change was mostly a reaction to a massive change in our technology that was beginning, putting enormous pressure on a culture that had been strained badly by two world wars. Some people became hippies. Other people suddenly got really serious about church, and when the hippies grew up a whole bunch of them became really serious about church. Then the con men got into it.

    It’s not that con men haven’t always been there (cf Elmer Gantry), but until recently there just wasn’t enough money in the game to attract the really good con men. About this time most churches stopped most of their real charity work and started building massive, over the top buildings, like the Catholics used to do. The tolerance of other denominations ceased, I think because if your group is small (and each denomination is small compared to all those not in that denomination) you feel threatened and you give more money to support your denomination, so the con men worked hard against the tolerance of other denominations.

    But the whole thing isn’t sustainable in the long run. It’s like a run away train. It goes really fast… for a while.

  • otrame

    I think it’s a bit accurate.

  • otrame

    My very thought.

  • Milo C

    ” Incredibly damaging to the Gospel and to the church. I don’t think it’s going to end well.”

    I think making the corruption and hypocrisy more obvious and public is a good step forward, although in the usual style of #45 it won’t be pretty.

  • Broga

    I wasn’t serious. Mere impeachment is too lenient for a man who, as well as all his other contemptible practices, drags his county in the dirt, and stains its reputation as no previous president as ever done. No morals, no sense of decency, bankrupts companies he tried to manage while shouting about himself as a top deal maker, lies without restraint or shame and so on. Almost funny, to hear in the UK that a sacked USA Ambassador says she was “advised” that if she wanted to keep her job she should begin heaping praise on the clown who is supposed to act Presidentially.

    We have our own clown in Nigel Farage whom Trump wanted as Ambassador to the USA and recently told him on UK radio that he should work with the Prime Minister as “you guys would be unstoppable.” Farage has tried seven times to be elected as an MP and been rejected by the voters every time. He has decided not to stand as a candidate in the coming election as he thinks he can do more good supporting candidates in other constituencies. Shame really. If schadenfreude had not existed as a word, it would have had to be invented for Farage.

    Sorry if I misled you about Trump.

  • persephone

    Billy Graham came in at the right moment. He managed to make himself, with the help of Atwater and the GOP, pastor of the U.S. And, oh, how the money poured in.

  • Freethinker

    She wore a strap-on.

  • Tawreos

    Atta girl! =)

  • barriejohn

    Horus Gilgamesh has posted a link to this article on Facebook today: