Utah boy, 11, subjected to anti-gay rant by substitute teacher

Utah boy, 11, subjected to anti-gay rant by substitute teacher November 30, 2019

A BOY, who is the process of being adopted by a gay couple – Louis van Amstel and his husband Josh – was told by a substitute teacher in a class full of children at Deerfield Elementary School in Cedar Hills, that homosexuality is ‘a sin.’

Louis van Amstel, left, his husband Josh and the boy who was subjected to verbal abuse. Until his adoption is finalised the boy may not be identified on social media or in any other way. Image via Facebook.

The incident occurred when the lad who, in a class discussion about Thanksgiving, said:

I’m thankful that I’m finally going to be adopted by my two dads.

Students said that the teacher snapped:

Why on earth would you be happy about that?

For the next 10 minutes she lectured the 30 kids in the class about her own views, how “homosexuality is wrong” and “two men living together is a sin.” She looked at the boy, too, and told him:

That’s nothing to be thankful for.

Three girls asked her to stop multiple times. But she continued, so they walked out of the room to get the principal.

As the substitute was escorted out of the building, she was still arguing, trying to make her point, the boy’s fathers say they were told by school officials.

Louis van Amstel said::

She also tried to blame our son and told him that it was his fault that she went off.

Van Amstel and his husband, Josh, said administrators called them immediately after it happened. At first, their son didn’t want to talk about it and didn’t want to get the substitute teacher in trouble. The school pieced the story together from multiple student accounts.

The incident is now under investigation. Alpine School District spokesman David Stephenson said he cannot speak about personnel issues but noted that “appropriate action has been taken.”

Image via YouTube

Another Thanksgiving story comes from the Hill Reporter and concerns a nutjob called Linda Harvey, above. Last year the Christian crackpot, founder of hate group Mission: America, made headlines when she launched an attack on a movieBoy Erased – about ‘gay cures’ and the harm they do.

Well, Harvey, above, is back in the news, this time for penning an opinion piece this week that suggested members of LGBT communities don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all because they are not grateful for anything.

Harvey’s outfit has earned a place on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups due to its vociferous anti-LGBTQ stances. According to Harvey’s bio page, Mission: America is:

A Christian pro-family organisation tracking current cultural issues.

In a now-deleted article from the far-right Christian website LifeSiteNews, Harvey insisted that several left-leaning individuals are naturally ungracious.

It’s that time of year when being grateful rises to the top of our priority list – for most of us, that is. Sadly, some people are simply ungrateful, and proudly so … Ingratitude forms a core ingredient of the ‘LGBT’ community, the pro-abortion movement, and the left in general.

She suggested that those who deviated from her version of God’s message were inherently ungrateful.

Harvey insisted that LGBT folk caused extreme emotional harm toward their families.

The internet is replete with homosexual/transgender hostility toward parents, those who lovingly provided a home, allowance, support, and often college tuition, not to mention the child’s genetic heritage — and receive derision and scorn in return from sexually sinful or gender-deviant children.

Writing for Hill Reporter Chris Walker said:

Often, it’s the other way around: LGBTQ youth who come out to their parents don’t always have that “special TV episode” moment, and a number of families disown their children or even threaten them with physical harm (including murder), according to an article from Cracked.com.

Many LGBTQ youths end up homeless as a result of families that don’t embrace them. Suicide rates for the community are significantly higher than the general population.

But according to Harvey, LGBTQ individuals being truthful about their sexuality and who they love is a form of ingratitude. ‘The tears of these parents could fill a cathedral,’ she wrote.

Harvey’s article, though deleted from LifeSiteNews, now appears on the American Family Association’s website.

Harvey will absolute hate the image our resident illustrator Shell Fisher created for readers of this week’s Freethinker bulletin

Editor’s note: the timely Thanksgiving image used in this report was sent to me today by California-based Shell Fisher, who regularly creates illustrations for the Freethinker.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn (Harvey report)

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  • WallofSleep

    What the heck kind of person thinks it’s okay to publicly dump all over a little kid’s greatest dream?

  • Michael Neville

    At least the school acted immediately and decisively in the situation.

  • IKR?

  • Jennny

    The psychology component of my teacher-training course in the 1970s had elements that are outdated or even discredited now. But one thing hasn’t changed, a lecturer said that every child needs a primary care-giver, be it parent, relative or non-family member who is ‘seriously crazy about them.’ 40yrs on, my BIL, a magistrate in a juvenile court, is trying to understand a young offender’s troubles with authority. he gently questions, makes eye contact and sees the boy make eye contact back, straighten his slumped posture and respond. Another magistrate present,commented that, sadly this may have been the first time the young man had encountered someone who was so interested in him, was, to use my old words ‘seriously crazy’ about him. Who the primary care-giver chooses to share a bedroom with is totally irrelevant. These two dads are going to be wonderful parents, devotedly giving this boy all the love, care and guidance he needs. It takes real commitment to jump through the hoops they’ve had to do in order to adopt him. Ask any orphan, or child in an institution anywhere in the world what they most wish for and, I suggest, 100% of them will say ‘a family.’ I almost hope there is a h*ll and a specially nasty place there is being reserved for this despicable woman.

  • LeekSoup

    Noticeable that in a country drowning in “Christians” who believe in “family values” the people giving this kid a home weren’t “family values Christians”. In fact the people giving this kid a home are the people “family values Christians” attack.

    What a wonderful witness they are for their loving God.

  • A completefucking asswhole whose own life if apparently so hateful that they can’t follow the teachings of their LORDJEEZUZ-of-the-latter-day-Stainz and his moronic minion Moroni* and treat other humans different than themselves with the same degree of respect/acceptance that is accorded them.

    IOW, completeFUCKINGassholez.

    * Not a pasta, no really, it’s NOT a pasta. Pasta exists.

  • “I’m sorry. I’m riling myself up”

    Don’t be. Being riled up and being public about it is a requirement if we are to counter these idiotz’ bully pulpit.

  • I agree with everything you said.

    One caveat.

    There is going to be some spectacularly horrible case where a gay parent is discovered to be a bad parent and all around horrible person. That ONE case will be enough for any of the passive-aggressive fenceshitting KKKristStainz to say that, “tehGAY are evil, look what THIS ONE did! Outlaw GAYdoption!!”

    It will happen.

  • Yes.

  • Arthur F. Meincke

    There is no such beast as sin. I denounce as an affront and defamation to humanity, the false and demeaning belief that any baby is born with ‘Original Sin’ and must be cleansed by baptism

  • LaMaria

    That turkey bull is GORGEOUS.

  • Jennny

    I’m sure you’re right. I was very immersed in the foreign ‘rescue’ adoption community in the 2000s and went to China to help a friend bring home her baby. I read lots of fundy adoption blogs, being fundy then and marvelled at the wonderful stories adopters told as they flocked abroad to rescue heathen orphans (some of whom weren’t orphans at all.) There have even been well-documented cases of foreign adoptees being murdered by fundy parents…and on the blogs I read, some just disappeared from the family and were never mentioned again. Suzanne, over on NLQ said she worked in a care facility where 75% of children were from failed fundy adoptions because fundy parents couldn’t cope with the fact that a few weeks of family prayers and yelling for demons to be cast out of the terrified traumatised child, didn’t work. Gay dads, like the great couple pictured, are clearly so committed to their desire to adopt and, as I said have had to run the gauntlet not only of normal reams of paperwork and years of waiting etc, but also homophobic attacks on them personally, which disgusts you and me both.

  • For the vast majority of mammals, humans included, babymakin’ is a largely unthought about consequence of teh sexin–except buttsexin’ and oralsexin’–but then

  • For the vast majority of mammals, humans included, babymakin’ is a largely unthought about consequence of teh sexin–except buttsexin’ and oralsexin’; but then, NO goodly, GODLY KKKristStainz would ever do such a thing. It is not a deliberate or concious part of the process of having fun.

    I know that there are people who strive to become parents and are luckless but I think that they are a small %age of those who are boinking on a regular basis.

    Seeking to adopt, otoh, involves a lot of poking and prodding on the part of the adoption facilitators (or, at least, it should involve such) including a thorough examination of their educational, criminal, financial and other pertinent records.

    Adoption, for most us–I hope–is not a cavalier act equivalent to ones having unprotected sex with a complete stranger for no particular reason except an orgazm.

  • WallofSleep

    “We adopted our youngest when he was 3.”

    I thank you for your service. And no, that was not sarcasm; my mom was an adoptee.

  • WallofSleep

    And then there are the inhuman lowlifes that quietly “re-home” their adoptees into the worst possible situations: https://arktimes.com/news/cover-stories/2015/03/05/a-child-left-unprotected?oid=3691164

  • Brandon Myles

    Sean, thank you and your husband for the love and support you are giving to your kids. The world needs more brave and generous hearts like yours. Here’s wishing your family a great holiday season and a bright future!

  • Arthur F. Meincke

    God has nothing to do with it!

  • Arthur F. Meincke

    Religions are a mental illness.